The right-wing media is in serious meltdown over the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Could it be because they are seeing the handwriting on the wall and they know that the result of the raid could be a conviction of Donald Trump under U.S.Code Section 2071?

Take a look at this. Now, admittedly, this was found on Twitter and so far I haven’t seen any substantive commentary on this issue in the press. However, since the raid was less than 24 hours ago, it is entirely possible that not all the avenues concerning Trump’s prosecution for crimes connected with the Mar-a-Lago raid and/or relief from same have been explored yet.

It’s an interesting idea to ponder. And consider this: Trump not running in 2024 is what a lot of Republicans are praying devoutly for. You know Fox News has given up the ghost and moved on to Ron DeSantis. So, ironically, this might be a result that would be widely welcomed, if not universally.

Now the downside is that if Trump doesn’t run, you will get DeSantis (or potentially Cruz or Pence, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over that) and he’s in many ways worse than Trump. However, DeSantis does seem to be the new golden boy, so if we don’t deal with him now, we will deal with him in 2028, barring some other superseding developments between now and then.

And another down side is that Trump is considered the best foil for Joe Biden to run against. It might be well and good if Trump does stay in the running. Then Biden beats him again, handily, and Trump is off the political stage for good. That might be the better way to go, in fact, because that way his supporters can’t complain that he was brought down by a Deep State political plot. They’ll see that he was allowed to run again — and they’ll complain another election was stolen, I guess, when he loses.

Yet another possibility is that there is a lot heavier criminal activity that is being uncovered than just removing and destroying documents. If Trump was selling state secrets, that would escalate this situation to another level entirely.

Or, maybe this is how the saga of Trump ends. He just can’t run again for ripping up documents and flushing them down the drain, end of story. I am not one to believe in simple open/shut results, especially when dealing with the elusive Teflon Don. However, don’t forget that Al Capone was finally nailed on tax evasion. Whatever gets the job done is what gets the job done.

Interesting points to ponder, eh what?

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  1. I honestly think Joe should step aside for the 2024 election. While he is miles away better than mango man, death sentence, and the rest, he is visibly tired. He is slow to act on everything. While old age is not necessarily a bar to pretty much anything, when you’re old and slowing down badly there are jobs that are just too much and the presidency is one of them. It is a job that ages people right before your eyes so when you come into the job old it’s just too much.

    • Contrary to your wishes, Uncle Joe is likely going nowhere nor does he have any incentive. I’m quite convinced he’s prepared to die in office if need be. While folks like you have been practicing low-key ageism on him, Pelosi and the rest of the Dem leadership, they’re doing what the GQP should have (and thankfully did not) for the last twenty years: grooming the next generation of leadership. In the highly probable event he checks out in his second term, he’ll have left the country in good hands. Liz Cheney has got about ten to twenty years of work to accomplish the same ahead of her.

      • “Low-key ageism.” Exactly. And in all of this, I haven’t seen one suggestion put forth of who would actually do a better job. Why not? Because the people that are spinning this BS are the people who want to replace him, and they don’t want to reveal who they are. That’s not a very good recommendation, for starters. And secondly, Biden is handling an absolutely incredible shitload of very, very serious problems on all fronts foreign and domestic, and his would-be replacements know that under the circustances many Democrats would not appreciate it when they find out who is nipping at his heels. So they just spin vapid talk about how old and decrepit he is, just like the Republicans do only in a more concern-troll tone.

    • If Biden is slow to act, it’s not because he’s old and tired, it’s because he’s the opposite of Trump. He actually does his homework, talks to trusted advisors, thinks of possible consequences before he acts.

  2. It’s A reason, Ursula, but not THE reason. Given what went down on J6, the Feds have no other option but to bring overwhelming force. As such, they are going to do with the legal system to Trump what Sarah Conner did with a steel presser to a certain cyborg. The hoped-for end result: no one EVER does anything that stupid again.

  3. Trump has been a threat to our National Security from the day he officially started receiving daily security briefings. Ok, so until he was sworn in they weren’t the full PDB but still he was getting stuff that could be and surely was passed on to his pal Putin. And once President Trump didn’t want to sit through a PDB but he let Jared have every fucking one he (Jared) wanted even though Jared had NO security clearance for an intolerable period of time – and only got one because as President Trump could (and did) order it regardless of the fact Jared Kushner would never have gotten even a Secret level (pathetically low for a direct advisor to a President) so that motherfucker Trump belongs in prison. Now. And if the law were just and applied equally to all (to be fair he’s far from the only rich and powerful person to get away with appalling crimes) he would have been long ago.

    I’d like to mention something else that coverage of this story is causing me to get pissed off. In recent days we’ve seen “torn up and dumped in the toilet” stories and talk of Trump destroying documents but it’s implied, if not flat-out stated that this is a relatively recent development. I call bullshit! I distinctly remember credible reporting complete with National Archives sources detailing Trump’s penchant for not just wadding up documents (including in the Oval Office!) and throwing them in the trash but ripping them to pieces with his (tiny) hands and throwing them in the trash. Or at staffers/around the room like confetti thrown in anger. This came out in his first year in office as I recall.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to one day learn that the affidavit applying for the Search Warrant included sworn statements from staffers and even some (classified) documents that had been scotch-taped and/or glued back together. If memory serves his first Chief of Staff actually had to assign people to reconstructing documents Trump ripped up! Of course, as things went on that job was almost certainly eliminated. It’s something to keep in mind though. Trump learned that his attempts to destroy stuff he didn’t want there to be a record of caused him to take other measures. Flushing stuff down the toilet. Burning in a fireplace. And so on. We’ll never know just how much and/or what he successfully destroyed but I shudder at the damage because we damn well know some, if not much of it was related to National Security.

    But, and this is the important part to focus on at the moment there was SOME stuff he really wanted to hang on to, including highly classified stuff. That begs the question of not only what, but WHY? I for one don’t think wondering if he wanted blackmail material (come after me and I’ll send this to an enemy of the U.S.) or maybe just sell/trade it to keep his ass afloat financially means getting fitted for a tinfoil hat is needed.

    He’s took a LOT of stuff. He KNEW he wasn’t supposed to take it and he did it anyway. THEN he fought giving it back. Now we know that while he gave back some (no doubt after copying it which in the case of classified material is a federal felony in and of itself if the copies weren’t authorized and EX-Presidents don’t have the authority to give the okay) he didn’t give back all of it. Now, credible reporting indicates some of what was sought (and seemingly collected) in the search was so sensitive that it could even be described in general terms of the search warrant that was/will become public record!

    I for one think we’re looking at a tip of the iceberg situation.

  4. If this is the case the DOJ brings first, at least if he is convicted (and they won’t bring it unless they are convinced he will be convicted), he can’t run again. That gives them the breathing room to tighten up any other cases they have in the pipeline. And w/ a previous felony conviction, any future convictions will result in longer prison sentences. Win/win.


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