Sen. Rick Scott (Fla.) used his 10 minutes on Dana Bash’s CNN afternoon show to boldly lie to the American people and Bash herself, claiming that the $280B (his number) that Democrats saved the American taxpayer last year when they voted to allow HHS to negotiate prescription prices on behalf of Medicare recipients was a “cut” in Medicare, seeking cover for his own plan to slash Social Security and Medicare paid benefits:

NBCNews on MSN

“Scott also promised to push a controversial conservative plan that brought bipartisan condemnation last year. Scott released his plan, nicknamed “Rescue America,” when he led the National Republican Senatorial Committee and packed it with red-meat conservative proposals on welfare, immigration, gender, crime and education.

But his proposal to have more poor people pay a little more in federal income tax was instantly panned by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, as well as Democrats who began criticizing Scott as a tax-raiser…

… Scott told NBC News he’s not backing away from it.

“I’m going to continue to push it,” Scott said, noting it’s still on his website. “I tell people these are my ideas. Let’s start fighting over ideas. If Democrats have a better way of getting people back to work, it doesn’t seem to be working. Labor participation rates are down. We’re not creating full-time jobs. Look at the job market. All we’re doing for last few months is adding part-time jobs. That’s not a great economy. Inflation: 40-year high. If we did what I put in my plan, then it would be better for Americans, all Americans.”

But back to the whopper he tried, but failed, to slip by Dana Bash.

That he was brazen enough to tell this lie on television tells you all you need to know about what he thinks of the intelligence of American voters:


🤣🤣🤣 Beside the point, but funny…


Well, I suppose if you look at it from the Big Insurance POV, as he does, that could be a position one could take…



Of course he is.


Wow. Creepy.




Save the blatant lies for Fox News Sen. Scott…

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    • You know, that’s why the video clip appears in the Tweets.

      If that’s too much work for you, I don’t know what else needs to be done. I mean, it takes just a little more effort than reading print but just a very little.

  1. Rick Scott needs to shove his shaved head (for the record, my avatar is actually me – bald dude with shaved head) up his ass – but FIRST become his alter-ego Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies!

    • The saddest part of this sorry little pecker head’s statement, is, he actually thinks he can say shit like this and all those turds STILL sucking up to Trump, will clap for joy and vote him and the other unbalanced, useless old GOP a-holes into the royal, velvet draped, hall of fame, where they can STILL admire the solid carved walnut panels and between puffs on a REAL Cuban cigar, pinch the butt of the, “Cigars, Cigarettes” girl as she and her tray breeze by …

      The old ways are long gone, but the mindless, no plan that will work, GOP shows us, time and again, their inability to function without dirty money and suffering people are still the target … their champions already are still counting their money from former giveaway’s like Trump’s trillion for invisible trickle-down funding …

  2. The future is going to be busy for me. I cannot even count the number of Republican graves I am going to be arrested for s**tting on and desecrating.

  3. What level of moron states negotiating Rx prices, downward mind, is cutting Medicare/Medicaid? I mean besides zippy the non-wonder brain scott. WTF?

    Hey, zippy! Because you obviously do not understand the difference between saving $$$ and stealing it from those who need $$$, please get the hell out of politics. You know, you’d think you at least would know the difference given how much medicare/medicaid fraud you’ve committed. Oh wait….forgot the moron part that makes up the equation of you.

  4. Every time Imlook.AR Rick Scott I feel, to quote enjoy Dickinson,”zero at the bone.” I am fairly certain he,was,a,cobra in a,recent past life…Or maybe he is just an alien shape shifting lizard person who doesn’t have his powers fully develeoped. I want to set a Montrose loose in the Senate and see whatvhappens .


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