Another entry into the tragi/comedy that is life in the Era of Trump. The lowest common denominator of our culture, the man about whom it has been said: “It’s almost impossible to believe that he exists. It’s as if you took everything that was bad about America, scraped it up off the floor, stuffed it in an old hotdog skin and taught it to make noises with its face.”. Here’s what his disciples have to say about America. And to America.

This is the bread and circus crowd. This is bubble land. Even Trump has enough awareness to realize that these people are fools and so he brays, “I love the poorly educated.” We know you do. And this is why.

The comedy here is plain, but the tragedy is that these people operate on the same principle as the Leopards Eating Peoples’ Faces party. That is a fictional group that Charlie Sykes invented. Its premise is that the party members believe that their enemies will be eliminated by leopards who eat peoples’ faces, but the leopards would never eat their faces. And alas, at the end of the day, they find out that when the leopards have gone after a few groups ahead, groups of people they didn’t like and wanted to see destroyed, that they’re going to come after the party members and eat their faces, too. Ergo, nobody is safe.

And these people don’t know that. They think Trump will do massive deportations and become a dictator for one day only and all kinds of ridiculous things, but it won’t affect them. They’re not worried that their Medicare or Social Security, or their children’s or grandchildren’s might be affected, because Trump won’t do that to “them” only to The Other.

And unfortunately, they won’t find out the truth until it’s way too late. And by that time, by the time it’s too late for them, it will have already been too late for the rest of us.

What these MAGA folks don’t understand is that a man who hates and tears down individuals and groups as savagely as Trump does, is a man without compassion or decency towards anybody. It’s not a matter of Us v. Them. It’s a matter of Trump v. The World.

That’s always been his posture. Trump finally won over Daddy’s approval when it became obvious that his brother, Fred Jr., was going to go his own way and do his own thing — and at great personal cost. Defying Fred Sr. was not easy.

And Donald knew he wasn’t qualified to be the killer, the deal maker, the mogul that his father wanted him to be and so he decided he would fake it until he could make it. And he can never make it. He simply doesn’t have the brains or the patience or the discipline that it takes to become a success. He’s a lazy, shiftless fuck up looking for the easier, softer path to success in life and there is none.

But be that as it may, Trump has operated as if this next deal, this next venture, whatever it is, is going to The Real Thing — the thing that will show that he does have it going on and that his father would be impressed by him. I have no doubt whatsoever that if Fred Trump could look on from the other side and see what a hash Donald has made of things that he would be just as appalled as the yous and mes are, looking at this shambles.

MAGAs are not deep thinkers. MAGAs don’t want to think at all. They want a strongman to push The Other around and they’ve got Donald to do their hating for them and do their dirty business. They simply don’t know and you can’t tell them, what the price tag has already been for Trump’s excesses in our public life and what more and greater damage he could do if restored to power.

These are the hard core loonies, right here. There is more than a cultural rift going on in America right now, it’s closer to a battle between two species. Remember the Morlochs and the Eloi from the book/movie The Time Machine, by H.G. Welles? That’s a lot closer analogy to the divisions in America nowadays than any label of political affiliation. We’re way beyond such trifles as Democrats v. Republicans. We stepped off a ledge and into an unknown place back in 2016, when this madness got started. The day Trump was sworn in and gave his dark American Carnage address, even Dubya quipped, “That was some strange shit.”

The GOP threw us all off the ledge because they were fresh out of ideas. Even though they knew full well who and what Trump was, they eventually folded, to the man and to the woman. It was only after January 6 that a very few courageous souls decided to speak up about stopping Trump.

Was that too little too late? Hard to tell. All that we know at this point is that we need to do everything we can to get out the vote and save this country. Because MAGA believes that Trump is what America needs. And America needs Trump like a forest fire needs jets to crash into an adjacent oil field that is upwind from the fire.

We have to get out the vote and hope that there is more sanity than insanity in this country. It has gotten that basic. We’re about to go the way of late thirties Germany and hand the keys over (for a second time) to a homicidal lunatic who will stop at nothing to save his own ass legally and financially. And he’ll do it on your back and mine — and on theirs, on MAGAs. They just don’t see it.


