SCOTUS Conservatives: “WE Are Protected. YOU Are On Your Own (So STFU & Deal With It!)”


In a decision that shouldn’t have surprised anyone the (ultra-conservative) Federalist Society F-Wads on the Supreme Court of these (not so) United States has yet again run the concepts of gun control and public safety through the wood chipper.   Would we have seen such a decision had Trump (well, McConnell and the Fascist Federalist Society – Trump was merely the instrument they utilized) not gotten three cracks at packing the Court?  I doubt it.   The case wouldn’t have even been heard.   It takes four Justices voting aye to accept a case for the Court’s review and Roberts with his incremental approach was probably sated with the dangerous and unwarranted expansion of gun goober’s “rights” via the Heller decision.   No matter.   Roberts doesn’t have the clout he used to and figured this wasn’t a battle worth fighting.

Tin-Ear doesn’t begin to describe the breathtaking nature of SCOTUS striking down the NY law in question.   Of course, as the title states those conservatives already had some serious taxpayer funded security.   I don’t seem to recall them or conservative “news” being all that concerned about the safety of liberals, especially the late and great RBG who lived under threats that would make Brewki Brett Kavanaugh crap his drawers every ten minutes.   But oh boy have they been howling over the recent threat to KKKavanaugh!   And conservatives have demanded, DEMANDED a ramped up level of protection for Justices and  their families!

Well, their butts were well covered even before this decision was published but will be even more so now.   They and their loved ones will move about in a cocoon of protection and their homes and neighborhoods will be safer than just about anywhere but the WH and the Naval Observatory where the VP lives.   As for you and me and the vast, overwhelming number of Americans who literally have to worry every time we go outside our homes if some gun goober is packing heat and is having a bad day (or week or life) and decides enough is enough and whips out their penile/boob enhancement replacement and starts shooting are on our own.  S.O.L. if you catch my drift.

While the decision doesn’t change things overnight the basic effect is blowing yet another hole in a gun control section of the Public Safety Dam.   You can bet the farm (or whatever) that cases are cued up in the pipeline for the gun goobers to push anyone (including kids) being able to carry guns in public.

So to conservatives suddenly all concerned about Brewski Brett’s safety, and his fellow Fascist Federalist Society pals on the Court I say if your contention is that an armed citizenry make us a safe country then by god PROVE you mean what you say and reject any and all taxpayer funded security!

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  1. Well said and absolutely reasonable. Fat chance it will ever happen. We’ve reached the zenith of the “do as I say, not as I do” form of lawmaking.

  2. I’ve been thinking that New York just needs to turn around and tell the Court, “Up Yours!” by issuing a statement to the effect that, “When the Supreme Court opens its doors to people without their having to go through metal detectors and security devices, thereby allowing fully-armed, concealed-carrying people to roam the halls of the Court, then New York will abide by the Court’s incredibly asinine OPINION.”

  3. So is brett the brewski now the center of the court? Roberts is now on the left for sure. just wondering how this court begins to dismantle democracy without any breaks.

  4. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time Alito dined out, the next table was held by someone packing heat? Oh, and we’ll find out just what the police think of the 2nd Amendment as soon as some African-American resident of Texas or Florida tries to exercise his constitutional right to openly carry a firearm…


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