“And neither the angels in heaven above nor the demons down under the sea, can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.” — Edgar Allan Poe

Sidney Powell is seeking to dissever her soul from the soul of the beautiful Donald Trumpty — and Strike Force Rudy and the rest of the gang, can you believe it? She has no connection with those other people. Oh, yeah?

What’s that you say? She wasn’t in the same room with Rudy and Roger and John and Steve and the rest of the assembly of misfits and miscreants comprising Strike Force Rudy which is the wildest group to assemble for the purpose of political skullduggery since the Watergate plumbers? And she’s going to prove this? This is one hell of a novel approach, I’ll say that much. And yes, of course it gets worse — and funnier. Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The evidence against attorney Sidney Powell, one of 19 defendants charged in the Fulton County election interference racketeering indictment, is so weak she could be tried in three days at most and be acquitted by the trial judge before her case even goes to the jury, a court filing by Powell’s lawyer said Wednesday.

The motion said, “Assuming the prosecution does not realize its error in indicting her and agree to dismiss this wrongful prosecution before trial immediately,” if Powell goes to trial she should receive a “judgment of acquittal when the state rests.” In making such judgments, which are rare, trial judges find that no reasonable juror could find beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty based on the evidence presented by the state.

The bold claim was made by Powell’s Atlanta lawyer, Brian Rafferty, who also moved to sever her trial from the other 18 defendants, including former President Donald Trump, lawyer Rudy Giuliani and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“Contrary to widely publicized false statements in the media, Sidney Powell did not represent President Trump or the Trump campaign,” the motion said. “She had no engagement agreement with either.”

The Fulton District Attorney’s Office is expected to strongly disagree with Powell’s motion and its account of what did and did not happen.

Boy, is that an understatement. The D.A. did not bring charges for racketeering, conspiring to commit computer invasion of privacy, conspiring to defraud the state, conspiring to commit computer trespass, conspiring to commit computer theft and conspiring to commit election fraud without evidence, especially the racketeering count. That’s a serious felony, not a traffic ticket level misdemeanor.

Supposedly Powell hired the Atlanta firm SullivanStrickler to obtain breached election data from Coffee County in South Georgia. What breached data? Ask her. She is also accused of seeking Georgia residents to bring suit, as plaintiffs, in lawsuits contesting the state’s election results. This is serious stuff.

People looking at this are amazed that this suit has been brought. But then again, we do need to take comic relief wherever we find it. Keep an eye on this one, folks, this is the best side show in Trump world right now.

If you recall back when all this occurred and Powell made her classic statement about “bringing the Kraken,” this is nutty on that level. The Kraken, a reference to a sea monster of mythic proportion, became the punchline of a joke it was so far fetched. So is this. She’s actually going to try to convince the court she had the flimsiest of contacts with the rest of Strike Force Rudy. This is a farce. I’ve wondered for some time if Powell wasn’t suffering from some cognitive disease or emotional malady and now I’m convinced she’s nuts.

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  1. When you have to tell people “I’m not as dumb as those other guys”, you’re pretty f*cking dumb. People who are actually smart don’t have to tell others how smart they are…or how dumb they are not.

  2. Her co-defendants probably love the idea. Maybe so much so they’d agree to all being tried starting together in late Oct. and let her have her own trial an jury to avoid being so close to her they’d catch “Sydney cooties!” (Maybe one has to be old enough to appreciate cootie jokes)



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