Color him livid. Mike Lindell was having a fine dining experience at Hardee’s (fast food burger chain. I think it’s the same as Carl’s Junior out here in the west) when lo and behold, the FBI “surrounded him” executed a search warrant on him and seized his phone.

Or something to that effect. Remember, this is Mike Lindell we’re talking about.

I assume that this is part of the dragnet thrown by the Department of Justice in connection with January 6. Now you know that Lindell was front and center with John Eastman, Strikeforce Rudy and all the others in the Trump cavalcade of clowns, but seriously, I’ll bet there are some numbers on Lindell’s phone who the FBI might be interested in for other reasons. This could have been a really interesting event tonight, right there among the French fries.

A couple of questions:

  1. The man doesn’t have a computer? He runs all his business off of a phone?
  2. Just by the by, because I’m a simple plebian sort, do people worth $300 million (which is what Lindell claims to have) eat at Hardee’s? And maybe they do. Trump eats McDonald’s, after all.

The tweet above is cut off but it says “Hardee’s har har.” Sorry. The snipping tool can be tricky.

It’s been a wild and crazy week and it’s only Tuesday night. Maybe I should just stop sleeping, I don’t want to miss a minute of this.


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  1. I’m not going to say I’m not being entertained by all these asshats being served search warrants and having their cell phones (and I assume computers) seized but all the talk about cell phones makes me want to point something out. The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a long-ass time ago. Even a couple of months of “oh shit – it didn’t work and Trump didn’t pardon us before he left!” messages are probably long since gone. Hell, the way cell phones keep coming out it’s entirely possible they junked the old ones. So, there might not be all that much incriminating stuff on those phones. On the other hand they might provide some good leads to follow.

    • I am the last person in the world to talk about this, but I believe there are ways of retrieving messages that have been deleted. Maybe somebody here who is schooled in these matters can weigh in.

      • I learned the hard way with an old flip phone I lost in a smallish horse pen on the farm up in WV. I found it a few days later, and of course the horse had stepped on it. The ground was quite soft so the outer part was only cracked but enough damage from water in that wet soil had ruined that old flip phone. What I learned when I got a new one is that information like phone numbers/contacts (and if it had had email capability, this was a long time ago and a cheap, basic phone) were gone. I hadn’t set the phone up so that things would be saved on the SIM card. So simply putting the SIM card in the new phone (same model) did no good. Perhaps IF the old phone had been worth trying to have a tech repair it and provide a new case picutures and contact info. stored on the phone itself in its memory might have been retreivable. But it was a less than twenty dollar phone, and though it was a pain in the ass I wound up losing only a handful of phone numbers. And there weren’t many pics. For photography I had an old, “tank” of an SLR camera with some killer lenses that I used for photography. I miss taking real pictures and having prints made the old way!

        But in a sense you’re correct. Often deleted information can be retrieved but, and this is important when that space gets full a device will usually automatically dump the oldest stuff, and retreiving THAT is difficult if not impossible. Even high end phones only have so much memory and when it comes to stuff people delete, or the main memory moves stuff to storage for new stuff at some point things are gone. I’m not a phone junkie who lives through a smart phone but a lot of these people use theirs constantly so I wouldn’t be hopeful stuff from a year and a half ago would still be there unless specific steps were taken to save certain messages.

    • All they need is the numbers. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, they can get the transcripts from the texts, and make the connections from the numbers called and the dates.

  2. Well, I think today people can go around this with disposable phone, no? You use it once and then toss it. what if he used those? How would the FBI find out?

    • It would seem he isn’t doing that. I’d be surprised if he could function at all without one connected to his pie hole and fingers. That he claims he does all his biz with one is truly bizarre. It does however explain some of the drop off in revenue he is experience. The rest of course is because most Americans do not like doing business with a traitor.

  3. Yeah, Ursula, regarding the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. They’re basically the same company–well, they’re owned by the same company. Hardee’s started off in the early 60s in North Carolina, then expanded through the South, Midwest (mostly through buying the Sandy’s chain) and Southwest before venturing into the Mid-Atlantic area. Hardee’s was bought by a Canadian company, Imasco, in the early 80s which also bought out Burger Chef and either converted the stores to Hardee’s or closed them (some stores which were near an existing Hardee’s could convert to another franchise–burger or otherwise). In the late 90s, CKE, the parent company of Carl’s Jr, bought Hardee’s from Imasco.

    Over the past decade, though, the Hardee’s branch decided it wanted to break from the more-than-occasional sexually provocative commercials (usually featuring scantily-clad women eating burgers with voice overs featuring double entendres). But most commercials for the franchise as a whole (the ones that are no more than PG-13) will be branded as “Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr” since it’s easier to produce nationwide commercials (since most of the restaurants feature the exact same menu items).

      • I think I had a Carl’s Jr. burger many years ago but I don’t remember it. I’m not much for fast food burgers. I will get an In-and-Out burger maybe once a year because I seriously don’t eat burgers and fries and so on an occasional basis, it’s okay. But I could never eat that stuff routinely.

        Lindell has no palate in addition to no brains. There was a profile of him in the Atlantic and the reporter said he was clueless about the food they had for lunch. I think it was Thai or something equally exotic. But it makes sense, I guess. Why develop a taste for fine cuisine if you’re selling pillows and/or smoking crack?

    • Is ‘commies’ supposed to be an insult? Anyone here insulted by ‘commies’ or ‘libtard’? I find it amusing as I’m all but certain people who think this is an insult have no idea what a ‘commie’ is or the difference between ‘commie’ and democratic socialism. Nor do they recognize the absurdity of calling Biden a ‘commie’. Seriously, Biden a commie? That is laugh out loud nuts. how profoundly ignorant is someone who believes that? (I actually personally know Cuban immigrants (yes, plural) that think Biden is a ‘commie’. It’s actually really quite sad how brainwashed/ignorant some people are.)

  4. Remember, almost all people of money are scumbags of a sort; there are certain exceptions, like Warren Buffet (hes pretty tame with what hes done) – and of course there are others. But look at our “elected officials”, almost ALL of them are deleterious to a functioning society, let alone a Democracy/Republic.

  5. My husband and I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting this Ahole. He creeped us both out every time we saw him. As for Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s now days they are one and the same. Carl’s Jr. USED to be a good place for a burger. But I really loved the California Roast Beef Sandwiches they used to have. 4 oz. roast beef, they used caned whole mild green chili’s, one slice of tomato and swiss cheese, they then microwaved them for about 30-45 seconds and you had a nice sandwich. I use real jalapeño on mine now days, sliced thin. So yum!

    • Where oh where did you meet Mike Lindell? A friend of mine met Trump at a real estate seminar back in the 90’s. She didn’t like him then and was amazed, it goes without saying, over what happened in 2016.


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