Most pundits, if you asked them right now, would call former Trump Chief of Staff A man on an island. I don’t buy that. I described him earlier as Hiding like Saddam Hussein in a sewer pipe, and I meant it. Because right now, Mark Meadows is a rat in his hole.

From the start, Meadows has acted like nothing but a moron. When the J6 committee came sniffing around, he made a pure show effort of cooperating with them to keep them off of his back.  But because he’s a moron, he gave them enough documents and text messages to hang himself from the highest yardarm. And then he swiveled away from cooperating under the mythical umbrella of Executive Privilege.

When Meadows copped a sneaker, the J6 committee referred him to the DOJ for prosecution for defying a committee subpoena. The DOJ dithered for a couple of months before deciding not to prosecute Meadows. Everybody was pissed, but I expressed caution, feeling that the DOJ had bigger fish to fry with Meadows. And now we know that there has been a lead prosecutor at the DOJ for the J6 insurrection for more than a year.

But here’s where the wickets get sticky. I have seen Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony 3 times now, and everytime I see it, I get more examples of something that literally shocks me almost speechless.

Cassidy Hutchinson was the Senior Aide to Chief of Staff Mark meadows. As such, she interacted with him intimately multiple times every day. And yet, with that being taken for granted, almost every time the committee asked her about an interaction with Meadows, the response was eerily similar.

When they asked Hutchinson about a specific conversation, she would say something like, When I went into his office, Mark was on the sofa, scrolling on his phone. For a different interaction, she replied that Meadows Barely looked up from the sofa, where he was scrolling on his phone. On January 6th, when WH Counsel Pat Cipollone barged into Meadows office to tell him that somebody had to do something, and he was going in to see the President, Hutchinson testified that Meadows finally Put away his cell phone, got up off of the sofa, and left the room with Cipollone.

What is it with this guy? Doesn’t this fucker have a day job? Every time Hutchinson describes Meadows, he;s always On the sofa, scrolling on his cell phone. This is some of the most damaging testimony for Meadows that Hutchinson provided. For one simple reason. Because it highlights Meadows’s total reliance on his cellphone to do business.

Cast your mind back to previous testimony. In hearings, the J6 committee showed that on January 6th, pretty much anybody with access contacted Meadows. And they accessed him by text. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and even Trump’s own son, Donald Jr., accessed Meadows to try to get Trump to intervene, and they all did it by text message.

Mark Meadows is the ultimate Trump Chief of Staff. He got the memo. Leave no paper trail. Don’t give them anything to track you with. But Meadows isn’t as old school as Trump. He does all of his communicating by text.

And that’s the keystone, and why Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is so important. If the FNY/DOJ can drag a Meadows connection in for Witness Intimidation, and they can prove a connection to Meadows, then they can secure a search warrant that gives them access to Meadows’s personal phone.

And therein lie the keys to the kingdom. If the DOJ can flip the person that called Cassidy Hutchinson to alter her testimony, or anybody else Meadows had contacted to alter their testimony, then the DOJ can get a search warrant for his cell phone.

And that’s endgame for Meadows. Because the FBI and DOJ have proven over and over again that there is no real way to successfully delete electronic transmissions. If it’s there, they’ll find them.

At this point, Meadows smart move would be to just shrug his shoulders, skip the J6 committee, and turn himself over to the tender mercies of the DOJ. There are multiple ways it can go down, but they all end up with Meadows going down. It can only go downhill from here. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. I don’t want this sniveling coward to get a sweetheart deal. Pat Cipolloni has pretty much the same info w/o the same culpability. Yes seize his electronic devices, but do not give him a get out of jail free card. He should do some jail time. If he decides to get a slightly less onerous sentence by giving up the Orange Menace, fine.

  2. The MAGA cult followers don’t try to correct the BIG story, tRump planned armed rioters to storm the Capitol, to stop the legal transfer of power. The minor details were for show, to appear like he was ” brave” enought to want to march with the insurrectionists!


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