Desperate times call for desperate measures. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson have yet another tutorial to give us today. Earlier we saw how the GOP spun the fact that Donald Trump’s name would be physically present on the Colorado ballot as a “win” when in fact it was no such thing. Nothing had happened except the next legal step. The matter is still being adjudicated. Yes, Trump’s name is on the ballot. That’s a good thing if the legal issue is decided in his favor and he gets to remain on the ballot. If the issue is decided against him, then his name will still be there but any votes cast for him won’t count.

It’s the last sentence which is the essence of the spin job. The MAGA-dominated GOP wants people to believe that there was some kind of victory so that they can keep the illusion of Trump defeating his enemies alive. No such thing happened. Then, as you know, the State of Maine decided that Trump wouldn’t be on their primary ballot. All hell broke loose. Then this distraction was cobbled together and it is one for the books.

You see the dates and the time stamps as well as I do. This was done, in my opinion, in an attempt to take the narrative off of Trump being in deep shit because of Maine taking him off the ballot. That is a complication that is throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into the works. As John Dean says in the tape you’ll see below, “The Maine decision was amply briefed, there was due process, and Trump is in trouble.”

So this is what you’re going to see going forward. Crazy distractions — although I must say, what anybody can do to top what Marge and Mother Tucker just did, I can’t imagine — and also MAGA outrage. Here’s what that looks like.

Here are a few thoughts from the guy who Trump is ostensibly considering to be the next Attorney General, should he be reelected. Pure sophistry. Total lies. Man, are they counting on right-wing media and the poorly educated to bring home the bacon with this fear mongering campaign.

I went looking for Ronny Jackson’s response and I was not disappointed. Batshit and enraged as you knew it would be, here it is.

They love the newest conspiracy theory that Democrats took Lincoln off the ballot in 1860. No, they did not. Lincoln didn’t even bother to try to get on the 1860 ballot in the southern states. He put all his eggs in the other baskets and he won. Then, in April, 1861, the Confederacy seceded from the Union and you know the rest.

Get ready. This is a preview of coming attractions. As John Dean said, Trump is in trouble. Moreover, he’s not alone. The entire GOP is in trouble. The reason that 2024 is going to be such a turning point is not about Trump. Trump’s just a trust fund baby reality TV performer. This isn’t about him. On a much larger scale, this is about the GOP collapsing.

Trump is the architect of his own adversity and the catalyst for the downfall of the GOP. It’s going to be quite the show. And they both did it to themselves. The Republicans knew who Trump was. Ted Cruz said Trump was a “pathological liar.” Righto. Lindsey Graham said he was a “kook, a xenophobe, and a racist.” Right again. And finally Graham uttered this prophecy:

No, we do not. Yet the GOP is even more powerless now than it was in 2016 in many ways. They should not have nominated Trump. But there was nobody else of substance to pull any votes and so the freak show predominated and Trump was put on top of the ticket. And he won and was a disaster. But still they support him. It’s a demented marriage. The GOP may be Dr. Frankenstein to Trump’s monster, but they are also the monster’s bride. And this marriage from Hell is dragging us all in.

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  1. Miss Green, Miss Bobart, and Kari Lake in a court battle for her fiscal life.
    If you haven’t been paying attention this is the running for Vice President of the United States
    Jesus Wept
    and and don’t Haley me, after last night.
    as a Life long Democrat in Oklahoma, maybe the last one .
    if this isn’t victory
    our hands are too small to hold it .

  2. As stated above “… No you dumb bitch … the American people are smarter than you’ll ever be…” sums it up quite well, doesn’t it; and by extension, that backhander includes the Mother Fuc*er C, too.

  3. Slavery was a job training program per the governor in Florida. The Civil War was about people’s freedom from government NOT slavery per the ex-governor of South Carolina. BOTH stood on a NATIONAL stage and raised their hands saying they would vote for Trump. Both are running for president. Both would crawl on hands and knees if the fascist pig picked them as his VP running mate. The GOP is just another moniker for the American Nazi Party. Holocaust anyone? VOTE!


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