WOLVERINES!!!  Red Dawn, the movie

This Trump fueled GOP infatuation with far right militias has already gone too far, and it’s only going to get worse. Trump, a Hitler wanna be, gravitated to the neo Nazis and bedsheet banditos as a way to build a private army when he found that he couldn’t actually control the real army. The GOP’s tragic miscalculation is that they see these psychopaths as nothing more than political tools, when in fact these groups have their own very well defined agenda, and once turned loose, will be uncontrollable.

Far right militias are nothing new, they’ve been around for decades. In parts of the south, upper mid west, and northwest and Pacific northwest, some of the better organized groups have been local terrorist organizations, wreaking havoc in local towns, with local law enforcement either sympathetic, or afraid to take them on without state of federal support. But they were largely localized, and considered criminal outlaw groups.

But two things have changed in recent years. First, they were almost always localized because a) their extreme views were homogenous, and b) their potentially illegal ant government stances made expanding difficult without risking exposure, so widespread coordination was difficult. But along came a domestic terrorist organization called Facebook, and a whole new world of recruiting and coordination opened up for these groups.

The second thing is this. Despite all of their fundamentalist patriotic claptrap, they are at heart anti democratic neo fascist insurgents, and have never had any official support. But then Il Douche arrived on the scene. And when the Mango Messiah stood on that debate stage and told the Loud Toys to Stand back and stand by, he gave them the same legitimacy that he gave to the outlaw government of North Korea. And the far right loonies didn’t miss the cue. Trump got them, he loved them, and he would use them. And we all saw how that played out on January 6th.

The genie is out of the bottle. Trump may be out of office, but to these puddle heads he is still the legitimate leader, and so anything they do is their patriotic duty to the nation. Right now, there are several far right militia members going on trial for literally plotting to kidnap the duly elected Governor of Michigan, spirit her away, hold a secret sham trial, and execute her. At an anti racism symposium in Idaho recently, during the Q&A session, a man stood up and asked We already live in a corporate and medical dictatorship. It’s tyranny. My question is, when do we get to use the guns? I’m not kidding? How many elections have to be stolen before we start shooting these people? And this wet noodle actually got scattered applause!

These people are dead serious, and they’re not turning back. The world is changing, and not to their benefit. For all of their pseudo fascism, they cloak it in patriotic terms. Bit the tide has already turned against them, and if they’re going to make a stand, it has to be right now, while they have the cloak of respectability that His Lowness has given them.

When you listen to their prattle, it’s insane. The tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with blood. Chris Hayes on MSNBC tonight played a clip of frat pledge child abuser Matt Gaetz, which I had forgotten. In discussing the second amendment at a rally, Gaetz said, Forget about target shooting, forget about hunting, forget about sport shooting! The real reason for the second amendment is a sufficiently armed populace to resist a tyrannical government. I hope it never happens, but there it is!

When I heard that, my mind immediately flashed to the crappy movie Red dawn, with a young Patrick Swayze. In the movie, the USSR actually invades the United States. In response, a bunch of midwest teens, led by Swayze, grab their daddies guns, and head off into the woods to play Rambo. They wreak havoc on the Russian troops holding their town. Spoiler Alert! They all end up dead at the end, but at least they’re martyrs.

This is the claptrap rhetoric they’re using, and they have actual elected GOP representatives giving them air cover for an insurrection against the United States of America. Biden is not the legitimate President, mask and vaccine mandates constitute a tyrannical government overreach. Critical race theory is poisoning children’s minds. And the only solution is an armed rebellion!

Which is a terrifying prospect. Does anybody remember 1865? Whatever their rhetoric or justifications, if these idiots take up arms against the government, the military, whether the national guard, or the actual army, will respond. These idiots run around empty farm fields all weekend, shooting up dead trucks and cars, and cardboard targets with live ammo. The national guard and the actual armed forces have weapons and resources that these cretins can only dream of. If they actually rebelled, the results would be short, brutally tragic, and incredibly one sided.

This is the tinderbox that Traitor Tot and the dystopian GOP are running around, lighting matches. Because these stupid fuckers in the GOP still think that this is just some kind of political game. The militias don’t see it that way, they’re running out of time. And if it ever tragically blows, then every single complicit member of the GOP needs to brought up on federal charges of treason.

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  1. Gaetz and the other ammosexuals should have to write the entire second amendment about a thousand times. The purpose was to have sort-of-trained troops available in case of invasion, because we weren’t going to have a standing army.

    • What the 2nd amendment was actually referring to was the creation of what is today called The National Guard… It didn’t bar personal citizens from owning firearms for hunting or self protection, but it never guaranteed them guided missiles!!!

      • Amen! “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state..” – that’s the part of the Second Amendment the ammosexuals always ignore. If they ever bothered to learn it in the first place.

        Citizens were allowed, even in some places encouraged to have arms back then but the main stores of powder and other materials and especially heavy weapons such as cannon (if a local militia had any) were kept under the control of the local militia commander.

        Still, all of that local militia stuff became moot long ago. As you correctly point out every state, DC and U.S. territories even now have a “well-regulated Militia” we know as The National Guard. And they have training, weapons and experience (in many cases including deployment to war zones for actual combat) the Colonial Militias could only dream of.

        Sure, SOME of these traitorous groups have some serious weapons and that’s a huge concern. But they are SO overmatched they wouldn’t last long if worst came to worst. Because, with what the DOD can put at their disposal the National Guard units (which include the AIR National Guard and therefore aerial combat capability) would eat these assholes for breakfast.

        I fear it may come to that in some places. Yes, many of these assholes are former military and some even were Spec Ops but keep in mind better than any of their wannabe Rambo buddies THEY know all too well what kind of hell can rain down on them if the Guard were tasked with taking their “unit” by force. An awful lot of the wannabe “bad-asses” would suddenly find themselves without those professionals they’d counted on to lead their defense!

        • Um, delliott? About that whole “well-regulated militia” bit, the Supreme Court–with its “original intent” ignoramuses–decided that the Founding Fathers wrote that, but they didn’t really mean it in the DC vs Heller decision back in 2008.

  2. I’m concerned about the infiltration of these goons into the US military system. The ranks will need to be cleared of those morons first.

  3. The real problem isn’t they take on the US military. The real problem is when they show up at a school board meeting with a AR15 & blow away parents & low level administrators. Joe. This problem didn’t just start in 1865, as I’m sure you know, & it didn’t end in1964-1965. Racism is as American as Apple pie. Ask the native American children who’s heads were bashed in by OUR TROOPS at Sand Creek & Wounded Knee. Militias were necessary for Washington to mount any type of army in the revolutionary War, since congress was too cheap to pay for a true standing army. That time is long past. Militias now are a threat if you want to fucking vote. While Americans are glued to their tvs & phones, these aholes are preparing for war. As we’ve seen the entire course of human history, the civilians, most unarmed & untrained to deal with mindless murderers, pay the highest price. 70 million people died in WW2, most unarmed civilians. We’re in serious trouble because our schools have been gutted for decades & no one reads serious history, science or religious scholarship to understand anything except how can I BECOME FAMOUS & RICH. The number one nazi, mass murderer is sitting on his fat ass on a golf cart in Florida while 2.3 million folks are sitting in jail. We have senators supporting nazi salutes & congress members supporting the violent overthrow of our government. Where is the fucking outrage???????????


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