It was a steamy love affair, it was a marriage made in Hell, and now it’s going the way of all unholy unions: divorce. We learned back in 2016 just how hot and heavy it was when Donald Trump admonished us, “Ask Sean Hannity.” That lifted the veil and gave us a glimpse into something we had never seen before, a television network bending facts in the service of a presidential candidate.

We saw the separation, when a spurned Trump challenged Fox News to “remember who put you there.” Now things have ratcheted up since Rupert Murdoch’s two papers, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post have both blasted Trump as being morally unfit to be president again.

And it gets worse. Now Fox & Friends, once Trump’s go to platform to call in and connect instantly with his millions of devotees, has put the blade in. Ouch. This is getting serious. What’s a has been to do?

If you’re curious as to what exactly Fox News did. Daily Beast:

The Fox & Friends segment in question did note Trump’s overwhelming popularity among the [Turning Point] conference-goers, but host Steve Doocy heavily caveated the results. “You have got people from all across the country convening in Tampa. I’m thinking about that is a little different than a couple other polls that we have seen over the last couple of weeks,” Doocy said, pointing to Blueprint, University of New Hampshire, and New York Times polls showing Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis with an edge against the MAGA kingpin.

“So, it’s like the young people who are activists at that event like the former president,” Doocy explained, “but, looking at these other polls, different answer.”

Doocy has his marching orders and it’s dead opposite of the past two elections. Now, even numbers looking favorably to Trump are fact checked and weighed against other polls.

Murdoch gave him a chance. Murdoch wanted him to stop living in the past and relitigating 2020 election results. Trump would not. So. hasta la bye bye Donald from your old lovers at Fox News. Politics is fickle, if nobody told you that.

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  1. It’s so sad to see BFFs break up. If he’s lost Faux Noise, he’s lost his major media outlet. OANN is toast and NewsMax doesn’t reach more than 200k viewers. With the Murdoch papers dumping him, all he has left is Truth Social, which even his most die-hard fans reject. Yeah, he is still able to draw a few thousand to his rallies, but they are usually the same few thousand. Hopefully this is the death knell for Trump, if not Trumpism.

    • I think Trump is toast for a lot of reasons and DeSantis is his successor. However, as Mary Trump has pointed out, DeSantis is in many ways much scarier. I agree with her.

      • You are right. Desantis is smart enough to succeed where Trump failed. And anyone that thinks he won’t try once he gets in if he does is looney tunes. Hell, he’s doing it right now in Florida. So pray that either Joe Biden or another Democrat gets back in.

        • At some point we may be stuck with DeSantis. If DeSantis ran in 2024 and got defeated he might just run in 2028. I think we’re in for a lot of grief with DeSantis.

  2. With the exception of a few diehard supporters the Hearings have shown the world what a petty, vindictive, self-absorbed little man he is.

    • Not so few I’m afraid. I doubt he lost much of his base of magats. Look at the millions who voted to re-elect him after his abysmal failure as pr*sident. Facts, truth, the constitution, laws, and shit like that matters little to them: they closed their eyes to all that in 2020 and I suspect they still have them tightly shut now.

      • Have you looked at what’s in the office now and what your goons are done? The economy is a total downturn to the tune of the Jimmy Carter era another Democrat. Some people don’t have any idea what reality is

        • I was a teen reaching adulthood during the 1970s and you are full of shit. The inflation, unemployment and oil/gas shocks (OPEC) of the 1970s make the whole thing much deep and more nuanced than you suggest and was set in motion well before Carter took office. And yes, I recall the scorn when President Ford tried to whip out his wish & prayer campaign to tame inflation – complete with his blue & white “Whip Inflation Now” buttons for people to wear!

          Nixon made it clear both to advisors and via policy that he was willing to allow rampant inflation (it was in the mid teens for a very long time back then) to instead tackle unemployment but he and others failed on that score as well. Interestingly enough, and as I’ve pointed out multiple times the person who made the choice that tamed that rampant inflation was none other than Jimmy Carter – by his appointment of Paul Volcker to Chair the Federal Reserve. Volcker intended to use the Fed to increase lending rates even at the risk of a recession which is exactly what happpened, but by the early 1980s inflation was back in lower single digits. Reagan of course took all the credit, as he did for many of Carter’s accomplishments. But those of us who are regulars here know that for conservatives admitting truth is like vampires deciding to take a shower with Holy Water!

          Shame is a quality conservatives avoid like a little boy and soap. Clinton hands off an economy that is doing well and with not just the deficit but the actual federal debt being paid down (there were even economists expressing concerns about actually paying it off!) and Bush 43 pushed through a second round of “supply side” tax cuts (and refused to raise taxes to pay for his war of choice) and instead of “only” quadrupling the national debt (creating an economic mess for his successor Bush 41 which cost HIM re-election) damned near resulted in another Great Depression. So that was a mess if fell to a Democratic President (Obama) to clean up. And by the time Trump took Office we were on the longest string of positive (if not with the prosperity reaching enough working class Americans yet) growth in history with near record unemployment. And what does Trump do? Sign off on a THIRD “supply side” tax cut and start exploding the annual deficit again. AND pressuring the Fed to keep interest rates down even as corporate America was doing exactly what they said they’d do while that legislation was in the works which is use that cheap money to buy back their own fucking stocks! And things were headed south by the time COVID hit.

