JFK famously said to Jackie when they deplaned from Air Force One the day of his assassination, “We’re in nut country, now.” Nothing has changed in Dallas since then, apparently, because the For God and Country Patriot Roundup, which is what they’re calling this year’s QAnon convention, is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. All the right-wing stars will be there, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, you get the picture. Louie Gohmert will also speak along with Allen West, the chair of the Texas GOP.

West uses the line, “We are the storm,” claiming that it’s from his favorite poem and either he’s oblivious to the fact that it’s the QAnon tag line, or that’s the point of him using it. Which, considering that the For God & Country Patriot Roundup is partly organized by The Patriot Voice, a.k.a. John Sabal better known as his alias “QAnon John,” and his wife, Amy, it’s probably deliberate. Mitch McConnell may openly decry “loony” conspiracy theories, but his views are not shared by Republicans in Texas, evidently. Newsweek:

West was previously linked to QAnon after the Texas GOP used phrase “we are the storm” in a tweet urging people to follow the party on “free speech” social media app Gab, popular among conservatives.

The wording is similar to phrases used by QAnon followers, with “the storm” referring to the moment that Trump would arrest and execute high-profile satanic pedophiles.

The Texas GOP had been using the “We are the storm” line since August and said it originates from a line from West’s favorite poem. The party was criticized for continuing to use it following the January 6 insurrection, which QAnon supporters were a part of.

In a previous statement to Newsweek, the Texas GOP said: “Chairman West does not need to condemn a movement he was never a part of.”

Neither West nor Gohmert responded to requests for comments about their scheduled appearance at the For God & Country Patriot Roundup event.

Elsewhere, a Change.org petition has been set up urging the City of Dallas to cancel the event organized by supporters of a movement the FBI lists as a domestic terrorist threat, which has attracted more than 2,600 signatures as of Tuesday morning.

Well, let’s take stock of the situation, shall we? We’ve got two prominent Republican leaders in Texas speaking at a convention headlined by the craziest people in Trump world, the proselytizers of the Big Lie. The head of the Texas GOP openly uses the same phraseology as QAnon, evidently unconcerned that the FBI lists them as a domestic terrorist organization. So, it’s fairly evident that embracing conspiracy theory and honoring those who spread same, is the watchword of the day for the GOP down in Texas.

There are not only two Americas now, but there are at least two GOPs, the right-wing nut job conspiracy theorists, and the old guard Republican establishment. And then there’s the Never Trumpers who jumped ship a while back and they watch all this in horror, with the rest of us, and fantasize some phoenix GOP rising from the ashes. Maybe McConnell does, too. Good luck, Mitch. You let it get too far and now you’re stuck with it. This is a real mess.

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  1. Traitors of the highest positions of power that are attempting to overthrow our constitution & install an authoritarian government run by the 1% deserves no less response than the fascists in Europe & japan. I vote for a long jail sentence for each, although a cigarette & blindfold just as good.

    • I’m with you Scott. The heroic generation of Americans and allies who went to war to destroy Fascism deserve way better than this party of traitors. Every veteran’s family should be yelling their outrage from the rooftops.

  2. There is only the GQP (Guilty Q-Nut Party).
    Q-Nuts Q-NUTS
    Batshit crazy Q-NUTS
    Q-Nuts Q-NUTS
    So Delusional!
    Q-Nuts Q-NUTS
    Batshit crazy Q-NUTS
    Q-Nuts Q-NUTS
    Lock them ALL up NOW!


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