Andrew Tate is a former Kickboxer and current color commentator on the sport who is also a massive misogynist and was kicked off the British version of Big Brother after six shows when video surfaced of him whipping a woman with a belt during “consensual” sex.

He likes to hang with right wing duds like Jack “Pizzagate” Posobiec and Alex Jones protege Paul Joseph Watson and has been permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram for hate speech and Covid misinformation, but was presumably re-granted access to his Twitter account by Elon Musk during his general amnesty for right-wing douchebags.

Tate probably regrets getting his Twitter back after yesterday’s unfortunate exchange with Climate Change youth activist Greta Thunberg who annihilated him with her own version of a roundhouse kick to the face:

Dayum, son, you had better seek some medical attention for that. If an opponent had done that to you in the ring you would have been counted out by now.

Greta’s fans were elated and amused at her response… to say the least:


Just under the wire…


Owned and put in a yard sale…


Neutral but lethal.

We have a clear winner.



Bad ass.





I doubt Tate will be testing Greta again anytime soon.

Elon, between you Trillion dollar losses and rehabilitating this giant dick you must be really proud of yourself.

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  1. Andrew Tate is emblematic of all that is wrong with this world. Testosterone-heavy men of limited intelligence who want way more than their fair share.

    • He suffers from testosterone poisoning which,,according to.Alan Alda,d causrs,,an obsession with pie charts,and geometric shapes, a,weird fascination anything that goes boom, and a phobia of women smarter than him.(which is most of us).

  2. The dud has 33 cars.

    I wonder how many are real and how many are Hot Wheels and Matchbox?

    If all 33 are real, I think some tax authority should be doing some inquiries into how much tax he’s paid while “collecting” those 33.

  3. Bragging about your fleet of carbon-spewing cars to arguably the Susan B Anthony of the climate change movement is peak midlife crisis energy. Then again, so is being a sidekick to right-wing scumbags.

  4. This “celebrity” tough guy decided to show his ass on Twitter – and promptly got it handed to him (after being whipped!) by his teenaged “target!” All those roids he took probably shriveled up his balls years ago but still it has to hurt getting them whacked, and having his bright red (from a single whack) exposed on Elon Musk’s hate site for all the world to see. (Sometimes it’s good to ignore the rule about not getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed person – ratioing an asshole is a beautiful thing to behold)

    • Not it matters (see the crashing price of Tesla stock) but I expect it any day now. Just gives her a reason to make the move to Mastodon, Post News, Spoutible or any of the other Twitter successors.

  5. I find it hypocritical that everytime some asshole shows the world what a lack of character he has, the response is body shaming men. Ironically it’s male insecurity that fuels the shallow idea that material wealth& power is an indication of male virility. I wonder what the outcry would be if the response to Marjorie Taylor Green would be if it were: your tits are too small, you’re too fat, your vagina is as dry as the desert, your opening is large enough to serve as an airplane hanger. I can hear the screaming from here. Our culture is full of people screaming about body shaming, racism, sexism, etc. Somehow body shaming men is not only accepted, it’s glorified. Please tell me how is the appearance of a flaccid penis,(which is nothing like one ready to go), and is something a man is born with and cannot change, is any indication of a man’s virility, love making skill, character, etc.? It’s also ironic that women want men to be more secure, more loving and giving, yet continue to drive a trope that only brings them more damaged men. Think of a boy having to deal with this toxicity all his life. What are the odds he’s going to compensate in unhealthy ways? Shaming men only produces more assholes. Grow the fuck up people.


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