I guess one way to raise money for legal fees when you’ve got a $1.3 Billion lawsuit filed against you is to masquerade as a Good Amurican, out to save the rule of law. In all events, that is what Sidney Powell is up to these days, along with the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, and Joseph Flynn, brother to Michael. What an unholy trio.

I don’t know where the “80 Million” figure comes from. It was 74.2 the last time I looked it up. So votes are like compound interest now, they grow in the dark?

I wonder if this PAC is going to be located near a crematorium or a dildo shop? I mean, we have to have consistency of theme here, you know, like in any great work of art. Resonance, texture, all that stuff.

2021 is off to a roaring start.


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      • Yea,yea,yea. We get it. Anyone’s opinion you don’t like is a traitor and seditious. Why don’t you look up the words you use in a dictionary. Not everyone is as ignorant as you.

        • No, only people who attempt an insurrection based on a fiction currently being repudiated by right-wing propaganda and prominent Republicans. Too bad you believed them when they were promoting something they knew was false. So no, not a matter of a difference of opinion.

          • You can’t make a communist follower believe a thing.
            Only a communist would torture a child. Only a communist will kill babies and make it okay to kill babies when they. People didn’t believe Hitler was out to harm the non supporters and his supporters. Millions were killed. History repeating itself in American soil. It was predicted.

          • Some were, but most were simply misunderstanding what they saw. Like the one claiming a poll worker threw away a ballot, but actually the poll worker threw away an extraneous piece of paper the voter had included in his ballot envelope. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia elections official, spent significant time explaining a number of these misconceptions.

            The same people who cynically told you the election was stolen are have been recanting for weeks and will continue recanting.

          • Some were, but most were simply misunderstanding what they saw. Like the one claiming a poll worker threw away a ballot, but actually the poll worker threw away an extraneous piece of paper the voter had included in his ballot envelope. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia elections official, spent significant time explaining a number of these misconceptions.

            Some were, but most were simply misunderstanding what they saw. Like the one claiming a poll worker threw away a ballot, but actually the poll worker threw away an extraneous piece of paper the voter had included in his ballot envelope. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia elections official, spent significant time explaining a number of these misconceptions.

            The same people who cynically told you the election was stolen are have been recanting for weeks and will continue recanting.

    • You’re goddamn right I am, Woody. I have never claimed to be a good person, even if I do pursue a better world. Let me be a blunt as I possibly can here: I know that I should forgive your trespasses and continued unkindness. But then I remember how your kind treated me and mine for the last four years and I just say “Eff it.”

    • Dude, these “people” aren’t worthy of licking the spilled milk at Tony the Tiger’s feet.

      These “people” don’t deserve any respect. They’ve done absolutely NOTHING that’s remotely worthy of anyone’s respect. All three of them are complicit in the attempted takeover of the Capitol and should be arrested, tried, convicted and spend the rest of their miserable, misbegotten lives in a SuperMax prison, having to watch their every step around the other inmates lest they suffer some “accidents.”

      • Says you & the same people who say Hunter is the smartest person they know. ELOHIM IS NOT MOCKED. REVELATION 20:10-15 ENJOY YOURSELF NOW. PAY FOR IT FOR ALL ETERNITY

        • Go away, troll. And learn your bible history – Revelation is talking about Rome. It isn’t about us. (Also, spend more time reading Matthew and Mark.)

          • To be fair, at the the time it was written, the writer very likely thought he was talking about Rome. However, Christianity itself is based on the notion that what6 the writers thought they were writing about and what God was really inspiring them to write about were not necessary the same thing. That is why early Christians went through Jewish prophecy to elucidate the idea that the Messiah was not a military savior as they thought for hundreds and hundreds of years, but actually a suffering servant whose kingdom was not of this world.

          • The Bible was written in 1600. The Ramification war of the Catholics and the protestants were at war millions were being killed on both sides. This is real history. A protestant was any religion that was not catholic.

