(Above – ‘And then I told him to “go back” to his district.)

One would think that after someone has done you a solid in a public, televised setting, calling you one of his “best friends” and taking your side against a member of his own caucus, that you would come to his defense when that friend is being attacked by a racist pig.

Well, apparently not… if one is Mark Meadows.

The Root

(Parens mine)

“During Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing Wednesday (Feb. 27th), GOP Representative Mark Meadows pushed back against the former Trump lawyer’s assertions that President Donald Trump is racist. He did so by trotting out Lynne Patton, his token black person and Trump appointee….

“She says that as a daughter of a man born in Birmingham, Alabama, that there is no way that she would work for an individual who was racist,” Meadows told Cohen, as if racist white people can’t be cool with one Negro while being anti-black to others. Later in the hearing, Tlaib correctly took Meadows to task.

“Just because someone has a person of color, a black person, working for them does not mean that they aren’t racist,” Tlaib said to Meadows. “And it is insensitive … the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee, is alone racist in itself.”

Meadows cried a river of white tears, suggesting Tlaib called him racist—she didn’t—and then said that his nephews and nieces were people of color. This compelled Cummings to make a very big mistake: to cuddle Meadows’ fragile white feelings. Calling Meadows “one of my best friends” and saying that he didn’t believe Tlaib was calling him racist, Cummings asked Tlaib for clarity. In return, the congresswoman apologized if Meadows took her thoughts the wrong way. In effect, Cummings indirectly positioned Tlaib as the wrong party—not Meadows, even though he tried to protect a well-documented racist president by using Patton’s black face as cover.

Below is the full exchange:

I don’t know exactly how racist Mark Meadows is….

But I do know the NAACP gave him a big fat 0% positive rating for his votes this year.

And I do know that Cummings came to his defense when he was called out by Talib for producing a boneheaded a stunt that could only be conceived in the mind of a racist (so it was probably at Trump’s behest) and called him a friend.

So far we have heard nothing from Meadows about Trump’s racist attack on his “friend”.

Whether Meadows is racist or not, he is certainly a shitty friend.

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