This is not an article I ever wanted to write, or prayed that I would have to. You all know me by now. When I’m happy, I’m euphoric. When I’m pissed, I take names and make points. And when I’m down, I share my feelings over the issues that are dragging me down.

This has been nagging me for literally months now, as I have watched the social fabric deteriorate, not only in politics, but in every day life. But now it’s reached the point where I honestly feel that I have to get this out there, and make it heard. It won’t be pretty, it won’t be polite, but it will be real.

For the last 6 years now, we having been laying every original sin at the alter of Donald Trump, and never has there been a more deserving recipient of scorn and ridicule. But if you’re paying any attention at all to the current events in political life these days, you can only come to one inescapable conclusion.

This has progressed far past Trump, and his force of personality. Trump has been out of office for 10 months now, and isn’t even a factor on social media! The mess we find ourselves in today is no longer a matter of Trump the man, but is now instead a matter of the concept of Trumpism. Trump could die tomorrow, but it would not change the forward trajectory one iota.

Trump was the genesis. His 2016 racist, sexist, and immigrant campaign turned over every long hidden rock in America. And the far right bucket heads, bedsheet banditos, and all purpose haters slithered out from underneath, and clamored to join in. But make no mistake, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and all of the other soulless motherfuckers of the GOP caucus had the chance at one point another to stop Trump, and they all wussed out. And now every damn one of them can take total responsibility for the national nightmare we find ourselves in the middle of.

Trump violated just about every rule of campaigning that the RNXC had in place, yet Priebus was so desperate to stop 8 years of Democratic control that he refused to sanction or dismiss his rock star and throw the primaries back to a pathetic pool. Ronna Romney McDaniel suffered the indignity of publicly giving up her middle name to please Trump. And nobody in GOP leadership spoke up against Trump’s flagrant excesses, which were dragging their long proud party into the mud.

And that criminal inaction takes us to today. As I said earlier, Trump could die today, and it wouldn’t change a goddamn thing. Because you have Loud Tois, and 3% IQ’ers, And Oath Creepers, as well as other various bucket heads and bedsheet banditos filing their papers to run for local, state, and even national Houser seats. Trump let his Frankenstein’s monster off of the lab table, and now it is rampaging throughout the countryside. But unlike the sad and twisted Dr. Viktor Frankenstein, Trump has absolutely no interest in getting his pathetically failed experiment back on the lab table.

This is why Trump is no longer important. These far right shitheads swear their allegiance to Trump because he not only called them out from under the rocks, but he gave them cover to do their thing. If Trump were to disappear tomorrow, it wouldn’t change a thing. They feel liberated, and they feel emboldened. And they also realize that this is their Die Gotterdammerung, the death of the Gods. The world is getting browner, and this is their last chance.

Which unfortunately leaves it up to the rest of us. We have to vote like never before. But not just for congressional and Senate seats, but for school boards, and library boards, and city councils. Thanks to that subversive shithead Steve Bannon, they are trying to infiltrate the system, to control what books our libraries hold, what history our children learn, and how we apply local laws. And the only option is to keep them from getting into those seats in the first place.

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  1. Point blank analysis. Add to that sad bunch the gun nuts in camouflage camped on courthouse steps with their AR-15 assault weapons and violent anti-vaxers punching stewardesses reminding them to wear their masks. But what Trump did was destroy the one quality quality that holds a society together – empathy. The ability to walk a mile in the other guys shoes. You don’t have to agree with them but you have to be able to see the world through their eyes, and it works both ways. Until each of us can see where others are coming from in a very deep sense there is no way to find that narrow patch of common ground. Trump Is a towering narcissist whose only loyalty is to himself. His ability to rise to the level of President validated the selfishness that ascribes our problems to “those people”. Blame becomes the escape hatch for failed lives and inevitably leads to war in it’s many forms. Unless and until we can restore empathy to our collective souls we are doomed as a nation founded on the principle of one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

    • He’s not gromming – he has already groomed way too many. Rand Paul for one, etc. Knowing psychological operations as Vlad has and does, he knew exactly the achilles heel of so many in the U.S. Racism. Xenophobia. Anti-government because gov’t is bad. He helped 45 and how many other does he have kompromat on? Lindsey? Murphy? He is manipulating social media to devastate this country. He and his minions are doing a damned good job.

      Instead of progressing, this country is being set up to digress way back. Who will be Vlad’s upcoming U.S. autocratic leader? It isn’t 45 any longer. Death Santis? Someone will rise up.

      I learned one thing yesterday watching Te Ata on Netflix. They cannot kill spirit. Germany did NOT stay in Nazism. But…….I don’t want to go through all of that shit that we see coming!!!

  2. There is always a little light at the end of the tunnel, however it may now be a little dim, what with the blood of American troops that made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII to stop and contain Hitler, push the Japanese onslaught out of the ocean, and sweep the the beaches on “D”, day …
    All the Trumpisms spit on these heroes, forgetting, in the most selfish way, the combined strength of our military was built on racial and ethnic walls being broken down for the good of Democracy and welfare of our country … the feeling of supreme power, fostered by the military style weapons being purchased by weak-minded people these days, makes for a very dangerous atmosphere, the edgy feelings during war time, allowed for concentration camps springing up for the Japanese/Americans, where the conditions were less than comfortable, and showing the flash of discrimination that hurt a lot of young Japanese/Americans, who still remember, in their old age, the racist rants of locals around their tar-paper barracks …

    This was a shameful action against our own citizens, much like Trump’s actions against our citizens in PR, not responding in good order to their plight, 3000 people died there, just because Trump is dumber than a rock …

    SO, with all these weapons in circulation, idiots on FOX news promoting hate every day, attacking Biden and his Administration, which are doing all they can to save the planet and our country in spite of brain dead GOP, what could possibly go wrong?

    Stay home voters, get those absentee ballots, sign in with local courthouses, GOTV, make the Democratic Party the loudest, smartest Party EVER !!

    Murf, take three aspirins, have a long nap, we will win if everyone remembers how we got here, thanks for explaining it so well …

  3. There is not a word, not a syllable, in this that I have not been thinkingand feeling for months also (although you said it better – a lot better.) And, yes, voting is the most important thing most of us can do – but keep in mind that our vores themselves, elections themselvas have already beem poisoned by the enemy.

    We aloso need to see some accountability. For everyone from Trump** down – or maybe I should say for everyone from the footsoldiers up. Sure, they are less culpable than the leaders. But they also bneed to ba taken off the streets for however lonfg it takes for them to learn that they are not in the right. And, frankly the courts as a whole (there are exceptions) are not doing well with this. Many prosecutors and judges are not asking the right questions (questiona about the effect on our nation of what has happened and been happening.) May are starting to doubt they they ever will. I am still hoping – but it’s just hope, it isn’t faith. Raising our voices where they will do the most good can’t hurt – can it?

  4. Amen, Murfster!! I taught political science in community colleges for more than 40 years, and I have never seen anything as bad as the poisonous political atmosphere in America today. The racism, dishonesty and pure hatred on the Right and the refusal of the mainstream media to go beyond the “on the one hand, on the other hand” political reporting, paired with the nasty hypocrisy of right-wing media, has harmed the system so deeply that I’m not sure that the nation will be able to recover for many, many years. And this is the world that my grandchildren and their children will have to live in. It makes you wonder whether the moral arc of the universe really does bend toward justice.


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