            King Constine Augusta ordered the priests, cardinals ministers, pagans, theologians. Christians. To come together from all regions to make a book everyone can agree on. Note this people where off different beliefs. He did this to stop the Ramification war.

            There were 85 books in the bible back then. They made the chapters shorter. All agreed on 66 books. To this day their are 66 books.
            So many other doctrinesl were added. The rapture is a pagan belief. Revelations was rewritten to mimic the new world order. 1 religion 1 government. The narrative of the bible is written to control the masses, the catholic invented the rapture, hell, made the God in the bible look like a tyrant. . Put the fear in them, fear, fear, to this day Christian live in fear of a God.
            Let me give you a example on how they made God like tyrann. The story where supposedly God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son. Put him in a alter.

            Why would a loving God ask to murder when God is against murder?. Why sacrifice a child ?
            At that time until today their are religions who sacrifice children to their Gods. Religions ritual. They were cannibals and drink the blood of the children..

            now think for a moment. You who are parents. You live your children so much. Imagine the heartache and pain you would feel What kind of God who command murder ask a follower of Godo sacrifice their children. What kind of God would “test” you to see if you were a true follower of God. God knows your heart. He knows if you are sincere or not
            This is and was a pagan doctrine put into the bible as truth. You have to understand the Christian who followed Jesus and laws of God. Were a small amount. After Jesus was killed. They went and killed the apostles.
            If you read the bible from the beginning to the end you will see many errors. Misquotes. Many things that don’t make since. If you just read the scriptures at random to fit your agenda is not the way it was intended.
            After they made a book everyone could agree on. The Ramification war ended.
            They dedicated the bible to King James. A ruthless pagan king. Be careful what you believe. Be careful who you follow.

            Now if the government and society is so corrupt. Wouldn’t you think religion was corrupt too. They go hand in hand.

            The gospel of the apostles was not the curfication of Jesus. Many were crusified it was their way of punishment. So Jesus was not the only on.
            The gospel was not death.
            When say cover me with your blood Jesus. Blood means death. You are asking to cover you with dead. Anything to do with blood. Are pagan sacrifices to their Gods.
            The gospel was life. The ressurection was the gospel.
            When the bi le wasl written so they could have a book every one could agree on. Thus the 66 books of the bible was born. Read the history on how the bible was written. Don’t take my words. Research it .

          • I stopped reading after the first sentence. The various books of the bible were written over several millennia by dozens of authors. What was written in 1600 was a translation. If you are going to write something that contradicts library shelves full of history books, you better provide some reputable links. since there are no links, we can safely assume everything you wrote (copied and pasted) is garbage.

          • And then there are those of us who are Jewish, and for whom the Revelation to John, as well as the personal and pastoral letters of Sha’ul of Tarsus are not accepted by us as the “Word of G-d,” but to each her/his own

          • John didn’t write Revelations. The people in 1600 wrote Revelations. Filled with symbolism. Death. What kind of God would make his people suffer substantially. It sounds like the New world order written by unbelievers. In 1600.

            Let me tell you about apostle John. John was a government employee. He wa a high ranking official.
            He left the apostles and Jesus to go back to his job. Jesus said he was an Apostate. This is in the new testament. Apostate means, traitor of the word of God. Jesus said to shun him. John was the only apostle that was not murdered . He went back to the same government that crucified Jesus. Don’t take my word. Do the research. The apostles life after Jesus was gone.

        • You must be a communist if you help someone injured, you must be a communist if you take time to feed hungry people, you must be a communist if you tell the rich that it’s time they thought about others, you must be a communist if you tell people not to hurt children – Gee, that Jesus guy must have been a real commie

        • Do you tell the truth 100% of the time everyday?
          Everything you do is with honesty and integrity 100% every day?
          Do you do the right thing even when nobody is looking? 100% everyday.
          A Christian is not based on your beliefs. Even satan believes. Being a Christian is 100% your behavior.
          That is what will save you. You can’t do the talk without the walk your have to 100% do the walk.

