The Republican motto of late seems to be when all else fails, blame the Democrats. After all, several high-ranking GOPers are currently whining about President Joe Biden commemorating Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter as if he somehow caused this whole thing on purpose. Which he absolutely did. Not. Do.

This time around a pro-Trump rally, held Sunday, went embarrassingly sideways, and really, the whole thing is pretty funny. Organizers had set up a small stage replete with loudspeakers and at one point the whole shmear tipped over and it led organizers to blame Democrats, Raw Story tells us.

While Trump didn’t speak at this postage-stamp-sized rally, he’s appeared at some where more than a few mishaps occurred. Earlier this month, the former president had to stop talking for several minutes, when one rally-goer suffered heart problems.

And Zachary Petrizzo, a former politics reporter for The Daily Beast and a former investigative reporter at Salon, highlighted the hilarious debacle at the rally.

“A pro-trump rally in georgia went terribly wrong as large speakers kept crashing to the ground, and at another point, their stage tipped over, and the pulpit hit the ground. The organizer, apparently not familiar with basic physics blamed ‘Democrats.'”

Social media users couldn’t help but offer a few good wisecracks.

@joeflood noted that “Gravity has a left-wing bias.”

@MarlaTauscher made fun of the crowd size: “Sounds like a massive crowd of ten or so, including the speakers.”

“That’s what happens when you use a single axel dump trailer detached from a truck as your stage, it’s physics,” wrote @WillyLo86412915.

Most Republicans are anti-science so it’s safe to say physics is probably not their strong suit. Is anyone really surprised?

And I can’t resist but add one more tweet/rebuttal. “Disclaimer: The Biden Administration Infrastructure Plan was not involved in this event.”

NOTE: Petrizzo has stirred up plenty of his own controversies, which you can view here, andย here.

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  1. Amazing. The Trumpsters are out there whining about how Biden diminished Easter Sunday this year by “forcing” the Trans Day of Visibility on the “holiest of holy days” and yet, there’s a group of them HAVING A RALLY (or, attempting to have a rally) on Easter Sunday!
    How very dare they! Have they no respect for Jesus’s resurrection by playing politics?!?!
    Oh, wait a minute. I forgot. To be a Republican means one MUST be a hypocrite in all things.

    • Any school custodian would know about staking down the wind-blown speakers, AND the axle/tipping incident would not happen, as the truck, would still be attached because he/she would be well-aware of the gravity danger and since it was for Trump, it was going to be moved soon and taking it all down into the trailer faster, would mean getting his prize, nearly-new toy truck out of this shi* for brains group … ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dear magats,

    Science doesn’t care what you believe so your devotion to the mango moron means nothing. If you are such fools you cannot set up a small stage, call in someone who is somewhat well-versed in construction. Could be a laborer f.f.s. but please call them and save yourself a bit of embarrassment and the need to demonstrate your hypocrisy.


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