The last stand for white, male dominance?


Lines you never hear in movies; “Do what you want to the girl, just leave ME alone!”    George Carlin

If the content of the allegation were not so serious, and the personal suffering involved so emotionally wrenching, there would be an almost Three Stooges aspect to what we’re witnessing right now in the Dr Christine Ford allegation.

The Judicial Crisis Network just pushed a $1.5 million ad buy in support of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. That organization name seems just a wee odd to me, since it appears that Kavanaugh himself is the judicial crisis. But things just took a spin into Woody Allen territory, when the major qualification for the spokeswoman of the group supporting Kavanaugh who just appeared on MSNBC is that she once clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas!

The GOP just doesn’t get it. For more than a quarter of a century, the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearing has been the gold standard for how not to conduct a sexual abuse claim of any kind from a woman, and yet the GOP is trying to tout that spectacle as a paragon of professionalism and compassion.

And it gets even worse. Serial pedophile Roy Moore poked his head out from under his bridge today to defend Kavanaugh, and compare his own trails and tribulations to the ones facing Kavanaugh at the moment. Even considering the fact that Kavanaugh was 17 when the alleged incident took place, I don’t think that Roy Moore is the guy you want in your corner when it comes to underage sex abuse allegations. The only thing that could be worse for Kavanaugh would be to agree to be interviewed by Bill O’Reilly at halftime.

And Nevada GOP Senator Dean Heller, who is currently getting his head handed to him by Democrat Jacky Rosen in his reelection bid, just couldn’t contain his Male Chauvinist Pig freak flag from flying any longer either. Heller was caught telling supporters that this whole Dr Ford thing was just a “hiccup.” When you consider the fact that one of Dr Ford’s allegations was that Kavanaugh was “falling down drunk” at the time of the assault, and that for generations, the dominant comedic characteristic of a drunk is that they hiccup all the damn time, Heller may have just let his Freudian slip show.

Nature has an inviolate law, species adapt, or they perish. Dinosaurs became extinct when they became too heavy and stupid to realize that tar was sticky. Oh, and watch out for that meteor. Sharks on the other hand have thrived for millennia by their adaptability. And if you buy into the theory that we evolved from apes, our species took off when opposable thumbs became all the rage. Lead, follow, or get out of the way, it’s your choice.

The GOP appears incapable of adapting to survive. Their emotional and political outlook, of which the latest iteration is Make America Great Again, it to turn back the clock. Back to the halcyon days when blacks washed dishes, Mexicans stayed in hiding when they weren’t picking produce or pruning shrubbery, and women had two acceptable locations, the kitchen, or the bedroom. Ah, life was good back when there was a place for everything, and everything was in its place. And it was white men who determined the places.

That is the La Brea tar pit for the Republican party. America is getting darker, more diverse, and strikingly more feminine. Society is evolving to the new reality that all people really are created equal. Fortunately, there is no fanciful “wayback machine” to return us to the days when those “uppity negroes” knew their place, and a woman knew her place with a sharp backhand reminder.

Please, Dios, let the upcoming pathetic public spectacle of Monday be the last national embarrassment of a white, dominant sausage fest. We have evolved far past those sorry days, whether the Republicans realize it or not. If species must evolve to survive, so must democracy, and it’s time for that evolution to manifest itself.

In one regard though, the outcome is almost predetermined. Whether the GOP chooses to acknowledge it or not, women are the dominant electoral force, and they are watching. If Dr Ford refuses to accept the booby trap conditions that Chuck Grassley has set for her, and declines to testify in his kangaroo court, and the GOP moves forward with the confirmation, women will crucify the GOP at the polls in November. And if she does choose to testify on Monday, the mental troglodytes of the GOP will be unable to stop themselves from pummeling her character and integrity from the panel, and women will crucify them in November. There is no other way that this can play out.

Remove Brett Kavanaugh from the equation for a moment. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed, or he won’t. But the larger picture here is that, one way or the other, we are witnessing the start of the death throes of white, male dominance in politics. The mighty GOPasaur has already put its two front feet into the tar pit. The only way for them to survive would be to use their two back feet to pull themselves out of the muck, by preemptively pulling Kavanaugh’s name from consideration, and admitting that the seriousness of Dr Ford’s allegations were disqualifying to his consideration. But instead, they’re going to step forward with their back feet to get more leverage. You just watch and see.

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