This just keeps getting better and better. And after the news of the last couple of days, I only have 1 question left. And that question isn’t Will Trump go down, my only question is How hard will Trump go down. And when he does, he can legitimately blame it on his lawyers, at least some of them.

Here’s how it breaks down. Earlier this week, we learned that the National Archives have been concerned that not all of the Trump purloined documents had been returned, either in January or in the FBI raid. For instance, the Kim love letters still appear to be missing. The National Archives duly notified the DOJ of their concerns.

Reporting today broke that in the past few weeks, DOJ attorneys contacted the Trump legal team to express their concerns. And according to former US Attorney Harry Litman, it likely wasn’t a very collegial call. Per Litman it was more like a soft target warning phone call. Mainly the DOJ counter intelligence chief lawyer likely told Trump’s Lawyer(s) that their client wasn’t doing himself any favors by continuing to resist returning all subpoenaed documents.

Here’s what binds the cheese. A couple of weeks ago, finally aware that the legal rats-in-a-maze might not be up to the task, Trump went shopping for a legitimate criminal defense theory. And he didn’t come cheap. Knowing Trump’s fabled skills of playing hide-the-salami with paying his lawyers, he got a $2 million retainer right up front. Cash on the barrel.

And after the Trump legal team got that call, Trump held a pow-wow with his legal team, looking for the best response. And the split was clear and immediate. Trump’s $2 million mouthpiece argued for a conciliatory, cooperative attitude regarding any remaining documents, obviously the gig was up. Trump’s as yet likely unpaid McLawyers argued that Trump’s public persona was arrogant and combative, ane he had to continue that persona, or lose face. Trump, whose wimpy ass loves nothing more than looking like a hardass, sided with the hardliners.

Here’s my shock-and-awe moment, and right in the middle of the article. From where I’m sitting, By the simple fact that Trump’s $2 million mouthpiece argued that Trump should take a conciliatory and cooperative attitude with the DOJ tells me that he either suspects or flat out knows that there are more missing documents, and that they’re in Trump’s possession. And the longer he continues to play 3 card monte with the document, the worse his legal jeopardy gets. But Traitor Tot, who continues to publicly call for the return of his documents, isn’t interested in that namby-pamby shit.

Every time The Trumpster Fire keeps pulling this shit, he just keeps making it harder for Attorney General Merrick Garland to not indict Trump on federal criminal charges. And because His Lowness is by nature a media centric being, he keeps laying the evidence of his crimes right out in plain sight fr everybody to see.

When the National Archives discovered that there were mountains of documents missing, and confronted him about it, that put Trump in criminal violation of the Presidential Records Act. Trump, being the consummate imbecile, never denied possessing the documents, instead he embarked on an almost year long crusade to negotiate with first the National Archives, and then the doJ for their return. And in January of 2022, he returned 15 boxes of documents, confirming his illegal possession of the documents.

But the National Archives soon realized that there were still multiple sets of documents missing, which made Trump guilty of Obstruction of Justice, for withholding documents that were part of a criminal investigation. And once again Trump obfuscated, going to the lengths of having his lawyer send a letter to the DOJ that all of the documents had been returned, a blatant and criminal lie as it turned out.

Then came the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago dump in August. And they not only fo0und another 11 documents in Trump’s residence, but that there were more than 100 documents that had clearly visible Classified markings of various clearances. Which places Trump in direct criminal violation of the Espionage Act. Let’s quickly tally. Trump is in criminal violation of the Presidential Records Act, the Espionage Act, and Obstruction of Justice.

But because it’s The Mango Messiah, we’re not done yet. Among the items recovered by the FBI from Trump’s McDump were 48 folders marked Classified that were empty. And that is the driving force behind the DOJ’s desperate search for the rest. And continuing Trump legal team bullshit only lays him open to a 2nd charge of Obstruction of Justice.

This is the real nib of the issue. Trump’s lawyers keep trying to portray this as a documents storage issue. But the simple fact is that neither Trump nor his legal team has ever denied that he actually possessed the documents, Their lame ass claim is that by some vague form of presidential alchemy, Trump actually owns those documents. Even Judge Lap Poodle has never claimed that the documents were Trump’s legal property, instead passing that baton to the Special Master. Nine simple words. Trump. Is. A. Criminal. And Trump. Has. No.Defense. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. The former guy doesn’t want to admit he isn’t all-powerful and no longer president. Because that would make him look weak….

  2. One small nit to pick – Chris Kise got $3 million up front. Because he’s a “real” lawyer, not a sycophant, he’s already been sidelined by the Stable Genius. He’s not going to let the Mango Messiah mess with his bar card. Orange Jesus doesn’t want legal advice as much as he wants a PR strategy. Unfortunately PR doesn’t work in court.

  3. The PR looks to be working quite fine, to me.

    Ew-w-w! Let’s scare the thieving twitwaffle with another Bigly charge! How long is that list of crimes? Oh! Not long enough! Add a few more charges! That should distress and dismay the former pretendent!

  4. Until we see the perp walk, I’m not putting any money down on any bet that D.O.J. is going to do something meaningful with regard to the crimes former guy has committed. The crimes keep piling up and yet he’s still out there and likely committing more crimes-particularly if he STILL has classified documents which can, and likely are, being sold quickly.

    I’ve made mention of this before but if President Obama had done any ONE of the crimes former guy has committed, he’d have been locked up, way before any trials, and the keys would have been sent on a rocket to the sun. Former guy? This fuck-wad has been committing crimes for decades and is being left to commit more–at risk to our national security BTW.

    Getting real tired of this total lack of concern by Garland.


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