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“Welp, welcome to the slippery sleazy slope that comes with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s recent arrest for child sex trafficking.

Internet sleuths have uncovered a 2015 video of Harvard attorney and Epstein’s friend, Alan Dershowitz, who worked to get Epstein a sweetheart deal in a 2008 plea agreement, admitting to getting a massage at Epstein’s mansion.

During an interview with Miami news station WPLG regarding Britain’s Prince Andrew (another friend of Epstein) and his alleged sexual involvement with an underaged girl who was allegedly kept as a sex slave by Epstein, Dershowitz not only bashed the accuser, calling her an “admitted prostitute and a serial liar” but claimed that the then-teen was not victimized and in fact “made her own decisions in life.”

Watch the entire interview below but I warn you, it’s triggering and mad cringey.

Dershowitz has said he is “proud” of his work at “getting the best possible deal” for his “client” but if he was in his house (just if, he hasn’t been convicted) crimin’ along with Epstein is it even legal, let alone ethical for him to then represent him?

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  1. Move over Rudy G. It looks like you’re getting a competitor for the title of most outrageously out of his mind sleazy dirtbag asshole lawyer in the world.

  2. Anyone who ever cashed a check with Fox News printed on it has no room to make aspersions about prostitution.

    I guess the lesson here is that it’s not a good idea to accept intimate gifts from your clients who you’re defending from series sexual abuse crimes. I doubt they teach this lesson in law school…assuming that being smart enough to continue breathing is a requirement of being in law school, they really wouldn’t need to.

  3. “I don’t like massages”
    Really? So a GROWN MAN got somethign he didnt like at Epstein house? Why? We KNOW Dershowitz has no interest in the truth. Epstein is an ADMITTED pedophle. That isnt open to debate under the LAW. Yet Alan still consideres hima friend. The reporter should ask the question of Dershowitz why he is friends with admitted pedophiles and goes to their homes as a FRIEND, not as his attorney?
    Standards matter. If I find out a “friend” is a pedophile” I am no longer their friend.

  4. Can anyone criticizing Dershowitz be at all honest? Even a teensy weensy bit?
    All this hate is about Dershowitz being against impeachment of Trump. Although he had some fame before, he really got famous, and targeted, after criticizing some of the most inane impeachment talk.
    No one really believes Dershowitz had sex with this 15 year old hooker. I mean, they certainly WANT it to be true, and provable, so they can destroy him for being against impeachment – not really supporting Trump, because he does not do that, he just says most complaints against Trump are not grounds for impeachment.
    No one really believes, based on the evidence, this hooker is telling the truth, because they know Dershowitz has not bren arrested, is not being investigated, eben though manyndifferemt prosecutors would have jurisdiction

    • Dershowitz gained a little notoriety when he helped to get OJ Simpson acquitted. His job is to get guilty people off. Calling a fifteen-year-old, who was recruited by Dershowitz’s client, a hooker is sleazy as hell. If you still think Trump is innocent, there’s no reaching you, but your analysis is pretty shoddy.

    • I believe the woman is tellling the truth. She has no reason to lie. Also if she’s lying, why was her testimony able to put Epstein away for 37years. Alan clearly has a reason to lie.

    • I agree with Alan about Trump not being impeachable btw. I don’t believe in “Russiagate” bs. I agree with Bill Clinton on tons of stuff politically …but Alan and Bill are both pedophiles, and there’s an ocean of evidence for that way beyond just this Epstein sex ring scandal. I have followed these two creeps for years. They belong behind bars. A regular citizen would’ve been long ago, but these two use their money and influence to escape justice. Anyone familar with the US American justice system knows that’s the way it works. Yet if these two don’t go behind bars, they will victimize other children.

  5. I wish to ask, has anyone who believes Dershowitz guilty actually reviewed the evidence?
    Clearly, more than one prosecutor had jurisdiction, but none has charhed him, so, why were they wrong to not charge him? What was the evidence?
    If you can not answer my question, but have angrily asserted his guilt, you are a bad cit8zen. You assumed the guokt of someone withput knowing the evidence. A bad PERSON, according to Christian religious teachings

    • It’s easy to tell Alan is lying by his panic and nonsensical response, as well as his anger. Again this woman has no reason to lie, though clearly Alan does. She has already been proven to be telling the truth about Epstein and her story checks out with reports of other women. I have been doing a lots of research on this; found tons of evidence pointing at Alan’s guilt. He did it. He’s a pedophile. Sorry if he’s your personal hero. Face reality. There was a time in my life Bill Clinton was one of my heros; clearly NOT anymore.

    • They ALL need to be investigated, regardless of political party. Mention them ALL and find the guilty ones. Put them away. ALL OF THEM.


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