There is a back story behind this. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that much out. Elise Stefanik wrote a pro-Trump editorial in the Wall Street Journal today. That makes sense. Stefanik sold her soul to the Mango Monarch long ago. “Trump Delivered On His Promises,” the headline blares. The subtitle credits Trump with “one of the strongest records of policy accomplishments of any first-term president.”

Okay, Elise. Our appetite is whetted. We are salivating for more. Detail, please, detail! The MAGAs want you to preach it and so do we!

Would you believe with that level of ballyhoo that the result is crickets? I kid you not. Here are the four short paragraphs which Stefanik banged out, which are terrific introductory paragraphs. Now, if only there was some meat, some actual facts buttressed by analysis, she would have an essay here. All she’s got is a whiff of pro-Trump propaganda. Wall Street Journal:

Though the media wishes otherwise, Donald J. Trump has one of the strongest records of policy accomplishments of any first-term president. I disagree with Gerard Baker’s column “DeSantis vs. Trump Pits Accomplishments Against Narrative” (Free Expression, March 7), which echoes the media refrain that President Trump’s campaign is about only narratives and grievances, and not deep on policy or accomplishments.

One of the many reasons that voters in my district and across the country voted for Mr. Trump is because of his agenda-setting policy vision and his ability to deliver: Promises made, promises kept. Too many politicians over the years have spoken a big game on the campaign trail only to backtrack when they arrive in Washington. With Mr. Trump, it was the opposite.

I was humbled to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, highlighting House Republicans’ legislative and oversight agenda as the only backstop to single-party Democrat rule. At CPAC, Mr. Trump’s speech was heavy on policy and tough talk. Like he did in 2016, Mr. Trump is setting the policy agenda and pace of the Republican primary, and the other candidates or would-be candidates are either playing catch up or running on “not being Trump,” while touting his policies—a single-digit strategy. Mr. Trump is handily defeating all his GOP challengers by double digits in the polls.

Buckle up! Journalists and the groupthink chattering class clearly didn’t learn the lesson from 2016 of their vast disconnect and dismissal of the everyday American people.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.)

Saratoga, N.Y.

Shakes of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her rebuttal to Joe Biden’s State Of The Union address. Sanders spoke of the meaningful Christmas in Afghanistan with Trump and Melania and how she loved speaking with the soldiers, at a moment when all the world was waiting to hear the GOP agenda for 2024 and how it differed from what Biden just said.

We got nothing. Bupkis. Same here with Stefanik.

This is all rhetoric. Stefanik glows about Trump’s “policies” and doesn’t name a single one. Promises made, promises kept? Really? Where’s the wall? And where’s the check from Mexico to pay for it?

I said there was a back story. This is what I think it is. If you link to this piece on The Hill right now, you will read the headline, “In Surprise, Trump Goes After DeSantis On Policy.” This is the new pivot. Trump’s going to attack DeSantis on policy, which will be amusing, because neither one of them has any.

But expect a smattering and a chattering about Social Security, Medicare, ethanol, and of course, Ukraine. I can’t wait to see them clash on that last one. “It is a flip-flop. He was totally different. Whatever I want, he wants,” Trump told CBS News from Trump Force One Tuesday, referencing DeSantis’ newest spin on Ukraine not being a priority.

This is what’s becoming clear: Trump has decided to change stride. Now he’s doing policy. And he’s going to outdo DeSantis at it. So he needed Stefanik to make him look good and since she’s not about to go out and make things up out of whole cloth, she just gushed praise for a few paragraphs.

Stefanik most likely doesn’t want to trash DeSantis altogether because she sees the end of the Trump road in sight as well as anybody else.

Stefanik’s position is not enviable, but it’s certainly not sympathetic. She put herself there. Look for more of this as the months go by. And don’t forget: DeSantis has to resign as Florida governor when/if he wants to run for president and that might be slashing his wrists.

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  1. The great and prestigious Wall Street Journal…a propaganda rag with political hacks for writers. Throw them in the bin with Harvard law school, a place that creates fascists and piles of hypocrites like gooman Cruz. Ah…institutions. Mausoleums of madness.

    • Right. Harvard Law School–from which the likes of “fascists and piles of hypocrites” like Barack and Michelle Obama and Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson and Jennifer Grenholm and Wendy Davis and Ralph Nader graduated.

      Careful with those grenades Scott.

  2. My point being Joe that the institution is revered by the general public. Undeserving in my opinion. Nothing is all black and white. Never was. Never will be apparently. Clearly going to Harvard guarantees nothing concerning a person’s character. Barack would have been who he is at a community college. Elitism stinks no matter how you dress it up.

  3. They cannot list his policies, and they cannot define “woke”, not so much because they don’t understand them as because they can’t figure out words with which tp describe them and are yet acceptable.

    Thump’s ploicies are fascism, racism, and misogyny.

    “Woke” means alert, informed, and compassionate.

    They”re just bright enough to realize, on some level, that that would alienate decent people.

  4. I am sorry Ursula. She didn’t know what Trumps policies were because he didn’t have any. Trumps policies were whatever someone stopped by and said they needed. He would call Mitch and tell him make it happen. That’s what you got with Trump. I’m glad that he’s gone.


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