They Just Don’t Get It. The. World. Has. Changed.


Forget about the internal GOP civil war going on inside of the GOP to usher in the post Trump era. We are about to have a much wider, more violent disturbance that will spread throughout the nation. And that is the final, death throes of the racist, white supremacist movement in America.

The opening salvo for this conflict was, of course, the insurrection of the Capitol by neo Nazi, white supremacist, far right morons. It didn’t work. Personally, I give kudos to former Vice President Pence, for ensuring that once the Capitol was once again secured, the process went on as normal, and the vote was certified on schedule. American democracy still rules.

But it’s not over. Whether you’re talking about the Krispy Klan, the Loud Tois, the 3% IQ’ers, Electric Boogerloo, or the Oath Creepers, they have run out of time. They have spent decades in the shadows, nursing their grievances, and living off of their communal outrage, but never with the strength to be able to rise up.

But then came their salvation. First a candidate, and then a President who finally got them! a President who not only got them, but was one of them. He didn’t bother with any wimpy dog whistles, he bellowed out to them with a bullhorn. And when his Imperial reign was threatened, and he called for support, they showed up en masse. And now their asses are left hanging in the wind.

They have run out of time. They spent decades plotting on ways to stop the increasing browning and diversification of America. And America kept getting more brown and diversified. In terms of population and support, they are weaker now then they ever have been. And it doesn’t do any good to go back underground, because it will only get worse.

But in the meantime, it’s not like the rest of us have just been sitting around with our thumbs up our collective asses. We have seen the incursions of the racist, white nationalists, promulgated by Trump, and the rest of the country has risen to respond. Let’s just take a quick, recent history tour to see what I’m talking about.

Shortly after Trump was inaugurated, he tried to impose a ban on Muslims entering the United States. And got more than he bargained for. Nationwide, millions of everyday Americans flooded American airports to protest the ban, and to welcome the newcomers. Lawyers across the country, with immigration skills showed up at the airports, waving cardboard signs proclaiming free legal immigration assistance! The whole thing bogged down in court for so long that by the time it finally went into effect, it was largely ineffective.

And then Trump turned his racist, white supremacist eye towards the southern border. His administration instituted an incredibly racist, cruel program to separate migrant parents from their children when they crossed the southern border. It wasn’t based on any particular legal premise, but in order to try to deter future migrants from coming to the border. And it was a nightmare. From border stations to detention facilities, to federal courthouses, the entire southwest started to look like Washington DC in the glory days of the anti Vietnam war protests. And again the administration had to back down, but not without leaving behind an unconscionable mess of reuniting families.

And now on to something more current. Trump, with his insane pique of jealousy for Chinese efficiency, and his desire to rein them in as a strongman, even found a way to politically exploit the coronavirus. In every public utterance, he insisted on referring to the virus as the China virus, or even worse, as the Kung Flu virus. Trump knew that this would be all his racist base needed to hear, and he was right.

Asian American hate crimes reports in the United States surged. In some areas, they surpassed Muslim American hate crimes. And not without deadly results, especially in California. The poster child for this is a 91 year old Chinese man, walking down the street in Chinatown, who was viciously shoved in the back by some young punk. The man hit the ground hard, slamming his head, and dying from his injuries. There were other deaths reported in similar attacks, as well as injuries to Asian American children in other assaults.

And what happened? Why, the community came together of course. White Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, all mobilized and coordinated in order to provide walk  alongs, unarmed escorts to walk alongside elderly or young Asian Americans, simply so they can go down the street to the market, without fear of harm.

This is the real issue. This is what the Ted Cruz’s, and the Josh Hawley’s, and the Donald Trump’s, and the Loud Tois, and the Oath Creepers, and the bedsheet banditos just don’t get! The world has changed. And the United States has changed. It has become browner, and more diverse. And most importantly, it has become more inclusive. We don’t want a fight. We’d ask just as soon that they all crawl back under their rocks and lick their wounded nuts. But if they insist, we will have it. And we will kick their asses. Their time is over.

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  1. Because working together we are all stronger than working apart. It’s not competition, red in tooth and claws that works best, it’s co-operation with truth and laws that has built our societies.

    • Ironically, it works on the same principle as the Roman fasces from which the term “fascism” is derived from, a bundle of sticks symbolizing strength in unity.

  2. Beautiful, Joe. Nice piece. And I think I even agree. 🙂
    Except for one sad thing. All the people on the left who are fighting the racism of the right, they all hate Jews. Ah well, at least there’s something the right and left can all agree on – they all hate me

    • Ahem…I’m as left as they come without tipping into radical territory. And I got zero hatred for Jews in general (though I will make exceptions for thugs like Netanyahu and amoral financiers like the recently deceased Adelson, but that’s more about what they do than their family history). Most of mine’s reserved for my alleged own kind as described above. I’ve been waiting for nearly forty years for this day.

    • I’ll back up Bareshark. I’m pretty much on the left and I will NOT be accused–by anyone–of “hating Jews.” I will not ever support the Israeli government’s (hate-filled) treatment of the Palestinian people but that doesn’t mean I agree with extremist Muslim/Arab governments or organizations that would call for Israel’s extermination. But the far right have spent the last 50 years conflating anti-Semitism with anti-Israel rhetoric when the two things are NOT the same.

      I don’t know where you come up with your “All the people on the left . . . all hate Jews” belief. Quite frankly, I don’t care either. You’re wrong. And your comment is certainly NOT helpful.

      Then again, maybe they all do hate YOU–but it has nothing to do with your being a Jew. It could just simply be YOU.

      • I agree joe. I lost one of my jewish best friends due to my pointing out there is NO justification for using military weapons against children throwing rocks. There is no justification for running a police state since 1948 that carries out similar injustices that jews have experienced. Truth is truth. Zionists are more similar to nazis than they like to believe. I pretty much assume the jewish people are not their government any more than we agreed with the orange shitweasel that ran ours.

    • I am a white boy from mayberry. Raised in methodist church, officially became a jew in 1979 when i married into a massachusetts jewish family. Later, married a white catholic lady from boston. Adopted a mixed baby 25 years ago. Later married a mixed lady from chicago with her black 8 y/o. Now living with a dark skinned lady for 12 years, who is from tuskeegee alabama. Now, have informally adopted her niece’s child, age 4, who lost her daddy. I have essentially 6 adopted daughters, only one is white. My point? White people are no more simply this or that than people of color are. Time to put on your thinking cap & let go of false belief systems. Advice for us all.

    • F*ck. That. Shit.
      Leftists *don’t* all hate Jews – that’s mostly the *right wing*, which is recycling the “Protocols” for their propaganda.
      Stop helping the RWNJs.

  3. One thing that kills me about this crowd is this notion that a) they were ever in charge or b) were ever going to be. At best, they were going to be middle managers. At worst, they were disposable cannon fodder as most blind True Believers are.

  4. What seems often overlooked, to me at least, is the rather obvious basic underlying and never acknowledged cause of this racism, which is fear. These people are terrified by the inevitability of change. After all it’s the only thing that ever happens and is totally beyond our control, so fear isn’t a completely unreasonable reaction. What can counter it is love, that difficult non-option.

  5. A common thread among these white hate groups seems to be a notion of scarcity. There is not enough to go around and all the non-whites will lessen their share or take it. The only people denying them a fare share, that I can see, are the big corporate interests and ironically, the republicans who support them.

  6. I read a comment somewhere about 4-5 years ago and the writer said that the racists were on their last leg, and to expect one more BIG try at being in charge. Because they know… their days are numbered thank God!


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