          • You need to find a preacher who preaches accurately. You “are saved by faith, not works, lest anyone should boast (of earning salvation by their own merit)” while at the same time working “out your own salvation.” In other words, your walk and your talk must match not as way to earn salvation but as a response to the unmerited gift of salvation. You do not have to be 100%. the bible says that there is no human being capable of 100% compliance

    • Only in your alternate reality would these law-breaking Anti-American Putin-pawns with frontal lobe cognitive disorders be considered great.

        • I just now got on line after having the first long, good sleep I have had in an entire month. It looks like the server migration will happen shortly and we’ll be up and running, plus I filed an appeal with Google and that may help our cause. And this is the first thing I see! HA! I woke up briefly at 5:00 a.m. and posted this at 6:00 a.m. because I do that a lot and fell back asleep. Now it’s a riot zone. Oh, well.

          • Hello Ursula. I have a question. I’ve noticed that I can up or down vote a post typically 4 or 5 times in a row. Since noticing this, I’ve reserved this “power” for when the trolls invade, as I’m sure the site isn’t supposed to work this way. Or is it? Just wanted to mention this in case you were not aware. I’m sure you must be though. P.S. I do hope you’re feeling better. Much respect. Stay safe.

          • Hello Ursula. I have a question. I’ve noticed that I can up or down vote a post typically four or five times in a row. Since noticing this, I’ve reserved this “power” for when the trolls invade, as I’m sure the site isn’t supposed to work this way. Or is it? Just wanted to mention this in case you were not aware. Though I’m sure you must be. Where are all these crazy people coming from suddenly? P.S. I do hope you’re feeling better. Much respect. Stay safe.

      • I can’t stand these @&!@ coming onto this site. Can’t they get their own site and leave us sane people alone. Isn’t Fox News enough for them? Are they going through withdrawal?
        Thanks for dealing with them.

        • I will deal with them and believe me, I do. They get banned. And there are more pro active plans for the future for them. This will be handled, I just cant deal with everything simultaneously.

      • But Bareshark, the left can’t be right so they must be wrong – right?
        That’s about as logical as anything the tinfoil hat wearing kiddies believe

        • This quote from an old Grape Ape episode (Hanna Barberra animated series) in a different context says it even better: “If left is not right, then right is all you have left, right?”

      • Satan only deals in threats. And non of the Saints are afraid of the ones who can kill our bodies.. Only to find out that they can’t touch our Eternal Soul!

        • Read matthew 8:42-47 where Jesus rebukes the hypocritical jews calling them “children of the devil” who “is the father of all lies”. Ur boy is the biggest liar ever. 30,000 PROVABLE lies. So at least NOW U KNOW UR NAME arsehole. Enjoy hell if there is one. Check it out if u are as into scripture as u say. Or is this another lie? Sure it is.

          • love your neighbor more than yourself and love the Lord with all your mind body heart and soul !! And your saved by grace just ask god to for give you for your sins and he died for all our sins the blood washers are sin away he was the perfect sacrifice the only one that didn’t sin to wash all our sins away none of us will ever be perfect we’re all Sinners saved by grace when we follow the Lord we tried to sin less because we love the Lord he did it because he loved us juat saying

          • You goddamn right, Dana. This is OUR house these little goblins are invading. Unlike the Capitol, nobody’s going to hold the door open for ’em.

    • Try russia…seems more to ur liking. I hear they also have great dictators in N.Korea, China, Turkey, Phillipines…head on over.

        • Read the pulizer prize winning book on Lincoln. Frump should be slapped every time he mentions his name. Lincoln brought his RIVALS into his cabinet & turned them in2 diehard supporters. Frump can’t even get natasha, (bring me moose & squirrel), to hold his hand. Enjoy watching u swat the braindead back over the net.

          • Pretty sure that’s the bio of Lincoln I’ve got and had for many years. Uncle Joe’s following that same playbook on building his team.

