Lookie here folks, we have Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a whole new grift and if you didn’t know better you’d think she and Melania Trump are in some contest to see who can outscam the other. I mean first Sanders blew through almost $20,000 to buy that butt-ugly lectern and take herself and her hubby on some fancy European vacay, but now she’s trying to pull off another costly grift.

And as the Arkansas Times notes, Mike Huckabee’s gay-hating spawn is offering up a duck hunting trip for those eager to go out and kill something for the low, low price of $50,000.

Now isn’t that just a hoot and a holler?

This hornswoggle, sponsored by the Arkansas Governor’s Association, is slated for mid-January. Apparently, it’s not just about blasting living things out of the sky.

“To be fair, your $50,000 gets you more than just a few hours of putting #2 shot into canvasbacks (what a lovely thought). You also get one year on the rga board, which comes with three tickets to a quarterly discussion series in Washington, D.C., three tickets to the annual rga conference in las vegas, three tickets to the rga winter meeting in d.c. in february, two tickets to the senior staff retreat in California in September, and one ticket to one chiefs-of-staff regional event.”

Queerty reminds us that as Arkansas governor, Sanders has made it abundantly clear that she loves her some grift she does. The single biggest story of her first year in office involves the aforementioned $20,0000 podium, which her office purchased in June.

It’s not clear why this ridiculously expensive insult to trees everywhere wasn’t delivered until August, and the Arkansas GOP took its dear old time to reimburse the state, waiting all the way until mid-September to do so.

The Arkansas legislature is currently conducting a review of the purchase, however, the Legislative Auditor already said earlier this week that his work won’t be wrapped up until next year.

Someone asked him if there was a reason for this delay, and he responded that he and his team were just conducting their “diligent steps.” Jeekies, if they’re going to take THAT long I hope they are going over the whole thing with a microscope. This is a case where the wheels of justice are wobbling slowly. Very slowly.

Just in time for the pricey podium purchase to be revealed, Sanders called a special session to loosen her state’s public records laws. Could the purchase have been a way to draw attention away from this? No, she wouldn’t do that.

Would she?

Well, Axios reports The Arkansas Citizens for Transparency seems to think she just might, so this week the watchdog group submitted a proposed amendment that would create the right to government transparency in the state.

Ever since her first day in office in January Sanders has targeted the LGBTQ+ community, signing her own “Don’t Say Gay” bill and then appointing Jacob Oliva to lead Arkansas’ education department. Oliva is well known for crafting similar anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in Florida.

Not content with that alone, she also signed a law prohibiting trans teachers and students from using school bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identities. She even went so far as to bar the use of “Latinx” in state documents. This term is meant to be gender-neutral and seems harmless. Who knows why it offended her sensibilities? Sanders also banned words that are rarely even used — “birth-giver” and “laboring person” being two such examples.

Sanders is offended by things like this but doesn’t seem to care that more than 400,000 of her own citizens have been kicked off Medicaid. What’s even worse is that the state ranks 49th in the country for quality of life and 50th in the nation for quality of health, according to a recent survey.

Oh, and one more thing: Apparently she was too busy eating her Thanksgiving Turkey to give clemency to a man who has spent more than 30 years in jail for a crime he probably didn’t commit. The man, Charlie Vaughn was convicted in 1991 of the murder of an elderly woman in 1988.

In the ensuing years, another man has come forward and confessed to the murder and two other men arrested in connection with the slaying have since been released. Reginald Early confessed to the killing and insists he acted alone.

Vaughn, however, is illiterate and doesn’t have an attorney. He failed to file his claim but missed the deadline for filing the claim. Sanders has not said why she rejected Vaughn’s clemency.

She did, however, find time to pardon a turkey. Did I mention that Charlie is also, cough-cough, Black? I didn’t? Well now you know.

How typical. She was part of the Trump administration, which was loaded with racists, including her boss.

Sanders, thanks to her grifty, self-serving ways has also earned herself the lowest approval rating of any Arkansas governor in 20 years. The only one lower, was dear old dad, Mike Huckabee.

Maybe he’ll cough up $50,000 for the stupid duck hunt.

X users have thoughts about this ridiculous waste of money as well.

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  1. Ahhh… a duck hunt. It will make a enticing change from the usual fare Sarah feeds her family…. Squirrel Helper. Yum
    Only Arkansas voters are stupid enough to vote for a lying hypocrite grifter like Sarah Huckleberry Sanders.

  2. Marsha…forget Cheney…maybe a radicalized vermin and duck lover can pony up the cash, and then to the tune of the 60s song: Do The Freddy…Do The Cheney. Hey it was an accident…one less child destroying nazi swine. Where did I put the world’s smallest violin to play a dirge?

  3. Was Ms Huckster ever in the Army? I ask because she is wearing clothing stamped as such. I do not recall that being on her resume so I would say she’s pandering to vets. Pretty despicable if she is.

  4. A few points: 1. No one has independently confirmed that an actual lectern was delivered to the Governor’s office, nor has a shipping receipt been produced. Yes, a photo of a lectern was provided, but it could have been from a website, then Photo-shopped to look as if it had been delivered. 2. A few of SHS’s friends went to Paris to party with her, including Virginia Beckett, whose event-planning company received the $19,000+ that was originally paid from state funds. But her company generally doesn’t sell lecterns. 3. SHS originally claimed the lectern cost so much (more than double comparable lecterns) because it was “custom-made.” Then she claimed it’s no big deal because it was paid for with private funds. But it appears the Arkansas GOP reimbursed the state only after the expenditure was made public, months later. 4. SHS and the Republicans in the state clearly want to drag out the investigation rather that allow the truth to come out.


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