I’ve been waiting for this to happen, but only at a certain level or above. After all, a lowlife like Harrison Floyd or even a Georgia state Senator can’t turn the screws on Trump. All they know is Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, maybe Mark Meadows at the most. And that ain’t enough to take you to the promised land. But today we had the first keystone come flying out of the Trump Georgia dam.

Today was Trump DOJ pissant Jeffrey Clark’s moment in the federal court sunshine. Today was his hearing on having his case moved from the Georgia state courts to a Georgia federal court instead. Let’s just say that it didn’t go off swimmingly.

While Clark might not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas light string, he’s also not the kind of brain dead idjit that Traitor Tot prefers. He paid enough attention to what happened to Mark Meadows when he not only showed up in federal court, but took the stand and perjured himself.

This time around, Clark pulled a typical Trump d*ck move, and just blew off the hearing, leaving his lawyer to handle the dirty work. Smooth move Ex-Lax. This royally pissed off the judge, who angrily demanded to know whether Clark had voluntarily waived his right to appear before the court. The lawyer honestly didn’t know, so it ended up where Clark didn’t officially waive his right to appear, he just didn’t show up.

Handy Hint. If you’re looking for a favor, don’t piss off the one who holds the goodie bag. Fulton County came prepared, they had a witness testify who was the #2 in the civil and environmental division where Clark worked. He told the court that there was no way Clark would have been involved in anything to do with election fraud. That belonged to the criminal or public corruption branches. He related that he had ordered Clark to stop having direct communications with Trump, since he wasn’t in the contact tree. Clark ignored him.

Clark’s lawyer made the argument for him to have his case moved to federal court under the guise that he was a federal officer executing his duties in everything he did. When he finished speaking, he tried to hand the judge a sheaf of papers with Clark’s written testimony, which the judge angrily refused to even accept. He did accept an Amicus brief from former GOP AG Edwin Meese, which he appeared to give short shrift.

But here’s the McGuffin. In his oral argument Clark’s lawyer made a razor thin distinction between Meadows and Clark, but it was a critical distinction. He said that in his testimony, Meadows testified that he was performing his duties as a federal officer. But when making Clark’s case, his lawyer said that everything Clark did, he did on direct orders of Trump.

BANG! For the first time, a Trump co-conspirator has come right out in open court and said that he Vas chust followink orders! In his argument, Clark’s lawyer strongly affirmed that it was Trump who authorized Clark to write the letter, and to pressure the then acting AG and Deputy AG to sign it and send it out.

Look, Jeff Clark is a wussy. He cut a pathetic figure when he was standing there in his own driveway in pajamas and house slippers while the FBI raided his house. And he’s also smart enough to know that every word he said in that letter to be sent to Georgia was pure bullsh*t, which makes him guilty of lying on an official government document, which is what he’s charged with in Georgia.

Coming from Chicago, I can smell a flipping rat a mile off. Clark’s lawyer already knows he isn’t getting his case moved to federal court, he had the same judge today that blew Mark Meadows out of the water. His statement today reads to me like a clear invitation for the Fulton County DA to start a discreet conversation. Clark has better plans for the next 10 years of his life than letting his bald, pasty ass spend it in an 8X10 cell with Big Red.

From where I’m sitting, it’s actually Jeffrey Clark who’s the smart one, not Mark Meadows. Mark Meadows just filed his paperwork with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals today under an expedited approach. The argument schedule I saw showed about a three week window before court deliberations. Clark already knows he’s dead in the water. He’ll file an appeal, but his lawyers words were an open invitation to Fulton County DA Fani Willis to cut a deal. If Clark gets his deal, then Meadows is going to be late to the party. And in so doing, Meadows will have played his hand about as pathetically as anyone I’ve ever seen. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. In the game Jango, an edifice is constructed, and each player tries to pull out a wooden block without toppling the entire thing. Pull out the wrong one,(in this case the right one), and it crashes into a heap. I thought I heard a racket down in the burgerboy bungalow. I still have hope. Even the mightiest of edifices can crumble to the ground, as we collectively learned Sept 11th. Maybe, just maybe, there aren’t enough hateful morons and their talking heads to stop the majority of rational citizens from enforcing OUR WILL to promote democracy and to stop corporate greed from killing us all. Our children, grandchildren, and the future residents of this Earth cry out for us to do our duty and VOTE THE CULT OUT OF POWER! We need to re-elect Biden/Harris, take the House and Senate, and reform the Supreme Court. That would be a good start to a better tomorrow, and make the last 8 years of evil run amok seem like a bad dream.

  2. Putin Republicans & their enablers will end up on the ash heap of history, Patriotic Americans in both parties who believe in the values of liberal democracy will make sure of it.

  3. Jeffrey Clark KNOWS he would be on the receiving end of a thrice-nightly butt f*cking with four on Sundays. He will squeal loudly and soonest to do everything possible to avoid said butt-f*ckings. If he’s saying he’s just following orders then he is also admitting he did the deeds he’s accused of. I expect this won’t be the only thing coming from Clark.


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