          • Here’s a Lincoln story for you guys: Once there was a great king who was given a riddle to solve What statement was true in the past, is true in the present, and will be true in the future, The king couldn’t answer. Perplexed, he called his advisors to council, and put the question to them. Neither could they answer. So the great king dispatched them one and all to the farthest reaches of his kingdom to find the answer. At some length they all returned. They held a meeting to examine their findings and then went to see the king. The king said to them, What statement was true in the past, is true in the present, and will be true in the future. And they replied, This too shall pass 🙂

    • Funny you cant demonstrate the falsity of any of the reporting, so all you have tacitly acknowledged is that the subjects of the reporting are nasty and vile. And you are correct. They have not given up their dream to turn America into an authoritarian regime.

      • dana here in Canada we have the CRTC. They busy themselves enforcing honesty in broadcasting. Isn’t there something like that in the US of A that keeps an eye on some publications like Fox News for example. People like Shawn Hannity and Rush Limbach can out and out lie, lie, lie and there’s no repercussions to them, their careers, or the networks they lie for. The first thing the US has to fix is a very broken news broadcasting system. Trump lost the election So says the CBC the BBC the FNN the GENN the CNN. The whole world actually!!!

        • We used to have the Fairness Doctrine which imperfectly worked to ensure balanced commentary. We have Truth in Advertising laws. As far as I know we do not have any laws regarding legal consequences for “news” organizations lying to audiences. I am not sure America would stand for such a law. However, I do see your point. I am not sure what the constitutionally allowable remedy would be.

  1. It’s amazing how many fools can’t handle the truth! It became so evident of the blatant stupidity of so many people that surround; don’t have the common sense that God gave a gnat!! When you have a pristine reputation like these fine people do, then start flapping your lips! As the traitor & treasonous former VP Pence said, “you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts!” When you can come forth with evidence of your foul mouth statements, then bring it on; but you can’t! Facts don’t lie!! More so, if you don’t like what you’re reading, then carry your ass along; no one asked you to be on this site! Yes, you’re absolutely permitted, as us Conservatives don’t try to cut off communications, we try to educate & enlighten a person. But if you’re so close minded & uninterested, then take your ass elsewhere!! Some of us Conservatives aren’t as nice as the rest of them…… I believe there’s a time for anything & everything!! Life’s a choice, and if you choose to come at me, out of your true ignorance, don’t expect me to be like most Conservatives….. I’m not so nice all the time like I’m being right now! If you can prove anything about your BS comments, I’m open minded enough to listen, listen to facts not your empty minded opinions, just as you have to be open minded in return!! I don’t do double standard BS!! Other than that, GTFO of here with your special kind of stupid!!

    Sydney Powell, Mike Lindell, Joseph Flynn….. Thank you for all that you’ve done & tried to do to bring truth to everything you do; I find y’all to be truth seekers!! Your time & money that you’ve spent, along with the ill opinions & threats that you’ve endured is beyond anything that anyone should have to deal with while upholding the Constitution of the USA!! As Lin Wood states often, “When they can’t attack the message, they’ll try to attack the messenger!” I look forward to what’s yet to come & learning more as I have learned by listening to what info you provide & then me researching for myself!! Again, Thank you!! God Bless You All, God Bless President Trump & God Bless The United States of America!!

    • S patrice Bliemeister: And didn’t you good sir think that John McCain was an American hero, Didn’t you! Then Donald Trump told you he wasn’t How quickly you, Patriots, turned on him. Thank you but I prefer the America he fought for not the one you and your, Patriot, friends tried to build at the Capitol. No one is coming at you, you people on the right are so easily led. Now matter how low you set the bar Trump couldn’t seem to stumble over it. You pretend that Donny didn’t put the pork to Stormy Daniels, then pay her off to shut up about it. Donny skates off while Mike Cohen his former lawyer goes to jail and who do you turn on. Mike Cohen. What a sad sorry lot you are fallowing Trump around like the Pied Piper. Scamper off little mice you’ll soon find out that Mr. Cohen will soon be a member of a much bigger club. Patriots who Trump forgot about now that the fat is in the fire. That’s the club. Watch them fall like dominoes as Trump and his new more shiny lawyer, throw the whole bunch of them under the buss!!!!. Come February we’ll all get to see Trump at his seediest. Saving his own butt. Your God with the feet of clay is about to fall!!!

