I guess it will be no surprise to anyone that Kari Lake has come out in support of the Orangeutan’s plan to shitcan the United States Constitution, as she has backed every harebrained utterance from the idiot since she more or less took up residence at his Roach Motel after losing like a loser.

After all if that porcine POS can reverse 250 years of American History to put his own fat ass back into the Presidency, the lesser matter of overturning a Gubernatorial election should be small potatoes…

Raw Story

“Failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake believes that former President Donald Trump was right to call for the “termination” of the sections of the Constitution that prevent him from being reinstated as president.

In an appearance on the right-wing Salem News flagged by the Republican Accountability Project, Lake argued that Trump’s desire to shred America’s founding document was justified given the fraud that supposedly deprived him of a second term in the White House.

“I agree with him on that,” Lake said. “Can you imagine our Founding Fathers, what they went through to help bring about this great nation, seeing what happened in 2020, and really seeing what’s happening now in 2022, just saying, ‘OK, well, I guess it didn’t go our way, I guess they cheated, we know they rigged the elections, and they put in a bumbling fool who doesn’t even have the mental capacity to run this country, OK, just get over it?'”

First of all, Kari, the only thing that the founding fathers would think to do if they had had the misfortune to witness one of drumpf’s campaign speeches would be to maneuver him into a set of stocks and liberally apply a horsewhip to his ballooning backside. And as for you, Miss Missy, if they were to hear you blithely endorsing his plan to undo all their hard work, I doubt, lady or not, you would fare much better.

Just listen to her utter horseshit:

Twitter, of course, had thoughts:

I hope they let it take out Mar-A-Lardo first.


Another mental case.

🤞 🤞 🤞



In no way is it not.




🙌 🙌 🙌

I do wish the idiots who send these traitors money would stop.

Because that is the only thing that will get them to shut the hell up.

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  1. Give that stupid bitch a blindfold & cigarette. Washington would have you standing up in front of a firing squad. He detested traitors, deserters & cowards. You would be on his short list.

  2. Gee, yet another dumb ‘pube twat mouthing off about that which she knows absolutely nothing. Go figure.

    And Dino, I seriously doubt the ones sending money to dumb c_nts like this one will stop-it distracts the base. Distracts them from the real problems in politics: dark money and our national oligarchs. The spigot won’t stop flowing to dummies like this broad until we deal with A) dark money and B) the oligarchs. Our democracy/republic is in great danger because these same oligarchs purchased a bunch of political hacks sitting on the highest judicial bench in the land. They have proceeded to purchase gerry-mandered districts to seat pols who will give them MASSIVE tax breaks–to the extent that they basically no longer pay taxes let alone their fair share of them.

    Our country is in need of a revolution but not one to terminate portions of the constitution. We’re in need of a revolution to get rid of the oligarchs ruling over us. We are fucked unless we do this.

    • I understand your frustration, but using vulgar names for female anatomy to express your dislike of certain individuals is not a good look, and is frankly an insult to those who possess those body parts.


  3. Maybe Kari might want to take a step back from discussing the Founding Fathers since not a single one of them would’ve paid the least bit of attention she had to say on such important matters as “government” because, after all, she’s “just a woman” and I don’t seem to recall any women taking part in the independence debates in Philadelphia (much less signing on to the document) nor do I recall any women participating in the Constitutional Convention.

    Also, the handful of states that did actually allow women the right to vote at the time the Constitution went into effect had ALL revoked said right by 1820 (and it would take a century before women all over the country received/regained that right).

  4. Dear Kari:
    In Washington’s day you,,a,woman,had few rights. Property you owned belonged to.your husband. Until the 70s you couldn’t start a business, get a loan,get a credit card in your own name without hubby co-signing,or vote, let alone run for office. I doubt you could pass the citizenship test,let alone the college courses,in American history I took in 67-68.


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