“People seem strange, when you’re a stranger, women seem wicked, when you’re alone.” — The Doors

The strange and the wicked will be convening in Springfield, Missouri this weekend. Yes, friends, this is Cyber Symposium Deux, the sequel to Cyber Symposium One and Dumb, which took place last August in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Just as the swallows return to Capistrano every year, Mike Lindell feels a compulsion to end the dog days of summer tilting at his imaginary windmills and dreaming the impossible dream of reinstating Donald Trump in the White House.

Even Jenna Ellis told him that it was impossible to “reinstall” Trump. I like the word “reinstall.” Makes me think of a faulty orange washing machine that kept leaking and exploding in the middle of the night and the people who owned the house finally threw it out — and now some lunatic neighbor wants to “reinstall” it.

Here’s what Jenna said to Mikey last year.

Here’s a hot link to a tape of Jenna talking to Sebastian Gorka about how “reinstalling” Trump is against the constitution. Nevertheless, she will appear on Saturday on the panel in Springfield. What’s interesting about that is that she’s supposed to be in Georgia to testify there in the Fulton County D.A.’s investigation. MSN:

Mike Lindell said that Jenna Ellis will appear at his election fraud summit despite facing a subpoena in the Georgia election interference case.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell confirmed on Wednesday that former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis will speak at his latest election fraud “summit” after she received a subpoena from a grand jury investigating election interference by former President Donald Trump and his allies in Georgia.

In a Tuesday ruling, Judge Gregory Lammons in Fort Collins, Colorado ordered Jenna Ellis to comply with a subpoena issued by the Georgia grand jury.

“The summit is divided into six segments,” Lindell told conservative podcaster Steve Bannon on Wednesday. “I’ll have different guests up on stage: attorneys Jenna Ellis and Kurt Olsen, Patrick Colbeck, Dr. Doug Frank, Justice Gableman from Wisconsin. Many, many more.”

Lindell also repeated his former claims that the event would include a “trial of the [voting] machines.”

Oh yes. The trial of the machines. Should go down in history next to the Scopes trial of the monkeys, eh what?

Here we go, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Football, Take Infinity.

Here’s another hot link to Lindell’s promo for this Great Event. THIS RUNS THREE MINUTES AND IS RIDICULOUS. I WOULD EMBED IF I COULD.. And here’s Trumpty’s endorsement.

Let’s hope that in twelve hours there are at least a few good laughs. Moment Of Truth. Sigh. You know what I’m calling this event, right? 2001 Mules: A Space Cadet Odyssey.

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  1. Okay. Is Trump now alleging that even the states that went for him in 2020 were “rigged and stolen?” Why else is he talking about “experts and patriots from all 50 states” doing anything? Also, exactly what “expertise” in “rigged and stolen” elections do these “experts” have? Have they all been involved in “rigging and stealing” elections in the past? Maybe the elections officials in all 50 states should be taking names and begin investigating if any of these “experts” have appeared in any of their states during elections with “unusual” or “suspicious” results.

    • I think we can safely assume those cyber yahoos that could not even audit their asses let alone Maricopa County’s election are probably the “experts”. And honestly, you can find “patriots”, i.e. magat idiots, on pretty much any street corner.

  2. When I read “Cyber Symposium Deux” I had a sixties flashback to that ole ear wash Herman’s Hermits tune albeit paraphrased a bit – “Second verse, worse than the first!”

    (Everyone feel free to create your own variations. It could wind up being fun!)

  3. Given the pedophile in chief…I was thinking of their tune…”Mrs brown you have a lovely daughter”…Matt must have that on a loop.

  4. Remember => The ONLY way to fool the crooked voting machines in a general election and stop Demonrats and RINOs from switching your vote is to write in “Donald J. Trump” for every office on the ballot. If President Trump doesn’t get a majority and win, those votes will automatically be transferred to the Republican. MAGA!!!

  5. Do you realize if [“my pillows” etc. etc. scams] Mike Lindell [con artist] ‘Itself’ was hanging by one arm on a cliff and had to pick between saving ‘Itself’ or praising The Trump, ‘It’d’ instinctively let go and stoically plunge into the abyss while fantasizing about getting reincarnated as The Trump’s boxer shorts?!

    And ‘It’ should die of deep and slow moving venereal diseases rashes and pustules that settle deep within ‘It’s’ lying throat!

    Also Ex–Former prez–The Donald–The T Rump–The Trump Et–The Trumpty Dumpty and ‘Its’ Former Regime and Cronies and Henchmen and Minions–All should die by slow moving and deep rashes and festering boils!

    • You know, we’ve seen this same comment quite a few times made to several different articles the past couple of days. Time to come up with something new. The same thing twice is maybe an oops, but over and over is an old school vinyl record with a bad scratch so deep it’s stuck repeating the same couple of seconds over and over!


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