Thank God for the invention of the motion picture. Cameras do capture that which beggars description. Take a look at the latest swinging scene from Mar-a-Lago last night.

It puts me in mind of a Lutheran pot luck, in terms of the excitement level. I mean, Happy Hour at Chili’s has a hotter vibe than this.

Pay close attention to the two Secret Service men, and to the two bleach blondes, who take to the dance floor and writhe orgiastically to the same music that Trump and Melania are shuffling to. I am go to hell if I’ve ever seen the likes of this.

Alright, who’s a lip reader or a body language expert here?

I knew the vibe was familiar. That’s it, Carnival Of Souls.

I have been at anniversary parties where the couple in question has been married a long time — 60 years was the longest in my experience. That couple — and others I’ve seen —  danced liked they were in love. They were a great couple, too. Self-made millionaires. They grew up poor in Texas, went to college. Their first date was a Coke bought for a nickel and two straws. They were in love for six decades. I don’t see it with the Trumps.

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    • And Melania has admitted as much. She was asked if she would be with Trump if he didn’t have all that money and she responded, “Would he be with me if I didn’t look like this?” At least she didn’t say something stupid like, “I would be with him if he delivered pizza for a living.”

      • I seem to see the S.Gibbon continuing to lean into her face as she leans back, too bad, shit for brains, even SHE has more class than the true biggest loser YOU are, and your new language stumbling and even shorter memory bouts, makes you less of a REAL man …

        Your diaper may need changing, as a real dumb liar, being full-of-it, goes with the territory, you reek of cheap cologne and several cans of hairspray to keep your so-called-hair on top of your billiard cue-ball head …

        Better watch out, those flattened-toe clown shoes, with lifts in the heels, make you look like someone let go of one of the parade balloons at the Macy’s parade and you have already demonstrated your inability to walk on a very gradual ramp, in front of a large crowd, a real man like Biden had NO trouble with that very same ramp …

        And by-the-way, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel are two of the real people out there, men that know so much more about current events and virtually anything else, you care to lie about … good luck boso, you look and sound like your hero in Russia, Putin seems to have some serious health problems, you are just a mental midget …

        Some how Ursula, I wish I could get this kind of message to Donald, he seems to be beginning a health slide of disconnect, and this smack down could twist his nerves a little … 🙂 😉

  1. What’s funniest is the song choice: “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith (but I’m pretty sure that’s not their performance).

    Sam (who was openly gay when the song originally came out now identifies as non-binary and prefers “they/them/their” pronouns) wrote the song as the plea to a one-night stand who’s in the process of leaving.

    I know songs tend to take on lives of their own (much like how Sting continues to be amused how his song about a stalker–“Every Breath You Take”–became such a popular wedding song) but it really seems to be a song you would NOT expect to be played/performed at a Trump event (especially given the number of his supporters who are freaking out over trans people and the idea of non-binary people).


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