Even as Rupert Murdoch-owned print outlets The Wall Street Journal and New York Post both published op-eds declaring Donald Trump unfit to be President…, as discussed in this linked discussion on NPR…

…”(Michael) MARTIN: So what caught your eye about these editorials from the Murdoch publications?

(David) FOLKENFLIK: Well, it was really a one-two punch. You had, at 5:39 p.m., The New York Post say, as you said, that Donald Trump had been shown by the revelations and the evidence set forth in those hearings to be unfit for office and explicitly pointed to the 2024 race and say he should not be welcomed back into the race or into the Oval Office. And then you had The Wall Street Journal post a similarly powerful piece talking about this being a test of his character, a test through crisis as many presidents face, and that he had utterly failed that test.

The second thing that really struck me was that The Wall Street Journal’s post was just, I think, 73 minutes later. And so you have the tabloid of the Murdochs and the high-end sort of considered quality daily of the Murdochs saying the same thing with slightly different language a little more than an hour apart.”

…on the misinformation mothership, Fox News, Right Wing Radio hack Mark Levin used his airtime to dispute Congress’s authority to conduct investigations, implicate Nancy Pelosi as “a witness” to the insurrection, bemoan poor embarrassed Josh Holly’s treatment by the committee, and, for some reason, ineffectually name drop Baron de Montesquieu, who is credited with with advancing the political axiom of separation of powers, whose ideas serve no true purpose in an argument about the nature of those powers under the U.S. Constitution, but does serve to show that Levin knows how to pronounce “Montesquieu” and lend some desperately needed intellectual heft to his false pronouncements.

The video:

As you will note, Levin hangs his argument on the fact that Article 1 of the Constitution does not explicitly state that The House of Representatives has the power to conduct investigations, though how they would fulfill their legislative function and serve as a “balance of power” to the Executive Branch the founders created without that right remains unclear in Levin’s rant.

If Levin had read his founding fathers as assiduously as he supposedly has his Montesquieu, he might have found these words by George Mason and James Wilson, who actually attended the Constitutional Convention, instead of just lying about it on Fox News.

George Mason:

(“Members of Congress) “are not only Legislators but they possess inquisitorial powers. They must meet frequently to inspect the Conduct of the public offices.”

James Wilson:

The constitutional framers assumed that Congress would conduct investigations as the British House of Commons conducted them. James Wilson of Pennsylvania, a future Supreme Court Justice and Convention delegate, wrote in a 1774 essay that members of the Commons were considered ”grand inquisitors of the realm. The proudest ministers of the proudest monarchs have trembled at their censures; and have appeared at the bar of the house, to give an account of their conduct, and ask pardon for their faults.”When the U.S. House convened in 1789, it established an early set of select committees, such as Rules and Ways and Means, to structure the legislative process including investigations.”

As Levin might see, if he only broadened his reading a bit, The House does indeed, have powers of investigation, bestowed implicitly by the founders own words at the time of it’s writing – if not explicitly laid out in the document itself.

In short, Mark.

Nancy Pelosi had no part in the insurrection save avoiding becoming a victim because of it, The House of Representatives has “inquisitorial” powers that should make “monarchs tremble” in the words of founders themselves, and Josh Holly and Donald Trump embarrassed themselves through their own actions.

Any other conclusion would only be fit for your Radio propaganda or Fox News.

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  1. In the dictionary is the definition of right wing radio personality “brain damaged”? Soldiers lobotomized by shrapnel have it more on the ball than these idiots.

  2. Well, here’s a question Levin (and conservatives that check in on this site sometimes) would run screaming from, and at a speed that would make Hawley-Ass look like he was stuck in quicksand: What about that whole slew (twelve, thirteen?) investigations the GOP led Congress had on Hillary/Benghazi! (got to include the exclamation point!), or perhaps the ones against her and her husband? Oh for fuck’s sake what’s wrong with me? OF COURSE it’s perfectly acceptable, even a sacred duty for a GOP Congress or chamber of Congress to investigate Democrats! But the Lord God himself has spoken clearly (not in the bible anywhere, just in their prayers which always seem to give them the answers they so desperately want to hear so they can justify their fuckery and general ignoring of Jesus’ actual teachings!) that NO Democrat shall EVER be permitted to even think, much less question the actions or motives for actions of a Republican President or administration!

    Oh, and what does Levin have to say about all those investigations of the Biden administration (and Hunter’s laptop which went through more hands than a bucket of water in all those old-timey bucket brigades they tried to fight fires with in olden days) the GOP is talking about after they’re back in charge after the midterms? I guess I already answered that one – and Levin I’m sure would be cheerleading with a megaphone.

    He’s just another asshat (MAGA hat) hypocrite.

  3. I would suggest to Mr Levin that the only person who “humiliated” Josh Hawley was, in fact, Josh Hawley. The January 6 Committee merely presented some video footage that displayed Hawley’s self-humiliation.
    It’s just like how Mr Levin must now accuse Fox News of “humiliating” him when Fox News broadcast his inane comments.

  4. Where was this guy during the 30-plus Republican-led investigations into Benghazi? Let me guess….”Well, that’s different!”

  5. What I don’t get about this clown. They can’t investigate trump but they can drag Nancy Pelosi in to an investigation or whatever the clown is talking about. What this goes back to is tell a bunch more f lies hat you have to dispute. Now his side will be front page and any rebuttal will be on the back page of the classifieds.


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