I swear, you dress them up nice, you give them breakfast, you comb their hair, you send them off to school, and what to the little buggers do? They eat the covers off of the books. I don’t even want to think about Kevin McCarthy’s parental upbringing when he was a kid.

MSNBC and pretty much everybody else with a microphone and a camera is reporting that GOP House Squeaker Cavein McCarthy did FUX News scumbag Fucker Carlson a solid. He gave him exclusive access to more than 41,000 hours of US Capitol security camera footage shot on January 6th. It is also reported that the GOP Rugrats, the Freedom Caucus was so desperate for this that they made it a non negotiable demand to anoint him Speaker.

It is also reported that the DOJ, the FBI, and the Capitol police are absolutely furious about this for obvious security concerns. In the coverage of the Capitol riot, not all footage of every security camera wa1s made available to the media. There are hidden cameras that are not publicly disclosed, and some of the angles of other security cameras showed security information such as congressional and Vice Presidential escape routes, as well as the locations of some authorized hiding places. But that craven coward McCarthy has just given Fucker Carlson carte blanche over all of it, so he can produce another mockumentary. 

I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t opine on whether or not the DOJ can go to court to block this disclosure under national security concerns, but I do know this. Those cameras and videos are not McCarthy’s personal property, nor the GOP’s. They belong to the United States government, and you know who paid to put them there? That’s right. You and me, We the People. and while we may not have collective rights of refusal, we are the ultimate equalizers.

Because you know what? Not only do those cameras and videos belong to all of us taxpaying slobs, Kevin McCarthy is not fucking Elon Musk. he doesn’t get to pick and choose whom he dispenses golden nuggets out to. Kevin McCarthy is a federal employee, and just like with the security cameras and videos, we pay  the little dipshits salary, as well as for his fancy office digs. He represents all of us, not just Machine Gun Marjie, Sugar Daddy Gaetz, Rupert Murdoch and Fucker Carlson. Play one, play all.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. In my estimation, sometime in the next 7-14 days, look or two things to happen. First, look for the DOJ to go to court to try to prevent Carlson from obtaining access to any video footage that had not already been publicly shared under national security concerns. How that will fare I don’t honestly know, but if nothing else, at least it will delay Carlson from getting his traitorous little fingers on them.

Here’s the second shoe. Also within 14 days, look for CNN, ABC, NBC,and CBS to send a high priced swarm of legal piranhas in Cardin suits to file an emergency Freedom Of Information Act. And while I don’t know how the national security case will work out, I don’t see how this one can lose.

Because in his moronic stupidity, McCarthy basically just neutered the courts. Usually, when a news organization or organizations go before the court with a FOIA request, the normal judicial tactic, at least to delay and obfuscate is to deny the request on national security or secrecy reasons. But how does a federal district court judge rule against a whole passel of legitimate news organizations, when the United States Speaker of the House has just given the most illegitimate news organization on earth exclusive access to the same shit?

And even better, the news organizations can pretty much trump any card the judge plays with the old Doctrine of Fair Play. After all, news organizations are all created equally, although some of them are light years more reliable and ethical than certain others. The government works for us. And if they have information of any kind that is newsworthy, and will not damage national interests, then the government employee or agency can’t autocratically decide which news outlet to beak feed like a baby bird.

I cannot imagine that both of these lawsuits aren’t coming down the pike most riki-tik. And there are only two possible outcomes I can see. Either the court locks everything up under national security concerns, thereby slicing Carlson off at the knees, or they rule that everybody can have unfettered access. And either way it goes, McCarthy, the Freedom Caucus, Fucker Carlson, and Rupert Murdoch are all boned. Sideways.

Here’s why. Even if Carlson gets access, his research team is going to have to go through every long, tortuous hour, looking specifically for cherry picked snippets that they can piece together to try to make it look like a bunch of seditious bastards were just peaceful, fun loving patriots. Which is going to take forever.

But the legitimate news organizations are under no such restrictions. Because their research staffs are going to be combing through the video looking for new, revelatory footage as to exactly what went down. And they will almost certainly find it and take it to air long before FUX news can string together a 30 second teaser for Carlson’s mockumentary.

Stupid is as stupid does. The entire GOP House spent the last two years desperately trying to massage the Capitol riot into a totally manufactured non event. Which, thanks to the J6 committees brilliant hearings, didn’t work out so well. And now that they have the House, they want to use sham hearings for the next two years to whitewash their perfidy. Fine, knockez vous your socks off. But what’s the first thing the dumb shits do? They play a cheap parlor trick that potentially opens up thousands of hours of new, graphic video that shows just how brutal and horrible that day was. And just in time for 2024, especially if Trump survives and runs again. Stand up and take a bow, fools! 

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  1. The problem is, if reporting I saw earlier is correct Carlson’s staffers started getting access LAST WEEK! And you can bet that just as Trump had National Security documents downloaded onto flash drives (is there anyone who doesn’t believe there are plenty more than the one we just learned about?) multiple copies have been made of every bit of that security footage. Even if sane powers-that-be get an emergency injunction Pandora’s Box has already been opened. Why do I say that? Because as you and I and others have said, Jan. 6 failed but there are those out there ready and willing to try again. And THAT was the real purpose behind the KKKazies negotiating the access for Carlson. Sure, they want him to make some bullshit documentary, but that’s just a cover. They want to get that intel into the hands of someone like Erik Prince so that a far more dangerous (as in effective) attack can be planned and executed.

    As for McCarthy, we know he’s not long for the Speakership. He really didn’t think this through because one the KKRazies engineer his ouster he’ll be a pariah. Chants of “Hand Mike Pence” will be replaced by chants of “Hang Kevin McCarthy” and McCarthy has given away valuable information on how the next group of rioters will be able to get their hand on him!

  2. Honestly, I see this as good news. The GOP is slowly beginning to panic because they know they have bitten off more than they can chew and they see what is coming in 2024 and beyond. When you panic, you start to make mistakes. Right now Rupert Murdoch and Fox are fighting for their financial lives against Dominion voting systems in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit. Murdoch is trying to portray Fox as fair and balanced as a defense that they are not in the GOP’s pocket and that they don’t get preferential treatment from the GOP. And now, Tucker Carlson suddenly receives exclusive access to 40 thousand hours of security camera footage from January 6th? I wonder how this will play in the Dominion lawsuit. Not too good I’m guessing. Nice work McCarthy. Keep it up, dummies.

  3. Too bad Tucker doesn’t have to view all the videos himself. At 8 hours a day, we’d be done with him for 14 years or more.

    But, I figure what they are looking for is some of the guards at the capital waiving the “tourists” in so they can further convince the MAGA cult that it wasn’t an attack.


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