Paul Ryan Defends Racist GOP Rep Who Says Blacks Have Substituted One Plantation For Another


Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis is the voice of the Republican id, saying what they really think and feel but can’t admit. Lewis hit the news recently when excerpts from his eponymous talk radio show surfaced, wherein Lewis declared his chagrin at not being able to call women sluts anymore. Now more material from his 2009 — 2012 program has been unearthed. In a 2012 piece, defending Mitt Romney’s 47% gaffe, Lewis explains the American political landscape in basic terms of a class war, between the Republicans and the “government class” i.e. “welfare state.” CNN:

“Now, you’ve got the modern welfare state that tells black folks and Hispanic folks and poor white folks: ‘Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you.’ What is the difference? You’ve substituted one plantation for another.” […]

“The government class, the Obama voters, as Romney correctly says in this breathtaking new audio, who are dependent on government, are selling out the country. They are unpatriotic, they’re scoundrels, they are selling out my generation and your generation and your children’s generation, so they can get their benefits today,” Lewis said.

“Mitt Romney’s in trouble because he said on a tape that Obama voters are dependent on government? Excuse me, excuse me? You’re damn right they’re dependent on government and that’s the strategy of the socialist left since day one. It is to get everybody on a government program.”

“His only error was he probably guessed too low,” Lewis would later say.

This you’ll love. Obama was the parasite president.

“I’m trying to explain to you how President Barack Obama could be in the lead in some of these polls. When the economy is flat on its back. When you and I see the welfare state in all of its wonderful manifestations and yet he’s still leading in Ohio, he’s still leading in Florida. How is this possible? It is possible because the Democratic dream come true is this: The parasites outnumber the producers. Then, when the parasites outnumber the producers, the party of parasites will give the majority of votes.”

The economy was flat on it’s back when Obama got it because a Republican president drove it over a cliff and then ran over it several times.

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, Paul Ryan defended this blaggard and then turned around and preached to congressional interns about “degrading the tone” of societal debate. Washington Post:

“He was a shock jock; that was his job at the time,” he said. “I’ve seen some of these comments. And I obviously don’t support those comments. But the Jason Lewis I know here, who is a congressman, is an extremely conscientious man, a very hard-working, a very effective member of Congress who has been nothing but an exemplary congressman who represents his constituents well.”

CNN previously reported that Lewis…lamented that it was no longer acceptable to refer to sexually active women as “sluts.” Also in 2012, the network reported, Lewis made broad and demeaning statements about African Americans, saying they had an “entitlement mentality” and are “addicted” to government subsidies.

Ryan, in an address to congressional interns Wednesday, decried coarse political rhetoric and urged the youngsters to remember Americans’ “common humanity” when engaging in debate. “Just think about what you’re doing to kind of poison the well of society, think about what you’re doing to try and just degrade the tone of our debate,” he said.

The Republican party is not denouncing Lewis for these remarks so that must mean that they support him. Not surprising.

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