In the past hour (this post being drafted at approximately noon PDT) Donald Trump has posted 22 times. That’s more than one every three minutes. What oh what in the world has got him in such a tizzy?

Some of the posts are fairly mundane. like a tape of Kash Patel saying that Trump can “stand over a box of documents and deem them classified” while an approving Richard Grennel says, “Fact Check: True.”

And there’s the usual put down of the FBI and the DOJ, what else? And then there’s this.

Trump gives it away himself when he says “is he planting or removing documents?” Trump gave all this away before when he opined that the FBI showed up at Mar-a-Lago with the search warrant in order to find “Hillary’s emails.” Trump is the one, if anybody is, who wants to cover up any references to his association with Russia and the 2016 election, i.e. Hurricane Crossfire.

It certainly would appear that way. And Trump must have Hillary and 2016 on his mind. One of the posts he put up was one from last month blaming somebody at the SEC for paying for the Steele Dossier and then the same person, or his cronies, is supposedly “after” Truth Social. We all know that Truth Social’s business affairs are pristine and perfect, right? And if the platform is having problems, it’s due to a political hatchet job, not because they owe everybody money and won’t pay them, right?

Trump also has a post up about how the Mar-a-Lago raid has increased the desire of Republicans to get to the polls next month. That post is even older than the SEC post. But you can see the general drift of Trump’s “thought” process. He is fixated on Mar-a-Lago and what the FBI took away.


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  1. It is a dangerous web of lies and simple minded statements that will be the hammer against Don-the-Con’s freedom … He is in such a hurry to lay down his excuses. based on nonsense finger pointing, the results will bury his lazy ass in Prison, with a Capitol P …

    Somehow, all the breaks he has been given in many years of lies and piss-poor business practices, using criminal means of establishing false business reports, two sets of books, for the Tax man and the bankers are paled by the horrendous Capitol building fiasco, links to Russia, handling, and possibly distribution at this point of top secret information …

    Why is he NOT incarcerated?

  2. If any of us had committed the crimes that Trump has we would already be in prison ! Just think about all the crap he’s done that has never been brought out !

    • You got that right. Why are they continuously letting this snowflake off. They should have bounced his ass over the Mueller that investigation and called it a day. I’m tired of all this crap. I beginning to realize he was right. He could stand in the middle of Times Square and shoot someone and they would let him walk. He’s no national treasure. He’s a national embarrassment that we should be chastised for letting him get away with all his crimes. Rico crimes my ass! He’s the epitome of the whole Rico syndicate crimes of Americans. Give me a break!

    • They haven’t yet and I’m pretty sure damned near all of the legal teams he’s gone thru have tried. He goes thru them like a cat uses nip. I’ve always wondered why. Sure some of it is likely a failure to pay his bills but I think more blame could be put on the fact he is an ignorant and mouthy client: a very bad combo for any lawyer to deal with and I can’t see many wanting to risk their reps for the likes of him.



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