          Conservatives fuck up the economy. Liberals fix it, with conservatives fighting every step of the way. But come election time conservatives manage (and due to their coordinated and sustained efforts to gut public education and dumb down the public it’s far easier to do now) to claim credit, or sell snake-oil promises about how much MORE average folks would be benefiting if only liberals weren’t preventing it from happening.

          Take your bullshit somewhere else dude. Because you either don’t know WTF you’re talking about which is bad, or are flat-out lying which is even worse!

        • and once again we are privy to another…I won’t say moron but less than well-educated person who A) has NO IDEA how inflation comes about and B) thinks that as a world exits, partially at least, a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, everything is going to be smooth as silk particularly the supply lines fucked up by the pandemic.

          Are you aware, and I’m pretty fucking sure you’re not, that many countries are being tasked with inflation? Countries that are first world, industrial, wealthy countries–they’re all going through the same thing as our country.

          News flash dumb-ass: one person, indeed one political party, are not responsible for inflation-certainly not on the worldwide stage. Were this possible I’m pretty fucking sure we’d be doing some finger pointing only it’d be at your orange turd emperor. One thing a president, often with the help of it’s party but not always, can cause is a country’s recessions. When President Obama left office, after FIXING the fucked up economy bush and the ‘pubes left him (the recession), our economy was not just thriving, it was fucking on FIRE. Moving forward to former guy’s mis-rule, were it not for the global pandemic completely fucking things up for the world, our nation’s economy had three consecutive quarters of declining real GDP–two are all that is technically necessary according to Pettinger, therefore we were in or about to be in the grips of a recession. Recessions can, unfortunately, be caused by poor government policies. Think back now, if you’re capable of actually thinking, of all those lovely policies put forth by the mango moron: how about those TARIFFS right? How about all those tax breaks to corporations that did NOT result in more jobs but did result in things that added exactly NOTHING to the economy: i.e. stock buy-backs.

          How about something that has nothing to do with inflation but does contrast former guy’s ineptitude with the effectiveness of President Biden’s actual ability to run things properly: trump had a NET LOSS OF JOBS and President Biden with the help of his administration (A-listers instead of trump’s F troop) has been creating an atmosphere that resulted in the creation of 6.6 MILLION JOBS in the first 12 months of his presidency. Right there we can see the difference between a crappy presidency, trump’s, and one that is dealing with what one can expect after a GLOBAL PANDEMIC successfully. Yeah, things are not as good as they were when President Obama was in office, or when President Clinton was in office, but after all business in the world pretty much went up in smoke and has had to basically re-start, things could be a LOT WORSE. Given former guy’s job record, had he been re-elected, we could have lost the 6.6 million jobs that were created in Biden’s first 12 months in office. See, an administration’s policies can and does effect job creation and your loser ex-president fucked up that one because he did not know what he was doing and hired people to work in his administration who did not know much more.

          We have the numbers to tell us what is going on and what went on. Deal with it dumb-ass.

        • There is a war in Europe going on. There has been a global pandemic. Inflation is WORLDWIDE! Biden is doing fine, under the circumstances. He’s been part of the strengthening of NATO. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Stop listening to Newsmax.

  3. Squeal piggy squeal. Ahhh. The sweet sound of a spoiled fascist pig with his nuts in a vise. Squeal piggy…it’s music to my ears.

  4. What scares me is the people like those who have testified against his J6 debacle and beyond but still said they would vote for him again.

    And, yes, DeSantis is scary and vindictive as well!

    • The next Republican primary could be something. DeSantis and Trump might go for each other’s throats. I still say Mike Pence doesn’t have a chance.

      • The outrageous performances presented by these, dead from the neck up, GOP stars like DeSantis and others, have made a public septic pool of idiots on a merry-go-round, not only reaching for the brass ring, but planning, on a huge backroom basis, ways to bring down our Country to the long ago cave man/club-in-hand days …

        If only there was a handful of intelligent Republicans to offer solutions to Climate Fails, with reasonable solutions to pay for the needed equipment, factories and oh yea … Jobs, we might not suffer such a dramatic end to our planet, our personal slide into the fires of hell, it all starts with a flush out of the GOP creeps, holding down their palms on the go dark buttons for AR-15’s, war machines, tax juggling and voting controls …

        It’s truly a hell on Earth herself, as long as we keep toying with the current sweep of Dotards, the GOP is of no use to the progress of our country, only nay-sayers, following the money, not the needs of Citizens, trying to survive all the bile, spewing from the GOP mouths that love to rant, with no solutions provided …


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