Earlier tonight, I was talking to Teri, indulging in one of my favorite pastimes, mainly ripping Trump a new one, and Teri told me that Ursula had posted an article in which he said that MAGA Nation should rise up against vaccinations, and ignore the January 6th insurrection.

And that’s when it hit me. I’ll be 65 next month, God willing, and in my long trek on this earth, the truest 4 fords I have ever heard spoken were by by GOP strategist and The Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson. They are the title of his latest book, and they are as follows;

Everything Trump touches dies

And you know what? It’s true! Trump is like cancer. Almost everything, if not everything Trump touches in his life turns to shit. His ex wife Marla Maples did everything in her power to keep Tiffany insulated from Trump, but in the 2020 election, Trump prevailed on blood, and Tiffany became just another sycophant. But let’s just take a look at a brief sample, shall we?

  • Trump’s sister, MaryAnne, was a well respected federal court judge. But Trump tried to screw Mary Trump, his niece, from receiving a proper inheritance on her fathers death. Mary sued, for herself and her brother, and got access to family documents. She turned them over to The New York Times, and the resulting stench forced MaryAnne to retire ahead of a federal DOJ investigation
  • When Trump was elected President, he made a sham showing of turning over the company business to his two sons, both of whom are at best functional idiots. It was always a scam, Trump would continue to run the business from the background. Instead, Eric, a failed business owner, has racked up legal fees, been subpoenaed for documents, and has shown up for a deposition with NY AG Letitia James in her civil investigation in the family business
  • Donald Trump Jr., the prodigal boob, whom Trump decided was even dimmer than Eric, loves to play the part of the inherent mogul. But Trump has cost him his marriage, saddled him with FUX News termagant Kimberley Guilfoyle, and has now been subpoenaed by James to provide documents and appear for deposition
  • Ivanka Trump was smarter. She wanted to use her family name to strike out on her own and make a name for herself. And for a while it worked. But the acorn never falls far from the tree. Thanks to her father’s Presidential notoriety, Ivanka has been dogged by child labor and slave labor violations for her clothing and shoe lines, preferential treatment for Chinese copyrights, and has been served by James for documents and testimony. And if she says one wrong thing, she can count on a NY state investigation into her businesses.
  • Michael Cohen was a Trump true believer. His personal fixer for a decade, Cohen manned the ramparts against all comers. But when the Stormy Daniels payoff scandal broke, Trump cut Cohen loose to the wolves. Cohen ended up with a 3 year federal sentence, a NY Times bestseller book, and provided testimony that may just sink Trump
  • Rudy Giuliani was a widely respected GOP former Mayor of New York. But his affiliation with Trump has turned him into a laughingstock, disbarred from his law practice in New York as well as Washington Dc. And Trump couldn’t care less, stiffing Giuliani for his legal fees
  • Mark Meadows was a pedigreed GOP representative a future. And then he traded it in a tour as Trump’s Chief of Staff. And now he’s facing federal Obstruction of Congress charges, as well as the attendant legal fees that do with it

I could go on like this all day, but you get the picture. Trump is a literal human cancer, a delusional, narcissistic, sociopathic megalomaniac who sees the word only through his own narrow prism. And as a result, everyone he comes in contact with is dispensable for his personal benefit. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.


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  1. Allow me to add one more group to that list: the Cassandras who let their fear and loathing get the better of them. A year away from Trump’s being in office and they’re still chasing the same high they were the previous four years, that disgusting speedball of outrage and helplessness. They say they are being “vigilant”, that they are watching out for the next big threat. What they’re REALLY doing is the psychic equivalent of shooting their preferred drug between their toes because all their other veins have collapsed…with too much MSM, rightly fearful of post-Trump layoffs, acting as their dealers. Trump got to them too.

  2. Unfortunately, he put his feces covered finger on Democracy which may well die along with all the other things and people he’s touched.

  3. So shall we all pray that Trump’s malignancy carries on to its logical end: the death of the Repugnican party? Actual Republicans like Ms Cheney and Mr Kinsinger are already calling the GOP, as they knew it, dead. Just its funeral remains to be done, then the survivors can get on with some sort of resurrection.

  4. And he turned our country to shit. Certainly our image to the rest of the world. Our light, brightly shining for all the world to see, dimmed quite a bit when ronnie ramjet took office. W. damned near put it out. Mango man pissed on what remained and scattered the ashes.

    Despite the dems getting the H.O.R., Senate (kind of) and W.H. I’m just waiting for the final nail in our republic’s coffin when all those ‘pube legislatures destroy democracy. It’s coming and anyone honest enough knows it.


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