Well folks, the Law & Order president, apologies to the other TV show of that name, has just commuted the sentence of a convicted criminal so that the criminal won’t reveal his own crimes. Let’s not even talk about abuse of power.

Here’s Lindsey Graham’s take. And he doesn’t even have the facts straight. Stone is not “in his 70s.” He’s 67.

I don’t know what Stone has on Trump and I don’t know what Trump has on Graham, but this is just one more clear indication that it is epic.

Wow. Graham is on board for the conspiracy theory, Deep State hogwash. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes. I would have a hard time believing it.

Look, it’s pretty obvious what Trump and Graham discussed on the golf course last week and it wasn’t Trump amending his behavior and changing his message to the nation. It was Graham falling on his sword. Apparently, whatever Trump has on Graham, it’s enough to where the trade off of political suicide is preferable to exposure. So be it. May Jaime Harrison win, please God.

Make no mistake. This is a dark night in American history. An utterly corrupt president has pardoned a convicted criminal to cloak his own sins and a sitting senator is covering for this abuse of power by parroting conspiracy theory — for the same reason, apparently. I am speechless.

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  1. I hope Barr is willing to follow through on his statements that this is obstruction. I don’t think he will – his career will end in January, if not before.

      • Tell me if this makes sense or is off the walls: If Barr would resign now, in protest of Trump’s abuse of power, wouldn’t that save his bacon? He would have to abandon firing all the U.S. attorneys (Berman at SDNY and a few others) investigating Trump, but at least he could look like he had a moral compass after the Stone commutation, right?

        • Nope…Barr’s only hope was a pardon to avoid any of the metric ton of crap heading his way. Now thanks to this stunt, he’s out of one either way. He resigns, he loses whatever protections he had keeping him out of jail. He sticks around, he goes down with the ship and dealing with the commutation getting challenged in court. Like I said, he’s effed.

          • Couldn’t happen to a worse, more despicable human being than Barr. Oh, well, exemption, Trump. Can’t wait for all the shoes to fall on his head.

  2. Is anyone really surprised? After all, Stone is the epitomy of WASPishness – and, poltically, somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan.
    Now, if he had been African/Asian/Middle Eastern American or even 8semi-moderate, they’d have thrown away the key

    • It’s not surprising, but it is horrifying. I’ll explain that. Yes, I expected Trump to do it. The fact that he did and the fact that Graham supports it shows how deep and pernicious this cover up is.

  3. God DAMN Donald Trump.
    God DAMN Roger Stone
    God DAMN William Barr
    God DAMN Lindsay Graham
    God DAMN every GOP Senator that refused to vote to convict Trump

    May they all rot in hell (which I truly wished I believed in but lots of people do) with a roll of rusted barbed wire smeared in cow and horse feces shoved up their asses. Sideways.

    Finally, fuck every asshole who either believed Trump’s bullshit back in 2016 or knew was a piece of shit he was but wanted their tax cuts and/or their RWNJ fascist judges so badly they were willing to let our country be turned into a combination of joke and pariah around the civilized, free world. May they all rot in hell too!

    • Thank you Denis Eliot for capturing and expressing my exact feelings…I especially appreciated your inclusion of the “sideways” touch for good measure. And I think we need also to remind people that you were not forgetting that Mitch deserves some of your special attention!

      • I wish I could. I really do because what I said about isn’t jack shit compared to what’s in my mind and heart. Alas, while ursula is cool in ways I can only dream of and gives us great freedom to speak our minds she’d have to ban me for life if I were to accede to your curiosity and really cut loose. Seriously. She’d have no choice and I know it. The best I can do is rant and then directly or indirectly suggest people let their imaginations run free with what I’d say if I could…

    • Why do you say that? My thoughts are that since Trump has made it clear he doesn’t care about any kind of a legacy — not that he would have had one, but now he’s really looking bad — he’ll pardon everybody after he loses in November.

      • The only legacy he has earned is forever, for the rest of time, for all eternity, to be the answer to,
        ‘Who is the worst President of the USA?’

      • Stone communicated through the media a blackmail threat to get Trump to move. The rest don’t have nearly that leverage and Trump won’t bother saving them as a result.

        Best part: it still won’t save Stone. There’s still plenty of Fed charges a Biden DOJ can hit him with. And then there’s state charges on top of that. For each of the major players in Trump’s orbit, this is also true. Never been about legacy, just shame and legal guilt.

        • I was hoping this would be the case and tried to find info on additional Stone indictments, post trump.. any info on likely charges?

          • Well, we know for a fact that Barr stifled a number of OTHER charges in favor of the seven Stone got convicted of. A Biden DOJ hits him with those, they can result in a sentence far longer than the 40 months he just ducked. We also know that his New York apartment got raided the day he was busted. He left anything in there that New York State could use to charge him with, well, don’t be surprised to see it pop up in due course.

      • I think I agree with you on this one. That sociopathic SOB is so damned vindictive and sick he’d relish pardoning everybody. He suffers along with all the ills Mary Trump contends he has from ODD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Sometimes he reminds me of students I’ve encountered along the way, a few college students I’ve taught, but even more so, the younger ones.

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  7. Maybe between the three you have what some people call going on the down low. Is a reference of guys getting overly friendly. Some others might say it like maybe pivot man on a circle jerk. Just saying. They all seem to be a little chummy.


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