Remember your first report card? There weren’t just grades in Reading or Spelling, there were categories like, “works well with others” and “takes criticism well.” You never saw anything like, “supports insurrection” “broke oath to the constitution” or “sold out democracy” — until now. The Republican Accountability Project, headed by former aide to Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, says that the purpose of the report is to keep GOPers accountable and make sure that they don’t revise history as time goes along and “paint” their actions “in a different light.”

Out of all the Republicans in both chambers, 14 got an “A” and 136 got “F”s. Here’s the Hall of Shame.

Our Capitol was attacked by a mob that believed that the 2020 election was being stolen. They were encouraged by the lies and actions of President Trump and many Republican members of Congress. In the name of accountability, it’s vitally important we remember which Congressional Republicans stood with democracy and the Constitution, and which did not.

RAP’s Democracy Grade is determined by evaluating members of Congress based on four criteria:

  • Did he or she sign on to the amicus brief filed along with Texas’ lawsuit to the Supreme Court that sought to nullify votes cast in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia? More Info

  • Did he or she object to the certification of Electoral College votes from at least one state? More Info

  • Did he or she make public statements that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election? More Info

  • Did he or she vote to hold Trump accountable via impeachment or conviction? More Info

Did your members of Congress support American democracy when it needed it? Use our legislator search tool.

Remember this? This is the right time for this.

Your disciples need remedial learning, Mitch. Somehow they got passed through without learning the basics.


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