This is going to be so good. And the best part of it is that Traitor Tot has nobody to blame but himself! He has a criminal investigation going on in Georgia with the Fulton County DA, he has a criminal investigation going in the Manhattan DA’s office, he has a civil investigation in the NY AG’s office, and the January 6th committee trying to tie him up in a sedition bow.

Trump has one major problem in these legal struggles that rises head and shoulders above all others. He can’t get good quality legal help when he needs it the most! The last thing that Trump ever wanted was to have to sit down for a deposition. And yet today, when all of the marbles were on the line, he had a lawyer that threw down such a gauntlet of bullshit about Hillary Clinton, and Trump being special, that the freakin’ court clerk, and not the judge himself that kept shouting her down. And the judge called his defense Orwellian, and compared him to Humpty Dumpty.

Trump can’t get good legal representation for two simple reasons. For one, he’s a cheap fuck. Trump built his questionable wealth in real estate, and a good portion of that was made by fucking over lenders, small service providers, and vendors. He fucked them on services provided, and threatened them into submission by saying he would tie them up in endless litigation until they went broke. Guess what? It doesn’t require top flight legal talent to churn out endless paper to drag court cases on forever.

But when things went bad legally for Trump, it was never his fault. Oh no, it was shitty lawyering. And so, he would just stiff his lawyers for their services, or better yet, he’d go find new lawyers, and then turning around and suing his old lawyers for their shitty lawyering. Just like everybody else, lawyers were an expendable commodity for Trump, and there was an endless supply of them.

The second reason is even simpler. To put it bluntly, Trump is the lawyers client from hell. Trump goes into every meeting with a lawyer already considering himself far superior mentally to the lawyer. Trump pays attention to his lawyer only when he wants to pay attention. As criminal as Trump is, the first words that any sane lawyer would say to Trump in their first meeting is Shut the fuck up! Don’t say anything to anybody, and for God’s sake, stay away from media cameras! But that isn’t Trump’s way. He has always considered himself to be his own best messenger, and he is egotistical enough to no realize the danger of yapping away. Sweet Jesus, Letitia James specifically cited Trump’s response to Mazar’s letter in her court filing, and the judge specifically mentioned it in his ruling. Trump is self destructive.

That’s why this ruling today is so catastrophic for Trump. It is unlikely that an appeals court will take the case. Trump’s orders from his lawyers will be to plead the 5th on everything. But Trump’s ego won’t let him do that. He can’t be in front of a microphone and not talk about himself. The NY AG has already forced Trump into a $25 million settlement in the Trump U case, and forced the dissolution of the fraudulent Trump Charity. I don’t see anything changing soon.


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  1. U r correct sir. Having sat through a deposition with 2 great lawyers, anytime they advised me, I took their advice to heart. They were adept at knowing what I was required to answer & what not to. Without them, who knows how many wrongs turns I might have made. Not to mention the prep work we did together. Frump won’t abide by any of that. He’s in for some real stress this time. Count on it. No telling how badly he will screw up, but we all know he will.

  2. I agree, Trump has said in the past that he speaks best when flying by the seat of his pants.
    I think at the time, he was talking about giving speeches and going off script. My point is, he doesn’t like it when people tell him what to say and what not to say. With his ego and lack of smarts to back it up, it should be quite entertaining and legally perilous for himself.


  4. WRT Humpty dumpty, I was watching a clip from MSNBC (which is not perfectm but who is better?) where threepeople were discussing this, including the Humpty Dumpty rference. Two of them were Ari Melber and ClairsMcCaskill, neither of whom is a fool (so I assume the third person wasn’t either.) They all seemed to think the judge was referring to Humpty Dumpty’s fall I don’t belive that for a moment. I think the jusge was referring to HD’s attitude towrd words.
    “When I use a word, it means just what I want it to mean, neither more or less.”
    –“The question is, which is to be master – you or the words.”
    –“[when I stretch a conventionsl meaning of a word] I pay it extra. You ought to see them of a Saturday night, all lined up to get their wages.”
    That’s what I think the judge was alluding to, and a darned good description of the way Trump**’s brain works.

  5. 45 think he is Al Capone or John Gotti, he’s day is coming! America will be safe again. Also I think 45 gave Putin some Stolen documents, it could be why Putin is acting this way. I think 45 sold Secret Documents. He should be in GITMO until trial????


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