As Rachel Maddow likes to preach, Don’t watch what they say, watch what they do. And never is that going to be more true than with pocket Caesar and serial face sand kicking recipient Ron Pissantis. Apparently the little wimp’s wife loosened the apron strings for the day, and little man took a road trip. But just a day trip mind you. Home for dinner! 

The Runt Prince chose three world famous dens of iniquity to visit today to spread his wings. He went to a borough in New York, a suburb of Philadelphia, and a suburb of Chicago. And his target audience was the same in all three places. Police union gatherings. Hmmm. Maybe he’s trying a little preemptive strike in playing sweet to these guys after Traitor Tot spent 4 years shitting all over them.

It didn’t go aces. Speaking personally, from what I caught on MSNBC, it was worse than I thought. Here’s that local yokel Governor thing again, he went with what wiws the rustics, and it didn’t play all that well. Reporting indicated that he got a room temperature welcome and response at best.

Maybe because Da-Do-Run Ron is the ultimate one-trick-pony. His scapegoat for every problem, kvetch, and issue he spoke of was the same, WOKE! It was almost every sentence I heard in the snippets. One of the reasons crime is so high in places like New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago is woke politicians putting their agenda in front of your safety. 

And God knows that Pissantis is Puffy the WOKE Slayer. How about this golden nugget. When politicians were talking about defunding the police and slashing budgets, we told them where to stick their WOKE policies. Florida is the state that WOKE goes to to die!

But because it’s Pissantis, of course it was all nothing but a self serving short term con. After all of that WOKE bullshit, Pissantis ended every speech with a barely veiled invitation to Come on down and be cops in Florida! I’m actually surprised that deSantis didn’t whip out his ultimate closer argument, We love you guys so much you can go ahead and run over protesters if they’re in the streets! It’s legal! If I’m a cop, I’m wondering why Florida is so goddamned short of cops that the Governor himself has to come to town to hold a job fair?

So that’s what he says. Now you get to pay attention to what he does. In the coming weeks, Pissantis is scheduled to go on a three state southern swing, including a whistle stop in Texas. It’s one thing to dispense more WOKE than an alarm clock in northern states you aren’t going to win. Let’s see what kind of a base red meat menu he has to sell the sheeple in states he actually has to win. And let’s see if he wants to risk pissing off GOP Governors whose support he’s going to need just to steal a few troopers.

But here’s the McGuffin. Other than as a possible law enforcement recruiting tool, this trip was a total waste of time. DeSantis went to three places he isn’t going to win, and came away empty handed. That’s because he isn’t actually running for anything yet, and until he files his paperwork, he can’t even set up campaign donation boxes or try to hawk campaign branded shit. At least Nikki Haley can beg for a few shekels when she hits the road. Bot, oh boy! These two are starting to look like a real Ma and Pa Kettle. 

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