It’s all starting to make sense now. All you need to do is elect a game show host who doesn’t know what the average 8th grader does about civics and government, and then pretty soon everybody will jump in the act, simply making things up about how the government works. That creates a dual narrative of politics in America, one of which is pure fantasy.

What you’ll read below is totally bat$hit, Michelle Bachmann Sarah Palin on steroids, but this is why it’s worth mentioning: the January 6 insurrection got rolling because Trump’s supporters were revved up believing that he had won the election and so they had to go to the streets to defend America. This new August deadline, which apparently sprang full grown from the fevered brow of Mike Lindell, who makes up deadlines all the time, has taken root and so a scenario is now being set up where if “reinstatement” — a legal mechanism which doesn’t exist — doesn’t occur, Trump’s troops may very likely take to the streets again.

Back in January, it was exactly the same thing, a scenario was set up that somehow Mike Pence could “overturn the election” if he chose to do so and you saw the result of that idea.

With that in mind, here’s the latest from CloutHub, obtained by PatriotTakes. Roth is a talk show host.

Now yes, it is on its face, ridiculous and comical. A governing body vaguely referred to as “the Military” is actually in charge, not the Biden administration, and they have confirmed “international and domestic voter fraud” and they support a “new election in August.” Why pray tell, would you need a new election? Didn’t the woman just say that Trump “still is president?”

The statement is absurd to the point of being farcical, but not when you consider the larger context in which it takes place. The Stop the Steal movement morphed into the Arizona audit, and while it’s been discredited as a partisan hack job, the fact is that now there is talk in Pennsylvania about getting a similar audit done there.

Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt, is a Republican and he’s already denouncing the idea. “What is going on in Arizona is not an audit. It is funded by partisan political benefactors, it is directed by partisan political operatives to reach a partisan political conclusion, which is… not an audit.”

That’s true enough, but when you consider that State Senator Doug Mastriano, who organized busses to go to Washington, D.C. the day of the insurrection and went there himself, is pushing for the audit, it becomes a bit more troubling. And previous to that, Mastriano wanted the Republican controlled state legislature to appoint its own delegates to the electoral college rather than following the voting results, so this guy is hard core insurrectionist all the way.

Plus, it looks like they’ll be counting the votes yet again in Fulton County, Georgia, would this be the fourth or the fifth time? One loses count. And just last week, the Washington Post ran a story that Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos planned to hire retired police officers and an attorney to spend three months probing tips about election problems and/or voter fraud and “pursuing the most credible ones.” That is clutching at straws, but Vos defends it, “A sizable chunk of people believe the election was illegitimate,” Vos told the Journal Sentinel. “And democracy cannot flourish if both sides don’t believe in the end both sides had a fair shot.”

The bottom line is that the damage has already been done. Faith in free and fair elections has been undermined. That is what these audits were really designed to do, was to trash the credibility of the election process. It doesn’t matter if nothing has been found, the desired purpose has been achieved. That, and Trump is using these faux audits to bolster up the fantasy narrative that soon he’ll return to power.

He is indeed bonkers, but you don’t see McConnell or McCarthy taking that stance publicly, now do you? The few people who do take it publicly, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, are fast on their way to becoming pariahs, looking at primaries. No, McConnell and McCarthy are the ones “catering to his mania” and yes, that is irresponsible beyond description.

Bear all this in mind as we go through the summer and Trump and his allies stoke the fires for some magical return by fall, a new season of The Apprentice: White House edition. Anybody sane knows it won’t happen, just as anybody sane knew that Mike Pence had zero power to do anything beyond presiding over the ceremony at the Capitol on January 6. Yet look what happened.

I don’t think it’s fearmongering to say that we are looking at the same build up of events, ergo it wouldn’t be preposterous to expect the same kind of a crescendo. We’re dealing with a narcissistic personality on the ropes. He’s not thinking about anybody or anything but himself and whatever short term gains he can wring from this scenario. That is the very definition of Donald Trump, that’s how he rolls.

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  1. I’m rather bemused by a supposed holder of a Ph D who doesn’t seem to know the difference between ‘which’ and ‘witch’

  2. We had a good run. If Manchin and Sinema don’t wake up and support the end of the filibuster so we can pass HR 1/S1, we might as well pack it up and go home because the GOP is now pursuing Civil War – The Sequel: Voter Suppression, Insurrection, Racism, Sexism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Science, and Don’t Forget Lots of Guns Edition.

  3. I think Roth needs to have the cost of her alleged PhD refunded. Am I alone in noticing that she wrote “the Trump which hunt continues”? No. I didn’t misspell the word–that’s how it appears in the post. In what reality would ANYONE write “which hunt” instead of “witch hunt?”

    I’m also curious as to what “arrests” this “military” is making since the military has NO legal jurisdiction to make an arrest of anyone who is not serving in the military. Even the designated “military police” only have jurisdiction over military personnel.

    • Writing a typo which evades spellcheck means nothing. Stick with substantive criticism and never mind trivialities. Have you read anything posted by Murf lately?

  4. I stopped reading Roth’s screed when I got to the part about the “which hunt.” The ignorance and gullibility of one third of our voting population is truly awesome….

  5. He who shall not be named was (in my not at all humble opinion) NEVER a legitimate president since he cheated his way into the White House! And he should have been locked in a padded cell forever many years ago!

  6. I disagree. I respect the opinion but The Real President Smokin Joe Biden will toughen down as he is Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. Anyone even considering sedition and insurrection will dealt with swiftly and harshly.

  7. You guys are worried about punctuation and spelling while I am worrying about whether or not enough Republicans will die for us to remain a democracy. Remember, the only good Republican is a dead one. We need the fertilizer.


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