I know you’re so tired of me saying, “You can’t make this stuff up.” But can you blame me, honestly? Every single day there is something unbelievable happening in America and it’s usually on the other side of the cultural divide.

Today was the laying to rest of the Diamond portion of the Diamond & Silk act.

Donald Trump was there and he was not all that thrilled looking. As a matter of fact, if I was a director and asked Trump, as an actor, “give me impatient and bored” and he copped the posture he copped here, I would consider it a good piece of work. That is what he conveys, for sure. Take a look at more scenes from this debacle.

You see how this is now, the yous and mes think that George Clooney or Brad Pitt, guys on that level, are hot. But in MAGA world, they burn in the night for Trump. Jesus take the wheel.

And yes, of course, it gets worse.

The rock star makes his entrance.

This is him a minute before bored on his ass, I mean prostrate with grief.

Let’s be big now folks, okay? The man is obviously shattered, let’s wish him a swift recovery for his terrible loss.

And here’s the part you were waiting for, where Trump talks about himself. You knew this was coming, right?

And Trump got to this thrilling conclusion.

I don’t know about you, but that is exactly how I want people to speak at a memorial service of mine, about the stolen election of 2020. I believe I’ll incorporate that instruction in my will this very night.

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  1. I’m surprised he didn’t give the first eulogy, er, speech, then leave.
    Three hours is a bit much, though. One is usually plenty.

    • Having been in a black family almost 20 years, it’s clear to me he was in the presence of more black folks than he’s used to. He had his arms crossed, a sign of defensiveness. He also would have known no black function in a church is going to be a short affair. He was there longer than the time he spent working in the white house.

    • Yeah, when a (relatively) important person is invited to speak or offer a eulogy at a (relatively unimportant) person’s funeral service, it’s generally expected the important person will go first simply to recognize that said important person may have other things to do.

      Of course, since Slik–I mean, “Silk”–had pulled out this offer so last minute and made Trump such a central part of the event (you know–because it’s so common to hold a funeral for a “regular” person that’s promoted like a music festival) that she and the other “mourners” knew they were going to get a whole lot of looky-loos who were there only for Trump and as soon as Trump finished his moment and bade farewell, so too would the vast majority of the audience. So, they force Trump to endure all the other people’s speeches (likely only perking up when he heard his name mentioned) just to keep the audience.

      (I kind of wonder how many of the attendees were sitting there checking their watches, waiting for Trump to grace them with his words?)


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