I guess Donald Trump, Jr. knows who his demongraphics, sorry, demo-graphics are, right? I mean, he should know who his remarks are uber tailored to appeal to, who is virtually hanging by his Instagram feed day and night, waiting for a glimpse into the recesses of that majestic mind? Hoping and praying for the insight that only Junior can offer?

What’s that you say? Has the trite and the trivial been codified to that level of minutiae? We’re not sure, but if the inane prattling of a stoned half wit ever does become the stuff of doctoral treatises, we are sure that this next offering from Junior will be in the index.

What mesmerizes me is that he feels compelled to keep going on camera and making these.

We know that you weren’t going to sleep tonight wondering what Junior thought about Don’t Say Gay. You’re welcome. Here’s another glimpse into his “mind.”

Here’s an enjoyable mashup. 2:20 in length. Bonus: Sarah Cooper appears at the end. I was wondering what she was up to.

His poor kids. They’re surrounded by screwed up adults. Maybe they can find their way to the doorstep of their second cousin, Mary.


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  1. Remember the good old days of 1972, sitting in the dorm, down on south campus, stoned on Colombian weed, & discussing whether the ‘blue’ you see is the same ‘blue’ I see. Ahh….weighty matters with Neil & crazy horse as the soundtrack. Did I hear the talking beard say something?

  2. Aren’t his kids in a relatively safe space–with their mother? If not, why the hell not? I hope we do not have to deal with yet another generation of trump fuck-wits in the future. Of course I also hope I win the lottery so….

  3. The thieving twitwaffle will laugh loud and long at that measly fine. Jones clearly has less resources that tfg and he was fined over twice as much!

    And he’s walking around free to overthrow our democracy.

    What is the blind spot government officials have with this orange moron? Tfg did it in front of the whole world, was recorded doing it, admitted he did it and says he plans to do it again!

    I’d LOVE to see what dirt he has on other officials that cause them to quake in their boots at the mention of his name!

    It HAS to have something to do with his fellow pedophile, Epstein.

  4. When I see the words “moral compass” and “Don Junior” in the same sentence, I get a mental image of old cartoons (Warner Brothers?) where a clock is being wound so tightly that the hands start rapidly spinning, and clockwork springs and whatnot start exploding out of it. Sprry I couldn’t find a clip, but hopefully others will also remember.


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