Before we start, just a little something unconnected to the topic, but fun to start your Monday. Remember a few weeks ago when Traitor Tot decided to steal Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s thunder, and jumped the gun announcing his own arrest date, and demanding mass protests in the streets? And there were more reporters and camera crews at the courthouse, DA’s office and Trump Tower than protesters? Even on Trump’s actual circus-comes-to-town arrest date, he could hardly find anybody to wave to.

Last week, with no fanfare or media hype, Trump once again flew to New York, stayed at Trump Tower, and then motorcaded down, this time for his deposition for New York Attorney General Letitia James. And what a difference a little good old home grown spontaneity makes. The last two blocks of the route were jammed behind the barricades with New Yorkers, waving anti Trump signs and chanting New! York! Hates! You! New!~ York! Hates! You! I’m just glad that Trump finally got his long awaited demonstrations.

Little things keep piling up, one at a time, and if you’re not playing along, it’s easy to miss the connection. In the last two weeks, pursuant to a judge’s court order, and lost Trump appeals, such notable lowlifes as Stephen Miller, Evan Corcoran, and former DNI John Ratcliffe have shown up to testify in front of the grand jury in Washington. With Trump’s history of executive privilege appeals, Pence should be arriving shortly. And then it will be waiting to see if Smith can drag Mark Meadows out of his cave.

But here’s one of those little stones that fits perfectly on top of another one if you see how to turn them. Evan Corcoran is one of Trump’s fleet (enema) of K-Mart lawyers, working mostly on the Mar-A-Lago documents case. He was called in to testify before the grand jury after losing an attorney-client privilege appeal based on the crime/fraud exception rule surrounding Trump’s activity and behavior around the time that the fraudulent letter to the DOJ was created stating that all documents were now back in government hands.

Yeah, well, Corcoran very quietly just released a statement stating that, while he is still a part of the umbrella Trump defense team, he is recusing himself from any portion of Trump’s defense involving the Mar-A-Lago documents case.

Why? The Mar-A-Lago documents case was Corcoran’s primary focus on the team. Why give that up. I think I know why. Because Evan Corcoran is now a conflicted lawyer. If you’re a lawyer defending a client, and it appears that you will be called to testify by the prosecution, then that potentially makes you an adversarial witness. And a lawyer can’t defend a client he could be testifying against at trial. Therefore Corcoran withdrew.

But why is this so important? Elementary, my dear Watson. There was no conflict in Corcoran testifying at the grand jury, just so long as he didn’t incriminate Trump. Corcoran could go on working the case to his hearts content. The fact that Corcoran withdrew from the case tells me that Jack Smith made it clear that Corcoran will be a prosecution witness at trial. Therefore the conflict of interest.

Connect-the-dots. Corcoran withdraws from the Mar-A-Lago documents case, likely because he is advised that he will be a witness at trial. Which can only mean one thing, there will be a trial. Which leads to only one conclusion. Trump. Will. Be. Federally. Indicted in the Mar-A-Lago documents case. And after all this time and trouble, I’m betting it won’t just be any piddly *ss Official Records Act violations either.

Because Smith had to go to too much goddamned trouble with Corcoran. Smith wanted Corcoran in front of that grand jury to testify about Trump’s actions and state of mind at the time the false declaration letter was written. And in order to get Corcoran in front of the grand jury, he had to provide strong evidence and inference that a crime was committed, and Trump was either aware and abetted or took part. The fact that Corcoran testified showed that not only the judge, but the appellate judges as well agreed.

This is a pattern for Con Quixote. Earlier in the probe, the DOJ got a southern California federal district court judge to rule that Trump lawyer John Eastman had to turn over not only his cell phone for mining, but e-mails from his university server. That judge was even more direct than this one, bluntly stating that crimes had been committed. And again an appellate court agreed.

Just to recap. You have a federal judge in the Capitol riot case that flatly concluded that crimes had been committed, and the appellate judges agreed with him. And another judge finds that the crime-fraud exception evidence is strong enough to compel Even Corcoran to break his attorney-client privilege, and testify. And again an appellate court agrees. What more does a growing prosecutor need?

My gut feeling? Smith is almost done with the Mar-A-Lago case, we haven’t heard anything more about that case since Corcoran testified. It’s going to take a little time yet to unwrap Pence and Meadows, and dot-the-i’s-and-cross-the-t’s on the Capitol riot case. I’m betting that Smith goes to Garland soon with the Mar-A-Lago case, and gets indictments to get Trump into the federal system. He can always go back later and get superseding indictments for the Capitol riot case.

Which raises an interesting question to close with. When Trump was arraigned in Manhattan, possibly due to it being a city building with local cops, Trump caught a couple of breaks. At Secret Service insistence, Trump did not get mug shots, neither was he handcuffed for his appearance. Oddly enough, this irritated His Lowness, since he had to invent a mug shot to stick on t-shirts and sell online.

But not this time. This time it will be in a federal courthouse, with federal agents such as FBI and US Marshals. And I think that Jack Smith wants to wipe that smug, surly glare of superiority we saw on Trump’s face in Manhattan off with a dirty rag. Secret Service Trumper tantrum or not, Trump will get the same sh*tty booking and arraignment every other common thug gets, including Allan Weisselberg. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Aaaahh, the sweet smell of impending indictments (Don’t mind me, I’m just setting up a new tablet with my PZ comment name and email).

  2. I love it when I start reading and, as I get further down, my grin starts growing and I lean closer to the screen….and start giggling quietly at the end………

  3. Based on past judicial failures, I would not be celebrating until the fat lady sings.
    Some mentally ill republiCLOWN “Federal judge” can still throw a log in this.
    Or some @sshole “federalist ” like those @ssholes currently defrauding us while posing as “Supreme Court judges”….
    Don’t forget, dejoy is still destroying the post office and Wray is still turning the fbi into the keystone cops…


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