Don Jr. must have broken out the good dank for his interview with Santa Monica Goebbels… er… Stephen Miller on his “Triggered” podcast for, despite 91 felony indictments, children thrown into cages, Muslim bans, assaults on peaceful protesters and a ransacked Capitol, Smeagol has concluded that the weakness of the MAGA movement is… gosh darn it… they are just “too obsessed with playing by the rules.”

Yeah, I know I wouldn’t believe he actually said that unless I’d seen it myself:



You can say that again.



I nearly swallowed my tongue.


Well, he writes all of the Gropinfuhrer’s favorite lines.


Talk about a big lie. This has to be the biggest.

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  1. I wonder if this child murderer worries someone will get radicalized enough to go nazi hunting? Be very careful phuckhead. I use movie scenes as lessons. When Butch Cassidy was challenged to a knife fight with a giant of a man, holding basically a foot long knife…Butch walks up and says, before we fight we need to go over the rules. The guy screams RULES! THERE ARE NO RULES IN A KNIFE FIGHT! Butch kicks him in the balls, says since there are no rules, someone count 123go…which Sundance does. Butch knocks him out. Are you sure asswipe? That means someone could stalk you and decide your time here will be limited. You may want to reconsider since there are 400 million guns on the street, thanks to your buddies. You know the resistance movement in Europe would have LOVED to have had AR-15s laying around everywhere. Remember what your IDIOT idol said: YOU COME FOR ME AND I WILL COME FOR YOU! Food for thought.

  2. Ah the MAGA rule book
    1: Grovel in front of Don John
    2: Insult
    3: Lie
    4: Threaten
    5: Always talk over everyone else
    6: Worship Don John
    7: Blame the Democrats if anything goes wrong, especially if you did it yourself
    8: Claim credit for anything the Democrats did
    9: Ignore legality
    10: Never pay anyone for anything unless you absolutely can’t avoid it (but see Rule 13)
    12: Never EVER admit you may just possibly be wrong
    13: Keep sending Don John money

  3. oy? Oy vei!

    The two of the together on one screen…true reason for brain bleach shortage.

    Widdle Stevie Miller…I often wonder what rock you’re under today…pure evil.

    Like Scott says, he’ll be the first to start wimpering when we catch up to him.


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