Maria Teresa Kumar, the President of Voto Latino, the largest Latino voter organizing organization in the country, has been a busy little beaver, especially when it comes to polling. And while the base news isn’t bad for Democrats, it shows that they have work to do.

For instance, going into the current election, the Democrats lead over the GOP stands at 23%. But ten years ago it was at 44%. But much more important is what the sub tabs in the polling showed.

In the sub tabs, it showed that 64% o9f Latino’s feel that the decision on an abortion should be between the woman and her doctor, not the state government. And a whopping 81% felt that the US needed more restrictive gun control laws, including an assault weapons ban. Likely to keep Hispanics from being mown down in the aisles of a Walmart, and both in the wheelhouse of the Democrats messaging.

But here’s the downside for the Democrats. In the polling, 31% of Latinos didn’t see the difference between the 2 parties. When the differences were explained to them, support for the Democrats shot up 14%, almost to the level of 10 years ago. And the worst news was that a whopping 61% of Latino’s had not yet been contacted by a representative of either party.

This is political malpractice by the Democrats, and it isn’t the first. In 2020, one of the headwinds Biden sailed into was from African American voters, who told him, you take us for granted for 4 years, and then, 2 weeks before election day you come around begging for our vote, and expecting us to fall in line. And the Democrats have been doing the same goddamned thing with Latinos, looking at them as a bird in the hand. And as a result, they’ve seen their Latino advantage chopped in half the last 120 years.

But there’s still good news for the Democrats. The Latinos are receptive, if the Democrats just talk to them! The Voto Latino polling shows that most Latino voters are politically savvy. Especially in purpling Texas, Latino voters have already figured out that MAGA doesn’t mean Make America Great Again, what it really means is that Mexicans Are Going Away. If Beto is smart, he’ll hold a series of Town Hall events, in Latino constituencies, speaking in Spanish, and laying out his agenda, and highlighting the GOP prejudice towards the latino community.

Personally, I’m kind of sick of this shit. For decades, the Democrats were known as the party of the Blue collar working man. That’s how they created their Blue Wall in states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. And then pissed that away by going for the Liberal wine and cheese crowd, chasing big money donations. And is doing do, left the Rust Belt behind.

And ever since 2016 the Democrats have been trying to chase them back down again. They’ve spent millions in cash and manpower trying to regain those lost Rust Belt voters. The most often heard explanation of former Democratic voters who switched to Trump and the GOP is, I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me. And you’re not going to win them back just vy coming sniveling around, you’re going to have to prove that you’re fighting for them. And that takes time to build trust, and break through the bullshit.

In the words of former MSNBC host Chris Matthews, the Democrats need to Dance with the one who brung ya. Election day is November 8th. For the next 35 days, the Democrats need an all out, full court press of outreach to the African American and latino communities. And starting on November 9th, the Democrats need to start a concerted outreach to the African American and Latino communities to start educating them, and rallying them to their side for 2024. The Trump rust belt voters will come around or they won’t. But the parties right now are basically split 48-48%. you’re not going to peel away votes from the other side, so the secret is to maximize the turnout from the groups that are already loyal to you. And for the Democrats that means a 24/7/365 outreach to the African American and Latino, and AAPI communities. Give them front row seats in the Big Tent.


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  1. Yes, this is the key to saving democracy but is being ignored. No one likes to be taken for granted like this. Some think they will be in the billionaire club some day and ignorantly vote like it. The Rs are making sure their is no more room in that club and the rest of us are in permanent servitude. No healthcare, social security etc is their plan to squeeze out every dime. No path for a middle class is the obvious goal and being engineered by a few greedy, soulless a$$holes. It’s hard to have boot straps when boots are inaccessible.

  2. “The most often heard explanation of former Democratic voters who switched to Trump and the GOP is, I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me.”

    And an accurate translation to that is “The Democrats are helping the (fill in the appropriate racist words for “African-Americans and Hispanics”) at the expense of us white folks.” All you have to do is look at the timeline. It started with white Democrats in the South under Nixon, spread more nationally under Reagan and finally the racist underbelly was laid bare with Trump.

  3. With an open border and millions entering you ain’t seen nothing yet. Prepare for it to be ruff as hell for you from now on. Good luck. But hey, new voters for the democrats.

    • Define “open border”. If you mean the way the vast majority of outsiders get into our country–by plane as “vacationers”–you’re not wrong. Problem is: how do we solve that one?

      Nobody has an answer for the way most illegals get into country preferring to go after asylum seekers who are actually LEGAL entrants to our country. Nobody including YOU red. But hey, why not persecute folks seeking asylum, trying to escape whatever hellish existence they are fleeing from–you know, like perhaps YOUR ancestors were when they came to this country. Even if all folks want is a chance to make it in this world–the other alternative reason YOUR ancestors might have had for coming to the U.S.–why is that door shut based on skin color (and you KNOW that is the reason)?

      The hypocrisy exhibited by americans is breathtaking.

      BTW, your millions entering therefore shit will be bad for americans spiel is just that: shit. Considering how many jobs there are in the country americans WILL NOT DO and actually NEED DOING–who will do them? Ask farmers about this. Ask hoteliers about this. Restaurateurs. Ask any employer only wanting to pay minimum wage (or less) what their solution is and you’ll hear “why aren’t we importing in more employees wanting to do this work”.

      You know something red? When you are so busy pointing out “problems” (that aren’t) and offering zero solutions you become part of the problem. You stir the turd for no other reason than to cause hate and discontent. You know what this country needs even less than people entering the country illegally (who BTW actually WANT TO WORK)? People causing hate and discontent; people only wanting to stir the turd and contributing very little else. People contributing zippo but creating problems, like you, are the reason our country is in the crapper. I actually have a solution: you all love authoritarianism so much why not join putin’s russia? Why destroy our democratic republic when you have exactly what you want one polar bear’s whisker away? Don’t like putie pie? Orban might be appealing to you. Perhaps Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow where at least you’d have very pretty horses.

      Point is, you’re so fucking unhappy here. A change of scenery might be a good thing.

      • Open border is people walking across the United States border boundaries (like they’re doing everyday now). Trump had the border very much under control. Have you been living under a rock?
        You stupid idiot. We’re in the crapper because Biden and his handlers reversing Trumps policies. Vote Republican is all I can say because the Democrats are flushing us down the toilet. It’s not hate. It’s hope for the future. In 10 years it will be fucked living here if things keep going the way the Democrats are taking us now. It wasn’t that way under Trump. If you hate the guy, don’t vote. Just don’t drag us down with your loser in life thinking.

        • only Jesus could walk across the border in Texas. trump didn’t have control of the border. just making stuff up doesn’t make it true.

  4. The dems are treating the latino vote much like they have treated the black vote: like it’s the dems because what other party would they vote for? Bad idea dems. Never take voters for granted PERIOD.

    Dems had better get their heads out of their asses.


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