Where have all the flowers gone, was the hook to a popular song. But no one sings about the knocker fields and where they have gotten to. Except Donald Trump, of course. If ever the knocker fields had an advocate, it is the morbidly obese orange man on stage,, of that there is no question. What’s that you say? WTH is a “knocker field?” Let’s let Donald explain it to you. Or, maybe when Ronny Jackson comes to, he could explain.

And that, friends, is nowhere near the inflammatory comment of the night. This one really fell flat. OMG. Take a listen.

The GOP frontrunner just came out and said that Blacks are always in trouble with the law and so they must be identifying with Trump, because he’s a crook, too. I don’t think this is the way to get the Black vote, but don’t ask me. Ask Tim Scott, because he’s supposed to be the one delivering that very thing to Trump.

Or, maybe Trump’s going after the Black criminal vote, ya spose? Or, and I seriously believe that this is a possibility, stay with me now: Trump believes that the Black vote IS the same as the Black criminal vote. How could it be otherwise? That’s my $0.02 worth.

Now I know you’re not going to believe me when I say it gets worse. But you would be wrong. Because Trump managed to bottom this. Yes, he did.

Oh yes. On that you may depend. Trump can and will get much worse. That’s what all this is about, is watching his mental, physical and financial collapse, happening concurrently with the implosion of the GOP. The two are karmically intertwined.

Think of the disaster movie genre, and you’re there. Roland Emmerich should do Trump’s biography. He’s got a lot of stock footage of the moon crashing into the earth, flying saucers blowing up the place, he just needs to put Trump and the GOP in the middle of it all, and we’re there.

And stay tuned for some killer Democratic ads. We will post them here just as fast as Lincoln Project, Meidas Touch, all the gang can crank them out ASAP. Trump is going to hit a very hard bottom. And he’s going to hit it very fast and very hard. And he’s taking the Republicans down with him.


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  1. Knocker fields? Maybe he was thinking of a video montage he beats off to of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders who became famous fifty years ago for the hot-pants with skimpy halter tops that could barely keep “knockers” contained. And he was thinking “why am I not seeing my pal Jerry Jones’ cheerleaders on the field doing a halftime show? (Psssst Donald. Remember the Super Bowl? It’s already been played this year and football season is over. You’ll have to wait until next year to see those “knockers on the field” that you’re lamenting are now gone.)

    • For those of you who are unfamiliar with UK history, that song is about the battle of Flodden Field.
      Perhaps the worst military defeat Scotland ever suffered. ‘The flowers’ were the Scottish nobility.

  2. One of the xitter comments, “do they even hear the words coming out of his mouth?”, might have an answer. The people in the audience believe in “speaking in tongues”. If you ever get the chance watch Maher’s Religulous and you’ll get a couple of examples of what passes for divine enlightenment for these people. Perhaps the evangs rationalize dingleberry’s cognitive decline into some “speaking in tongues” moments. Alternatively, maybe his audience is in its own cognitive decline.

    • Don’t forget paste. It’s easy enough to imagine him in kindergarten taking (and eating) all the other kid’s paste, bullying them (and the teacher) with a kiddie version of “I’m Trump!” with a “My daddy is rich enough to ruin YOUR daddy.” Come to think of it he probably took and ate everyone’s crayons too!


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