No, I’m keeping my word, at least for today. This article is not about Tucker Carlson. It’s about something much larger than that. Please indulge me.

You know, when big news breaks about any omnipresent personality, whether a political figure like Donald Trump, or a racist demagogue like Tucker Carlson, it’s all too easy to let ourselves get sucked into the personality vortex of the character, and in so doing lost track of the actual, on the ground importance of the event.

And I fell into that trap. All day long, as I’ve been typing, I’ve felt that there was something more to the sudden dismissal of Carlson, something more existential for the country and the world than just one more loudmouth racist getting the boot. And NBC News media reporter Ben Collins has my undying appreciation for making the point that got me back on track to the larger picture.

Right now the major source of salacious speculation in the national media is why did Tucker get the Denver boot. Was it because he got caught in those tranches of Dominion documents trashing FUX News management every chance he got? To me that’s unlikely, since FUX already had those documents. Was it because of the lawsuit filed by his former producer, alleging a hostile work environment, something FUX has historically struggled with. I don’t know, nor do I care. He’s gone, and that’s what is important.

Likewise, the other rampant speculation in the media is about where Tucker goes from here? And again, I neither know, nor care. Because Tucker Carlson is off the air at FUX News. And wherever he does or doesn’t go, it. won’t. be. FUX. News., the behemoth of far right conservatism in America .And anything else is puny spuds. As a corollary, that’s like a network star getting the boot from BBC.

Here’s why this is so goddamned important. FUX News is omnipresent. Let me give you an example. Teri and I lived in the same apartment in Vegas for 14 years. And every time I walked into the office to pay the rent, or to ask for an air filter, or to put in a work order or ask a question, FUX News was on the widescreen tv in the lobby on the wall. That’s what the manager watched.

Question. How many times have you gone into your doctors waiting room, or your mothers doctors waiting room, or a hospital emergency room lobby, and been greeted with FUX News on the wall. Or any other office that had a television set on the wall?

And here’s the gold ring. FUX News is, for whatever reason, almost the default network channel for the United States military. That’s not me, that’s fact. repeated reporting, both print as well as television shows that for whatever reason, FUX News is the darling of the US military as a default channel in public areas.

And for Carlson, that’s. All. Gone. Now. Never again will his ugly p[ug be seen in hundreds of hospital emergency room waiting rooms. And more importantly, never again will our soldiers sitting in the common room on a base, or in the canteen, or working out in the weight room be subjected to the toxic filth that Carlson spewed out on a nightly basis.

And that’s why I put in the title that A cancer has been excised. Because no matter where Tucker Carlson goes from here, or what he does, he will never again have the incredible reach that he had on FUX News to poison so many minds. And I can live with that.

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  1. Just peeked in on the Fox site…… mention of Carlson getting the ax……Don Lemon is mentioned however.

    I guess they think if they don’t mention it, no one will ever notice.

  2. Fox will find another cancer, its what they do. Bill orally thought he was not invulnerable. He got replaced. The tucker is gone but we will see his replacement because the audience demands it. They want their daily hate show.

    I have watch The Daily Show on Comedy Central, that is where I prefer to get my news. Craig Kilborn was okay back in the day, but Jon Stewart replaced him and the show became must watch. until… Jon Stewart left and this new guy came in Trevor Noah. It took some getting used to but eventually he found his routine and I got into it. Then Trevor left, interestingly enough I have really enjoyed the weekly guest hosts for The Daily Show, Leslie Jones, Al Franken, Wanda Sykes, Sara Silverman, Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj. The Daily Show knows its niche, left liberal people who like to make fun of trump and his maga supporters. They don’t try to bring in some maga guest host to balance things out. Fox will do the same with the 9pm eastern slot, there are lots of folks out there looking for their daily dose of hate. Me I like my hate with a daily dose of mocking trump people.

    • It’s not that they banned Fox, it’s that it didn’t rate. No-one watched it. People outside the USA in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand are better educated and not interested, it rated about the 1 to 2% mark and just wasn’t worth it. No-one banned it.

  3. Between this, the firing of Don Lemon from CNN and the firing of studio head Ken Shell from MSNBC, I see another pattern in play. Anyone remember what I said about the news industry desperately trying to stave off layoffs like they had in the early 2010s? Well, this may be a sign that such layoffs are coming at last.

    • And for not staying on message and wasted $ on faux news “talent “ chasing viewers that didn’t want to be caught and pissing of their major bases or some groups?? MSNBC had morning joe. SMH. Before dolt 45 ran or just started joe would regal audience in how happy Central Americans were when family visited. No cares, not like Americans. . Then he and Mika would juice the story of (white) men and fellow Americans… and how dems just didn’t get their anxiety??!! Then read how Kos at dkos was banned from whole channel; and how Keith Olbermann is now spilling the beans little by little. KO is hated by some or brushed away by others… but fairly “en fuego “ at times and mostly right.

  4. I read about a guy, on Facebook, who claims that his life was saved by Fox News.

    He was in a bad accident and had been in a coma for over seven weeks, A visitor came into his room and put Fox News on the TV.

    He had to awaken out of his coma and get up to change the channel.

  5. My thoughts exactly–I’m sure he’s still swimming in riches, but his voice has been throttled, which is what matters most for our democracy, and it was done in a humiliating way, which is icing on my schadenfreude cake.

  6. As far as places that have Faux Noise on that is what the TV B Gone was invented for. The MAGAt cult and the republiQanon party are a cancer that needs to be cut bout.


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