Dr. Jack Brown, Body Language & Emotional Intelligence Expert, did a quick reading of Michelle Bach… er…Amy Coney Barrett and the replies are LIT.

Great insights, but on to the good stuff…

(Pretty bad when Crazy Ted is the most normal looking of the four)






Here’s hoping Amy sees Dr. Jack’s thread. She’s earned every bit of it…

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  1. Yes, we know the vagina that replaced Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a soulless P.O.S. We hardly need some half-baked facial expression “science” (and it isn’t reputable science BTW) to tell us this. We can, and have, looked into her past and it tells us just how ignorant and evil (those ARE two different things) she truly is.

    So, what do we do when evil and ignorance is now the majority on the s.c.? What do we do when the majority on the highest court in our country is comprised of political hacks? We certainly cannot leave things as is–these people will destroy our nation. They are salivating over the chance to do this.

      • Which is a frightening belief for a supreme court justice to espouse before and after attaining that position. As a non-xtian I can tell you the six theocrats on the s.c. are alarming just by being on that bench. Thankfully I have no problem leaving this country should the nation not fix this extremely dangerous problem. Not everyone can do this however and it’s those folks who really need to make sure they get out and vote in the midterms. I wonder how many will?


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