Trump Admits Facts in Indictment Correct, He Just Doesn’t Know He Admitted It


So, Trump, you just tweeted something this morning that pretty well shoots down your theory. So, which is it?

Is it a witch hunt that never happened because, Vladie Vladie he likes to party, said that it never happened? And a U.S. president should ignore his entire intel community because KGB agents are famous for taking a sworn oath against lying to other nations?


Did it all happen because Obama was so gawddamn incompetent (according to you, and that’s f’ing laughable) that he personally didn’t catch the guys who did it.

Because guess what, Ace. It can’t be both. It has to be one or the other. We KNOW you said it’s all nothing, never happened, because you said it 10,000 times. And, today, before the big meeting, you say this steaming pile:

Hey, Ace? Me again. You’re probably the only president we’ve ever had that just argued in a way that the hacking in your favor happened, no matter what your little buddy Pootie says.

Dumbass. I am in one hell of a bad mood today because this man is over there selling us out. He’s selling us out for three reasons.

  1. Putin the KGB agent got Kompromat – compromising material – on you long ago. Likely involving sex with girls not 18 (bc that is one thing that can’t be defended, here there or anywhere when on tape.
  2. He and his pals loaned you a shitload of money because they needed that money laundered and you had no scruples. You only recently realized that you did stuff that constitutes BIG felonies, and that’s why you never released your returns.
  3. A big part of you actually likes fascism and desperately wishes you had the power Putin has, to order people killed, to stay president forever, invade countries on your border you don’t like (Mexico OR Canada, pick right now bc he’s managed to piss off both).

So, I’m watching him stand over there while fooling absolutely NO ONE. Not even his pet house Republicans. Deep down, they know.

Eh, maybe Gohmert doesn’t know, because he can’t even point “up” without getting confused.

Trump, you always say, “everyone knows there’s no collusion.” Actually, as with ALL things with you, what everyone actually DOES know is that there was collusion, and it is still happening. That’s why you had to have your meeting alone. You’re still colluding.


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