WARNING: This video contains strobe lights, could cause migraines, trigger epilepsy.

As we struggle to comprehend what happened in the nation’s Capitol on January 6, the most violent encounter there since 1814, when British troops wreaked havoc as the war of 1812 raged on, never lose sight of the fact for a nanosecond that the GOP is doing everything it can to downplay and whitewash the event. They stonewalled the January 6 commission and then Kevin McCarthy threatened retaliation to those serving on Speaker Pelosi’s January 6 select committee.

None of this could have happened without an out of control Republican president and a complicit and treasonous Republican party. None of it.

These were not tourists. The strobe lights didn’t come from the gift shop. This is the worst segment of America, one which doesn’t love democracy or law and order and this is who the GOP cultivates and embraces.

It’s time to lay the blame for January 6 squarely where it belongs and that is on Trump and his enablers. But the Republicans not only won’t do that voluntarily, they’re terrified of being forced to examine that day at all, for fear of what it’s going to expose about them.

Democracy dies in darkness and that is where the GOP has chosen to bury its head.


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  1. Death to tyranny. We had no mercy for the fascists in the 40s. If reason, morality, or any insight was possible, I guess 78million people, 67% of them civilians, wouldn’t have died 1941-1945. Wake up America b4 another civil war erupts with these racists.

  2. They brought poles and sticks – weapons. Some had firearms, but not many – they had things like tasers and bear spray and wasp spray that they could use. Plus taking stuff off the cops they attacked, like riot shields. And what kind of tourist needs flak jackets and helmets?

  3. You’ll never convince me that plenty of the insurrectionists weren’t carrying firearms, and/or that some more serious hardware was slipped into DC and stockpiled close to the Capitol that day. Had these rioters been treated the way the former administration had treated protesters in DC and elsewhere mass arrests would have taken place and the searches of those arrested would turn up stuff that would make your blood run cold. I have no doubt, ZERO that Erik Prince (and others like him) had elite strike teams at the ready waiting on orders to move in and take over “security” once enough legislators were captured by the rioters. I could keep going on this topic, but it’s distressing enough to have thought about it (again!) right now in the middle of another sleepless night.

    The people that got embedded over in the DOD/Pentagon that hampered the proper preparation of the DC Guard and then slow walked it’s deployment and THEN only allowed it way the hell out on the perimeter to PREVENT arrests did their job uncharacteristically (for the Trump administration) well, as few arrests took place that awful day.

    That was by design. And for a reason. To prevent (if the thing failed – it was pretty clear General Milley’s message to the troops had had the desired effect and that our Armed Forces weren’t going to directly intervene on Trump’s behalf) cameras scanning all the weaponry seized from rioters laid out.

    Franky, I still don’t know why the coup failed other than the final “go” wasn’t given once they had so many Congress Critters (and Pence) holed up in the Capitol or in the tunnels underneath. Someone, maybe even Trump himself chickened out and wouldn’t make the radio call to the people poised to start the real bloodshed. But don’t anyone kid themselves. There were lots of firearms and other deadly equipment being carried by rioters and stashed just outside the Capitol that day.

    • I agree, and hope for ALL our new relief in the WH and a seriously detailed result of the new 01-06 investigation, every damn one of Trump’s enablers during that bizarre, frightening, sickening and Trump-stupid action is given a long term vacation in the building of many doors … the Trump fiasco ran its course out months ago … nothing has changed there … Trump has just gone deeper into la la Land and the sibling miscreant offspring are standing on their own platform of stupid, “NOT ME !”, and pointing indirectly at baggy pants himself …

      The ironic problem for ALL things Trump right now, the big money man has carefully worked a crooked bookkeeping system … two parts, one for Trump and one for the authorities …

      All things criminal about Trump and his non-payed taxes, false claims about earnings, expenses and property values IS coming out from printed materials – called, ‘hard evidence’, there is NO escape from this huge tightening net …

      I’m sure Ursula Faw and I are not the only ones watching this closely, lining up the refreshments now, ready for some feet up on the recliners, the big TV all lit up in full color as the court/AG’s/Judges let Trump/family know just how long they get to think about all the grift-crappy times they acted like they really were special … NOT …

  4. No, these weren’t just tourists, they are terrorists. They claim to have been ‘invited’ into the building, but for some reason broke windows and smashed doors to gain entry instead. Lying liars, all of them. I have a hard time watching the footage that has recently been released. It’s just too upsetting, to the point that I find myself thinking that it’s too bad they only shot one of these @hats. I watched it in real time on 1/6, but of course there wasn’t the close up of the violence and madness taking place. Now that they are drilling down on the organization of the event by Loud Boys, Mouthbreathers, and Unpatriotic Pride, we are seeing the sedition in practice, which is what all these groups are really about. All these puppets need to be locked up


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