Trump has been cosplaying president since he got out of Air Force One in West Palm Beach on January 20, 2021. Everyone on the Right still calls him “President Trump,” to the point that his lawyers, arguing in front of the special master Judge Raymond J. Dearie, continually referenced “the president,” and he stopped them and said, “Are you referring to President Biden”? Clearly sick of hearing about this ongoing pretend presidency. Trump’s white golf shirts always say “President Trump” and have the presidential seal. He continually brings up “Rigged” sh*t and says, “what are we going to do about it?” as if someone is going to tell him that, yeah – they made a mistake, Air Force One is on the way to pick him up. (He truly probably doesn’t see why that can’t just happen.)

There is a reason that traditionally, ex-presidents basically do a pretend stint with the Buddist Monks in Nepal for 18 months, disappearing, and may as well be in the South Pacific, wearing flip flops and teaching beach kids English. The United States only has one president at a time. And yet, it’s odd. The presidency is such that one can go from being the “ruler of the free world” and “most powerful man on Earth” to just a very familiar face over the course of one day. So they leave, go to ground, disappear, all of them. It has to be that way. Until Trump.

Obviously, Trump didn’t even pretend to go away and was slashing at Biden within months, something that’s never been seen before and incredibly dangerous because if the cord isn’t completely cut, it leaves a situation as we have now, where many of his followers still believe Trump is the “real president.”

Now he wants to act like a real president and do things he didn’t even like to do when he was in office, like visiting disaster sites (Remember his team forcing him out to California? “They’ll never vote for me anyway!”)

Well, he is going in to “Help” in East Palestine:

And exactly what is Trump going to do there? Serious question. The answer is that he’s going to get some local official, perhaps even Mike DeWine, and tour the damage as if somehow Trump is powerful enough to get things done. You can see in his statement that he already believes that Biden is reacting only to his announcement, which is laughable. But Trump frames it that way.

This is so dangerous. He is going to spend the rest of his campaign – unless indicted, or maybe even more so if indicted – play acting president, and his people will once again see him as the “legitimate president,” endangering our democracy that much more. Oh, it is important to note that Trump feels comfortable visiting a disaster in rural white Ohio. If a disaster of ten times the magnitude hit between Seattle and Tacoma or just outside Denver, Trump won’t be anywhere near it. He is never going to go where he might face critics, same as when he was president. He ignored LA and Chicago, two of the four largest cities, and would’ve ignored New York were it not his former “Home base.”

We have already seen how this wholly Republican-created disaster placed in Biden’s lap despite Trump slashing regulations that might have helped and GOP Gov. DeWine blowing them up to clear the tracks earlier. Trump will visit his biggest fans and somehow do the same.

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  1. God, his followers are completely brain dead. I’ve seen the guy who goes around interviewing his followers and exposes their collective craziness with a straight face. They believe trump controls the real military and Biden the fake military. Two militaries! I wonder which one owned the ship I lived on in San Diego? One guy said if Trump made one phone call putin would get out of Ukraine something Biden can’t do. Huh? When asked what would Trump do if putin refused the guy just kept saying putin would comply out of fear. Huh? During all my acid trips I was never that out of it. Some brains just are not tied to any kind of reality. I knew that putting folks in LOCKED psychiatric units. I just didn’t know there were millions of these cult members. Until Trump.

  2. “Trump has been cosplaying president since he got out of Air Force One in West Palm Beach on January 20, 2021.” Actually, Trump has been cosplaying president since he was sworn in on January 20, 2021.

  3. We know Fux is going to cover it. Let’s hope the legitimate news stations won’t cover it. The less he’s seen pretending to be presidential the better. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll breath in some toxic crud while he’s there.

  4. Almost two and a half years since the election and the American people are still being forced to listen to this never-ending stream of Trump lies and garbage on a daily basis. Why? Because Merrick Garland is too cowardly to do his damn job.


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