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  1. I love the logic of Trump as a matador – did anyone ever try to explain to her that matadors (and bull fighting)are from SOUTH of the border?

    And is Don the Con RIDING that bull?????

    • I don’t know if it’s true but I’m told that that it takes days for someone gored by a bull’s horns to die. Painfully. Seems like a fitting way for Trump to go out. If he got in the ring with a bull he’d be a goner. He’s a coward at heart and even if he was a younger version of himself with some agility he’d be frozen in fear like a deer in the headlights. Unfortunately while Trump’s brain is a malfunctioning mess of diseased worms and toxic sludge he’s got an overdeveloped survival instinct (it’s served him well as we can see although he’s about used it up) and has enough common sense left he’d never step into an actual bullfighting ring. (If he did I’d gladly pony up the pay-per-view cost!)

      • He seems terrified of animals, in general. Remember the incident with the bald eagle? The time when a military dog was honored and he seemed afraid to be near it.

      • If it gores someone and manages to do damage to the intestines/colon, unless a resection is performed or other surgery (do they still resect bowels/intestines/etc. or do they just cauterize them?), yeah, the death would likely be pretty painful but so would any injury needing surgery if not performed. People get gored during the running of the bulls in Pamplona and a lot of them get fixed up. I have heard the doctors there are pretty good at fixing up gored patients. Experience matters. lol

    • Actually, bullfighting originated in Spain (and is probably related to ancient, pagan traditions of ritual sacrifices of bulls). When the Spanish came to the New World, they brought their centuries-old tradition with them.

    • She is likely thinking of them as from.Spain, where the tradition began, as opposed to.Mexico. Since Spain is a,European ally, that makes it okay. Of course, she probably couldn’t find Spain on a map.

  2. The xit from Garzzi says it best. These people are hate mongers. They, and the pols they vote for, deal in hate with everything they do/touch. These are your con, xtian, wipipo folks and they vote exclusively for trump and the rest of the magat pols. They are disgusting fools and if you don’t get your a*ses out and vote your are as foolish as they are…and as disgusting.

    What an incredible waste of skin, resources, air we could be breathing….

  3. Leave us not forget another reason the Trump as matador analogy works. The matador, whatever amount of bravery you want to assign them, is the ultimate in prima dona narcissism! And Trump’s believers are just like the bulls…they are not at full strength when the matador enters the ring. The bulls have been worn down by picadors who stab/lie to them repeatedly. Trump waits until J.D. Vance, Tim Scott, Empty G, and others have repeatedly exalted him as savior. Then, after hours of build-up and the resulting weariness, Trump comes in and gores them right between the shoulder blades/ears with his nonsensical bullshit! Trump doesn’t have to be good. By that time, his bulls are incapable of fighting off his con!

  4. Just started reading Rachel Maddow’s Prequel about what was going on in this country in the lead up to WWII, and the MAGA crowd and sympathizers in the House and Senate are today’s traitors to our country and democracy. Haven’t gotten that far yet but the similarities are stunning, recognizable. Seems like every so many decades we have to have a repeat of the failed ideas crowd rising up. Confederate States, pro-Hitler, now MAGA. When will they ever learn?

  5. WTF happened to these people??? Didn’t they go to school? Are they so inbred, they can’t think for themselves! This is like some huge “Mind-Meld”, do these people have a TV, Cable or Internet, where they can do independent research! This is like a Grammar school playground, of the mentally handicapped! So, these people OBVIOUSLY, never socialize with “others,” because their racism/bigotry, keeps them down & dumb? VOTE Blue USA, or the rest of these mentally deficient Minority, will be telling YOU & I, what to do! Seriously, SMH…..

  6. These are not the best and the brightest. Most of them barely made it through high school.(and in some cases, only graduated because the teachers and principals did want to deal.with them for
    a fifth year). They’re blue collar types who are pissed because they now have to compete with smarter, more qualified PoC and women. And this goes up to lower level management.
    The other class of voters who supported him did so for tax cuts and now they realize those cuts don’t help them,only people with millions or billions. They are,waking up.


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