Young Maxwell Frost may not have been in Congress long, but he can smell Republican manure from a mile away.

Today he called out Republicans during the so called “Twitter Hearing” for wasting all of our time simply because they wanted to punish the social media platform for not meekly going along with their plan to upend the 2020 Presidential Election by injecting scandal and disinformation about President Biden’s son Hunter into the campaign.

It was a thing of beauty:

Raw Story

“Roughly two hours into the hearing, Frost delivered a short speech in which he deemed the entire exercise to be pointless.

“I’m still not really seeing the point of this hearing,” he said. “Is it to solve the problems of the American people who are struggling with? No.”

Frost then said that the point of the hearing seemed to have been to blame Twitter’s initial decision to block links to the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story for former President Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

“We are wasting our time here bullying former Twitter employees,” he argued. “So that way, in the future, when they want misinformation to be put on the internet, social platforms will be scared to call them out down the road.”

Exactly, Congressman Frost, the whole point of these hearings is to make it easier for Republicans to spread their lies and disinformation in the future.

Acyn has the video:


💯 💯 💯

Me too, Roseanne.




With new blood such as Katie Porter, AOC, Max Frost and others in the ranks the future of the Democratic Party seems bright indeed.

But, on the other hand, our democracy as a whole is in critical condition…

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