  2. You sound very very afraid ?. I just gave 1k! I will not sleep until I see We the People have Justice! And people like you get your eternal judgment. Revelation 20:9-15

  3. Nous sommes tous d’accord, ils doivent quitter illico presto ce monde, mais nous qui savons maintenant, et surtout savons que tout va bien se passer, n’avons nous pas mis notre Cœur nos triples, pour divulguer ce qui se tramais derrière notre dos, nous avons suivons la Lumière 17 égal a 8 l’infinité, nous y sommes, maintenant laissons faire nos PROTECTEURS de la constitution Universelle, et aux repos Guerrier solder numérique, votre seul travail aujourd’hui est de répandre la Joie, la Lumière, la vérité s’en viens pour tous prochainement, tout Guerrier mérite Repos, nous n’avons plus besoin de citer de nom, nous nous reconnaissons tous dans la Lumière, repos total, pour ne pas s’endormir le moment venu ou le monde VERRA, il serait dommage que nous nous nous endormions aux meilleurs moment, du a nos recherche et manque de sommeil pour partager avec nos frères et sœurs planétaire, donc DODO et repos pour voir la libération de la planète de nos yeux vu, BONNE NUIT DORMEZ BIEN, NOUS SERONS BIENTOT TOUS REUNI WWG1WGA TRUST THE PLAN UNIVERSEL

      • I could probably read this if I took the time. I minored in French in college and did a semester abroad there. Just another thing to spend time on, and time is the one thing I don’t have right now.

          • Especially when the idiot isn’t actually writing actual French but, as Bareshark noted, probably typed the whole thing into Google Translate (note the odd capitalizations) and then, for some reason, decided to retype the “translation” (still trying to figure how “la vérité s’en viens” came about since “viens” is the 1st and 2nd person singular present forms of “venir” while “la vérité” would require “vient,” the 3rd person singular present form; not paying close attention while retyping the piece would explain it).

  4. To the author of this article. Hope you enjoy fascism and remember! You’re not in their club. You’re not protected! Your job will be gone soon too!
    You’re welcome!

  5. Ursala,being your an Author for a leftist rag,your comments are expected.There are many who would be closer to correct that say 75% of the National Votes where for President Trump,I will say it’s somewhere between 80 million and 75%.Either way,The Best is Yet to Come!

    • I’m actually the owner of this leftist rag. It is my life and I love it. Don’t darken our doorstep again, because you have been banned.

    • Um, “Mike,” might I suggest you learn how to spell. Then, go take a refresher REMEDIAL math class. How do you arrive at “between 80 million and 75%” since one is a number and the other is a percentage? A “percentage” refers to a PORTION of a whole number rather than a number itself.

    • Voting fraud happens with the same regularity as people being struck by lightning, very very seldom. And perhaps it has escaped your notice that the ones trying it recently were all Trump supporters?

      • And then there was the odd case of the Kansas REPUBLICAN county party official who was caught casting a ballot in another county (in addition to her own county). I also seem to remember some vague story about another REPUBLICAN woman (in North Carolina, I believe) who cast an absentee ballot on behalf of her dead mother (who, it turned out, had died before the woman went in to request the ballot).

  6. P J evans: Oh you are so wrong about ancient Rome. No lakes of fire there. Rev 20-15 is all about us. Who fallowed the last antichrist that just departed the White House. The Christian Right that’s who. And when the Lord of the air does appear, happy are the minions who will fallow gladly. Who will they fallow next.

  7. I hope & pray Good takes over Evil soon and the Mew PAC gets the help & strengthen because there wasn’t too many people willing to help Republican citizens to keep a free America

    • You mean there weren’t too many people willing to help Republican citizens install an authoritarian and destroy a free America. Amazing how you Trump supporters get everything exactly backwards.


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