This is a howler. As you are painfully aware, Donald Trump has a formula now that he uses on the campaign trail. First of all, he doesn’t campaign. He just tells tall tales wherein he is the hero, to the faithful, and they give him adulation. And they also love to hear all the crazy talk about who Trump is going to deport, incarcerate, sue, execute, some combination of all four.

It’s entertainment, politics as entertainment. Politics has always had a gossipy side to it, a glamorous side to it, certainly, and an obsession with ratings and polls that is only rivalled by Tinsel Town. So it makes complete sense that one such as Trump would have been attracted to the White House. This was all predicted back in the 50’s, basically, in a movie called A Face In The Crowd. The highlights of Trump’s latest fiasco are mashed together here. You will enjoy.

Now one thing you didn’t see in the clip above is the evangelicals praying over him, also in Iowa.

I often wonder if what the Book of Revelations calls the End Times are here. We’ve got this level of a thief and he’s being exalted as a prince and running for our nation’s highest office. We’ve got yet another war between Israel and Palestine and there’s not going to be a Xmas ceremony in Bethlehem this year. The planet is warming up at such an alarming rate that planes in Sweden, which were headed for the climate conference in Dubai, iced up and weren’t able to make the voyage.

In the House Of Representatives we have a guy, now known as MAGA Mike, who wants you to believe that gay people are the offspring of Satan and that dinosaurs got on board the Ark some 6,000 years ago. Man, I wouldn’t have wanted to clean up the coprolites. (Dinosaur word meaning “meadow muffin.”)

I don’t know how many off beat factors you need to have for the Powers Above to decide that they’ve about had it on the human race and are going to call time on this experiment gone awry. But it sure seems to me that things have gone totally to Hell the past seven years.

One prediction I can make with absolute certainty: 2024 is going to be the wildest election year ever.


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  1. it’s a RW production of Revelation.
    wonder how they’ll fake the floating up into the air rapturing…πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€‘

  2. If there is anything to revelations, and as a Jew I think it is a big plate of b.s., the xtians are worshiping the beast/harlot. They fit perfectly. Wondering how a Jew would know anything about it? Used to live in the south and not just the south-MS. Hideous place.

    • 12 years in GA. I agree. I have lived from.Miami to.ME, visited 8 countries , lived in a 9th for 7 years, never felt unsafe because I am a Wiccan. GA nearly broke me. The only people who accepted me were sf/f fans and members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Nothing I could do.was right; my hair (red, not blonde); my looks, (Irish); my personal style ( Romantic Goth); my body type (Marilyn Monroe,not waif),
      ; and that is before we get into.values, religion,politics.

      • not only that but they have this tight “bible belt”

        if you haven’t seen “Easy Rider” a brief but classic example
        of southern hospitality to other than them comes right near the end.


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