The ballad of George Santos has a new stanza. After raising not dollar one for his Independent run to regain the Congressional seat stripped from him by his then fellow Congress Critters he’s dropped out. Being Santos he is trying to explain it away as not wanting to split votes away from the GOP challengers for the now Democratically held seat. But the real reason is that he couldn’t con anyone to donate to his campaign. Not even one donor!

This write-up in Forbes is a quick read and provides the gist of the timeline of Santo’s short but still too long attempt to weasel his way back into Congress.  George actually spent a couple of weeks attempting to compete in the GOP primary before realizing that was a non-starter. He’s about as welcome in the GOP up there in New York (hell, just about everywhere) as a case of the Clap. So with as much fanfare as he could muster (not much) he declared he would drop out of the GOP and it’s primary and run as an Independent. That he thought would do the trick.

Well, do the trick of grifting. Lawyers don’t come cheap (more on that in a bit) and he needs cash. Santos as you know isn’t above raising money claiming it will go for one thing, and then using it on himself. That’s part of why he’s a FORMER Congress Critter! I don’t know about you, but from the moment he said he’d try to get elected again my assumption was it was just another fundraising scam.

The thing is, even if it’s nothing but email blasts it still costs at least some money to raise money, if only to purchase email lists and tech help to send out the mass fundraising pitches. When you don’t get ANY donations it’s literally a losing proposition.  Forbes, as have others points out he’s reported ZERO dollars raised. So even if not a lot Santos has actually lost money on this deal. Talk about true Trump cabinet material!

Well, it’s over. Georgie has pulled the plug. You can almost feel the sarcasm dripping from Forbes dryly saying writing:

Santos said on X, formerly known as Twitter, he is withdrawing in an effort to avoid splitting the ticket and being “responsible for handing the house to (Democrats).”

Santos, who previously represented New York’s 3rd District and was only the sixth member of the House of Representatives to ever be expelled, said if he stayed in the race—in which he was running against incumbent Republican Nick LaLota and Democrats Nancy Goroff and John Avlon—it would “all but guarantee” the Democrats win.

See. SEE? George is so selfless he’s giving way to a political enemy (one he’s made clear he doesn’t like or respect) for the good of the GOP. And the country. And the children of course, not to mention puppies, kittens and mom’s apple pie. One wonders if this asshat doesn’t drift off to sleep at night with delusions that angels have come down from heaven to sing him soothing songs to help him drift off into dreams of great things to come. Still, while he’s so ‘graciously’ stepping aside to give LaLota a clear shot, he’s still going to stay involved. In fact, Forbes makes note of Santos’ intentions:

Santos isn’t leaving politics, though, saying in the post on X he will “continue to participate in the public policy discussion and will do my part” and that “it’s only goodbye for now, I’ll be back.”

Back WHEN is the question that leapt to my mind. You see in addition to no one not named George Santos willing to support him returning to Congress he has shall we say other “issue” to deal with. Specifically a healthy set of criminal charges up there on Long Island. You can check out this CNN article to get a nice explanation of the legal world of sh*t Santos is in. The time is coming later this years when he’s going to be in court in Islip (for you old farts yes, Islip of the infamous garbage barge which no one wanted to accept – a funny case of history rhyming since no one wants Santos either) and from there to a federal prison. I’m sure you’re hoping NOT one near you.

If convicted on the top charges Santos could face as much as twenty years in prison. Of course he’d get nowhere near that much. Still he’s facing several years in prison. He’s not the type to STFU and go away any more than Trump is. However, Santos ain’t Trump and if convicted I suspect he’ll be led out of court in handcuffs and off into the prison system. Since he won’t STFU and go away (and stay silent AND away) the prison system will do it for us.  Given how much Matt Gaetz owes Santos maybe he’ll do him a solid and make sure George’s commissary account has ample money in it. After all, had Santos not been expelled Gaetz would have been but that’s a whole different topic.

So, where do things stand?  Unfortunately we haven’t heard the last of George Santos. His trial will make news. So will his being led off to serve his sentence. As for returning to Congress? As I said, he’s out this cycle and for at least the 2026 one too. Dare we hope 2028 too? Not that he won’t STILL try a comeback. He probably meant it when he said he’d going to be back.

However he left out the “after I get out of prison” part.

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  1. I guess I’m kind of surprised-I thought the current make-up of the ‘pube party loved liars. I figured they’d jump all over this one. After all, he lies almost as much as trump. Seems like that’d be the guy they want representing them. Sure works in other house districts held by ‘pubes.

    • His sin (by GROPE standards) was in bilking the sheeple for HIMSELF and not one red cent going to the Orange thing from Marmalado
      ‘GROPE’ – Grand Repulsive Old Party of Extremists

    • Well, they love liars who don’t UTTERLY embarrass them. And Santos proved to be an embarrassment for the NY Republicans once all his, um, “issues” went public because it showed the local GOPers hadn’t properly vetted him to weed out the truly embarrassing points. (I’m guessing it was probably a combination of being a drag queen and stealing from friends that finally turned the local GOP against him. They probably would’ve overlooked the drag queen issue but the “stealing from friends” part? Oh no. That was a step too far. After all, one NEVER steals from friends. From strangers, though? That’s inherent to the GOP’s DNA.)

  2. Given his lies, his former criminal record, his history of living abroad, and his name changes, I think the judge needs to require him to provide his proof of birth, and if born abroad, his naturalization papers. To take office in the House of Representatives, one needs to be a U.S. citizen. Under the circumstances, I think he should have been required to give proof of that, and if he lied about that, too, surely there should be added jail time for that.


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